Vintage blouse, 3.1 Phillip Lim blazer, Citizens of Humanity pants, Natalie & Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice Jett boots (c/o), Rebecca Minkoff Brynn satchel (c/o), Warby Parker sunglasses (c/o)

Man, I love these boots. Them Suarez sisters know how to run a collab! Love you girls! I went for the bright yellow Jetts kowing they'd be a great pop against my favorite hues for Fall. Them deep jewel tones look awesome with a little dash of bright warmth.

I'm getting right into the Fall spirit. Every morning I pile on the sweaters and blazers only to end up shedding them once class gets out & it's climbing towards 70ยบ again in the afternoon. I'm not complaining though, I've been dying to wear my blazers ever since July came and went!

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Marc the Dot



Dot sweater by Ciel, Dot by Marc Jacobs (c/o)

I was invited to break out the spots for my own spin on Dot, the newest addition to the Marc Jacobs fragrance family. I've been kinda dying to try out the fragrance so how could I say no, ya know?
 Marc considers Dot to be the younger sister of Daisy & her sultry alter-ego Lola, which is totally fitting for the fragrance with its juicy top notes of dragon fruit & berries over coconut water & orange blossom, rounding out with warm scents like honeysuckle and vanilla.

 It's a care-free kind of scent for sure, if I had a better shot of me playing on a swingset, barefoot in a white dress & not giving a damn that my hair is in my face, I think it would get the character of the scent down perfectly, but alas, I can't really play on a swingset without looking like a total creep.

I digress, y'all should totally break your dots 'n spots out & tweet at Marc (@MarcJacobsIntl) with #MarcTheDot to get in on your own version of Dot.

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Vintage vest & sunglasses, Spring & Clifton sweater, W118 Walter Baker skirt, Keds (c/o)

Kimi (who I shot this project with a few weeks back) and I took an afternoon to walk around Williamsburg, pretend we're miscreants and explore the eighth wonder of the world that is Pies 'n Thighs. Kimi knows wassup.

I've been melting into post-nyfw schoolwork and I can feel the weather getting much, much cooler. In 2 weeks my morning walk to classes will be punctuated by how many times I'll be asking myself why I didn't wear more layers. Definitely makes dressing more fun, but I'm a New Yorker, I have to complain about something or nothing'll get done, or at least that's what I tell myself.

I guess what I'm wearing is a riff on school uniforms and how the concept has been turned on its head. As I read more and more about how anthropology and fashion constantly intertwine (via Bourdieu or Barthes), I find myself making more and more pop culture references in what I wear. The garters on the sweet sweater, the pleated leather skirt, I guess they both went towards some twisted version of a Cloe Sevingy-esque boarding school uniform that I had in my head. But nothing reminds me of being a middle school kid more than Keds, which I why I have about 5 different pairs (guilty). Have you seen their collab with Opening Ceremony before? Dude. Check this motha out because it is SO EFFING CUTE. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I've procrastinated my paper for my Aesthetics class long enough.

All dees photos by Kimi

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Red Pop









Asos crop top, Amber Sakai skirt (c/o), Vintage boots & vest, Warby Parker sunglasses (c/o)

Justin & I split from Fashion Week madness for a hot second for a stroll around Central park since it's just a few blocks away from Lincoln Center. With all of the running around to shows and stressing about deadlines, taking a second to chill is quite necessary.

The heat beckoned me to wear almost all white and tie my hair up. You'll probably notice that I'm on a hair scarf kick, wrapping it up like Rosie the Riveter after a dance-off. To keep my skin from fading into my outfit, I almost had to wear lipstick. In this case, it was the incredible Sephora Cream Stain in shade 01. It lasts forever and applies like a dream, a true red that rivals Stila's liquid lipstick without breaking the bank, seriously recommended.

More to come in the Fashion Week re-cap department. I was shooting my entire experience on film (hence the retro camera handed down from my Dad), so expect s'more posts as more develops!

Ph by Justin
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Dannijo Love



Dannijo Cecile Earrings

Aw man, I got these puppies from RTR to wear during Fashion Week events and I'm OBSESSED. I generally don't wear earrings because they tend to get lost in my hair, but I love how these have a ton of volume and glamorous energy. Pretty much wearing them with everything from jeans & a t-shirt to leather jackets & dresses. I'm totally saving up for a pair of my own, but the question is which one?

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Quick Look: Model Lounge NYFW Spring '13 Survival Tote



It's that time again: Time to see what's keeping models sane this Fashion week with Model Lounge NYC! These totes are given out to models in the top 10 agencies in the city during a week of running around endlessly and trying to stay fresh & pretty on the go. Kind of a drugstore on the go, only fashiony-er.

Click below to see what's inside...


Vanessa Beecroft & A Fashion Conundrum












So a few weeks back, I bought Vanessa Beecroft's Performances 1993-2003. I've been pulled in by the Italian artist's work for some time after hearing her name come up again and again when talking about  Performance art and what it means to see notions of what it means to be objectified. I bring this up in the midst of NY Fashion Week because there are a few things we tend to forget when we tend to get into the performance side of Fashion...

