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You Ever Match a Sweater with a Purse? Eh?


Thrifted vintage sweater and purse, second-hand Dries van Noten sandals, second-hand Assembly NY sheer slip

Listen, when you notice that you have the chance to match your drippy, bowed and beaded sweater with an equally be-beaded vintage purse, you go fourth and show off your plastic. This angora blend monster, completely encrusted in dangling bits and beads, was an irresistible find at my local thrift joint. I immediately thought of this vintage beaded purse from the 50's/60's, which I nabbed back in Idaho earlier this year at the good 'ol Goldmine- which one Google review rightfully describes as a "Nice place to buy Rich People's hand me downs for thrift store prices."
Hear, hear!

And yep! Everything here is second-hand. That's gonna be my credo going into 2020: as few new purchases as possible- especially when it comes to clothes and accessories, good lord. I mean, I've been doin' a mean thriftshow since high school (as some of you who have been reading this thing for 10 YEARS???! OH MY GOD??! would recognize). And yeah, I think my eagerness to just try putting things together in a novel way has always been what gets me to enjoy style and fashion in the first place.
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Less Woodsy, More Pajama


Reformation linen romper (second-hand), Opening Ceremony sweater (second-hand), Thrifted Vintage denim duster jacket, Solviere sandals (second-hand)

Took some time at my dad's place in Portland, New York last week with the lad.
The weather up near Chautauqua, being so close to Lake Erie, is sunny and cool. I enjoyed dipping my toes into the crispness of early autumn, while two days out of the week we were there ended up hitting the low 80s! I wore socks with sandals, threw my long denim duster over everything, and embraced bathing suit-as-top territory.

And yes, I even wore an open sweater under a linen romper without a bra! The cheekiness!
I was clinging to the warm weather for sure, but I'm ready for layers.

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Ranch Dressing


thrifted 90's DKNY bodysuit, Babaton off-the-shoulder bodysuit, Helmut Lang Jeans, thrifted mules

Took some time away from the city with Jevins. Everything in our apartment is completely bagged up in the midst of 2 rounds of bed bug fumigation (AAARUGH!), but the details of this experience are for a different post.

I'm wearing two (2!) layered bodysuits here, if you can believe it! I found the button-up and mule heels at The Barkin' Basement in Hailey, Idaho. I made a fast B-line towards the table and rack of Western-themed finds that they were grouped together on (big yee haw energy). 
I actually wouldn't have seen the button-down bodysuit if Jevins hadn't pointed it out going "wtf, look at that weird top!"- I recognized it and snatched it immediately.

I then came back to the ranch, sat with Imp and Whisper in a field, and felt content.

Here's a question: the pony hair pattern on the heels, is it Tobiano, Overo, Sabino or Tovero ya think?

Thank you to Silver bell Ranch for letting me deplete food in the kitchen and frolic with the minis. Love ya, Mel.

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Three Prints, One Foot Bigger Than The Other


Vintage top, A Current Air pants( ℅)T.U.K. creepers, Karen Walker sunglasses 

Could this be more maximalist? I'll honestly take any opportunity to do the most with the least. 

We got these excellent pants that are made of hot pants (shorts) with sheer windowpane legs and attached belt. We have a striped top with one sleeve, and we got creepers with one of my favorite animal-inspired prints: dalmatian. Finally, to top it off with an accessory that was appropriate for this June afternoon before it rained: tortoise shell sunglasses fit for Steve McQueen.

Fun fact about creepers: they're super fucking uncomfortable to break in, but SO worth it once you do. These were the shoes that got me to cave into ideal judgement and buy shoe stretchers. Not only can you avoid destroying your feet, but you can do it passively! While you sleep or forget about them! I usually just break them in on one shoe because my right foot is like, a half size bigger than my left- the bane of my shoe-buying existence. 

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A Visit With Catbird (I Have a Permanent Bracelet Now)


So here's something I wasn't expecting to do this year: I got the chance to visit the Catbird HQ 

You know Catbird - purveyors and designers of the daintiest, slightly magical, poetic jewelry offerings, and re-imaginers of wearables, responsible for the ring stack. 
I first heard about Catbird back in 2009, when I took part in the Weardrobe bloggers' conference (De Lune was 'Faboo' before I could learn about "personal branding"). Kelly Framel, in her most elegant glory, was donning probably 3 or so golden threadbare rings on her fingers, and I had never knew jewelry could be like that. I was so accustomed to fine jewelry being these formidable heirlooms or treasures your mom would suggest you look at while perusing the mall.
Instead what sparkled back at me from across the table, clutching the stem of a wine glass at dinner , were these rings the thickness of several strands of hair. Something clicked - the whisper thin gold was so casually worn and yet so incredibly delicate. It was so captivating for me as a teenager, and it's a story I repeated to the kind and creative ladies who took me on a tour of the offices- now 10 years later from when I first saw the rings

The team at Catbird assembled a group of us blogger-types, and led us on a tour of the office-slash-studio-slash-workshop. there were neatly organized drawers at every turn, full of bits 'n bobs and fully-assembled orders alike. D├ęcor reminded me of what you'd expect a working girl in nyc media would decorate her first apartment with: a mix of eclectic antiques and photos of loved ones; each jewelers' workstation equipped with impressive soldering machines, trays of sparkly stones and wisps of chain. Everywhere I turned there was a reflective surface: from the pools of light from mirrors on walls and tables alike, to the glass cloches protecting pearls and a disco ball hanging in a corner or two; light was everywhere, and in every turn there was something to catch it. 

soon after the tour of the battlestations, I got my permabracelet! I cannot for the life of me settle on a tattoo design, but offer me the chance to wear a sparkly thing forever and I will show you my wrist.
Fun fact about the chain Catbird uses for this: it's a twisted rope chain that stretches comfortably over time while offering a nice sparkle.

I have had my bracelet for ~3 months now and I love it! It was a little snug at first, which the technician consulted with me about- I can attest it stretches to your wrist and the feeling of it is relatively unnoticeable.

Wearing two Tomboy rings, a sweet nothing ring, twisted stacker and a 14k Forever Sweet Nothing Bracelet that I can now only remove with scissors.

The Greco Lariat, which I wear on the reg

Thank you to the sweets at Catbird for opening your doors for a visit! It's certainly one for the books, and the 17 year old inside me who was dazzled by a thin wisp of gold doubly thanks the team for consistently creating the stuff of dreamy dreams.

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