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Noul shirt, VPL coat via Bib+Tuck, AG Jeans, La Canadienne shoes, Hot Sox

The city experienced an unwelcome dusting of snow yesterday, however it gave me an excuse to break out this insanely fantastic menswear-inspired coat, which I procured on bib+tuck. VPL was actually the very first NYFW show I ever attended, so it's lovely to have a piece from the line to carry with me for a while.

Also making an appearance were my fancy feet. A little unnerving, any chance I get to wear something bizarre, I'm all aboard.



Cheap Monday patch jeans, American Apparel jacket, vintage blouse

Apartment is becoming more and more bare as the weeks go on, same goes for the closet I am packing away slowly. Since I've been going through everything, it's insane how much I've realized I need to pare down. I've been trying to rid my closet of synthetic materials, but I've been keeping vintage polyester for the sake of novelty and, y'know, vintaaaaahge.

But behold: these jeans, which are ever so delightfully asymmetrically patched. Oh, Cheap Monday, how you never cease to impress with your reasonably priced, eloquently deigned stuff. I shall spend my last few weeks in this apartment breaking them in and then wearing 'em into the summer nights.

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Liberty United: The Beauty of Ending Gun Violence {Giveaway!}


I have the extreme pleasure of introducing a little collaboration I'm running with Liberty United, one of the coolest art initiatives I've come across in a while.

Liberty United strives to reduce the impact of gun violence in the United States by not only taking firearms off the streets, but also transforming the metals obtained from guns and bullets into incredible pieces of jewelry. Each piece is made by hand in the USA and each bears the unique serial numbers of the decommissioned weapons used to manufacture each piece. 

And who designs these magnificent pieces of jewelry? None other than Philip Crangi and Pamela Love.

Both are wonderfully executed collaborations; Crangi's pieces are unisex and raw, while Love's collection bears her signature flavor of mysterious beauty and ancient symbolism. Her Aeternum cuff and Cage cuff were my two favorites; with the Aeternum bearing two hands holding a heart, wrapped around the wrist with laurel leaves and a resting snake: all symbols of peace, while the cage cuffs are made from gunmetals, brass and silver, and then inlaid with Obsidian and Turquoise. 

I'm a minimalist when it comes to jewels these days, so I'm happy to announce that I'm giving away one of Pamela x Liberty's exquisite Obsidian Cage Cuffs for one of y'all to enjoy and help spread the word to help end gun violence.

Go ahead and follow the instructions on this here giveaway, you can even come back and tweet whatever message you like for extra points (as long as you include @LibertyUTD in the tweet)
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             Cashmere Maxi Cardigan via Bib+Tuck, Cheap Monday blouse, AG Jeans, Ectoe boots, Foley & Corinna backpack

For those of y'all followin' ya girl on Twitter, you might already know that I'm doing some fun stuff with Bib+Tuck as their resident guest blogger and collaborator. I'll be writing stuff for them on Thursdays over at Tucked In while also curating trend collections erry week.
Oh, you might not know what Bib+Tuck is? Well, lemme tell ya, it's pretty sweet.

Bib+Tuck is an awesome site that allows you to sell and trade items in your closet alongside top-notch creative-types really easily and super quickly. As an outspoken second-hand clothes wearer and vintage enthusiast, I've been really committed to Bib+Tuck for a few years now. Sharing closets is not only a fantastic way to meet intensely interesting people, it's also a way of recycling and reducing the massive amounts of clothing and textile waste we create as fashionable consumers every year. It's also way less expensive. Cha-ching!

And so, I'm here to sing the praises of the site, because it's really fun and really addictive once you find that one cool piece. Each week, the team comes up with style-guided lists of items that are curated based on theme too, which is really fun in case you're looking for something specific. I find all kinds of cool stuff on there, like this^ killer cashmere maxi cardigan is an example of something I really needed and finally found at a reasonable price thanks to B+T. I love how it's really dramatic and luxurious, almost in a cartoony way with how it falls like a villain's cape. With the weather peaking, it's been following me around to school like a safety blanket.

So yeah. Thursdays. Tucked In. Be there.

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In Another Instant


-Some of the Insta latests-

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