Beecroft is known for her performance pieces, which are staged twice- once for the public, and then again so that it can be documented via photographs and video. She sets up a milieu of almost militaristically placed models, or tableaux vivants, in a public space or event (like the Guggenheim or Biennale) with a myriad of girls standing motionless for hours. Each girl is either wearing the same thing or something incredibly similar, with inspiration taken from early European cinema, Renaissance painting and historic photographs, but as time would go on as it inevitably does, her performances changed and her girls were wearing less and less, with looks becoming more bare and unprovoked by anything.

Beecroft is in fact, Bulimic and incredibly self-conscious. She hates being photographed and put on display. In her performances, she chooses girls based on the message they will give the camera (tall, short, tattooed, plain, model-beautiful, confident, suffering, emotionally exhausted etc...) as they stand. Beecroft wants these girls to reflect and project her own anxieties and struggles with herself as they stand, waiting for nothing, saying nothing. What is in their heads comes out through the tedious task of just being.

Of course, fashion obviously plays a huge role in Beecroft's work. As these performances became more and more popular, eventually generating huge budgets, designers would flock to have her use their designs. One of her most notable fans and friends, Franca Sozzani explained it like this: "Fashion is important in her performances because she subdues it to her will... It's not important as a logo, trend or status symbol: fashion items are used to underline the woman's body and to express the concept behind her performances." (via

So, it might be obvious as to why I bring all of this up during Fashion Week, but there is always an underlying conversation when it comes to performance art, and there is absolutely no denial that we tend to forget the human element when we walk into collection presentations or shows. Sure, the girls are prepped and look beautiful, but we don't know them and can't know them as they are all molded into one girl for the sake of the collection. Beecroft has been criticized for not taking care of her girls and subjecting them to hours of nothing, which is absolutely crippling to the human psyche, but we forget that this happens in small, fleeting increments during Fashion Week.

Aiight, so what am I saying here? Fashion Week is currently buzzing with this notion of rebellion and what it means to be a strong woman after the arrest of Pussy Riot and I can't help but think back to these performances as they were documented in this book. These women in her performances are sometimes seen as nothing but standing meat, but that's what models are expected to be, on another level, they're supposed to be nothing. I still love the Fashion industry to death, but there is always an underlying conversation of what it means to have an identity when you have nothing but an outward appearance to explain yourself. It's frightening, empowering and still a performance no matter how much we might not like to display ourselves.

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A [Coach] Penny for Your Thoughts






Ciel sweater, Textile Elizabeth & James cords, American Apparel jacket, vintage sunglasses, Coach Penny bag (c/o), Goldenponies flats

Ah, boys & girls, Fashion Week has begun, but we'll get to that later.
Justin & I took a stroll around the Meatpacking district just as the sun was starting to set. I ended up chillin' on a bulldozer. Whadup.

You guys know I wear a ton of vintage Coach. My mom bestowed her Coach collection from high school & college unto me when I was about 15. The backpack I've been wearing in my last 3 posts should tell you that I can't help but love those simple shapes and the lovingly worn brass hardware. So, as you would expect, I'm absolutely gaga for Coach's Legacy collection, which is a shout-out to those classic designs that Coach is known for, but with a slight update through color and print. I ADORE this Penny shoulder bag, the design harks back to the 70's with its cute compact shape and simple flap design, but the slight patent leather trim gives it an updated look. I'm definitely planning on passing this piece down to my daughter someday, just to (no pun intended) carry on the tradition.

ph. by Justin
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First Look: Paul Mitchell Curl Confession Time!


Curls Ads_Claire


My hair has a history. I mean, aside from my own as a person, my curls have been This, That, and a third: long, short, blunt, tangled, a hot mess, a dream, a party & sometimes friendly. They've definitely grown with me, which is why I'm so excited to be a part of Paul Mitchell's Curl Confession campaign! It was such a fun project to work on and I'm proud to say that it has helped me really feel right with my hair.

What I mean when I say my curls have a history of "failed rebellion" is that when I was younger, I tried to lok the other way when it came to my hair by telling myself that it would take care of itself, like I could just let it be blehhh and all of my hair "issues" would go away. I tried coaxing it into what I thought was manageable by just washing & drying it, because that's what all my other friends did and they were fine (but oh wait, none of them even had curly hair). I just did what they did. I was surrounded by a beach of friends with pretty, shiny waves that carelessly and easily cascaded from atop their heads. Meanwhile, I had difficult, always dry, frizzy, goofy and mismanaged curls for the LONGEST time until I was properly educated in the ways of the curl. I was careless with the way I treated my hair, but not no more! I know now that curls are unique and will give back just as much as you put in 'em, which means you gotta keep it simple, give it the attention it needs when you wash it & (lightly!) style it and just leave it at that.
So, when I say Don't try too hard I mean it!

So, fellow Curly-Q's, I encourage you to head on over to the magical land of www.thetruthaboutcurls.com or just on ova' to their Facebook page to share your own stories or get some management love for them spirals you've got! My favorite thing on the site has to be the frizz-predictor that measures the humidity in your area, but there are all sorts of curl-friendly goodies, so share them confessions on twitter (with le hashtag #curlconfession of course) or, just let your curls speak for themselves :]

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