Revisiting Xiao Wen Ju for Marc Jacobs


Xiao Wen Ju for Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2012 shot by Juergen Teller.

 I was having a discussion with my room mate the other night about editorial subject matter (I, II, III), and one of the things I've found myself drawn to has been this theme of presenting models in concrete gardens, back parking lots, and other places that're not really visited unless it's to stow something (i.e. cars & detritus) or to congregate somewhat in secret. 

I shoot photos for my blog in those exact locations simply out of necessity because I'm by myself with a tripod and I constantly get people interfering or cat-calling me like assholes, but I've grown to prefer the solitude anyway. Now, choosing to shoot in these locations might also come out of a need for a couple of things when it comes to exhibiting a character in clothes: texture (concrete, peeling paint etc) and a mysterious sense of, not necessarily hiding, but appearing as if you've ducked out of something for an encounter with the subject one-on-one. What I particularly like about this ad campaign is that Teller felt that the prints, metallic elements and the retro colors in this collection were well eerily suited for these dark Italian alleyways with peeling paint, graffiti and parked cars- areas carved out by city residents who are absent. He found areas where the spontaneous placement of the pastel cars and purple speckled paint on a wall, for example, would compliment the looks styled by Poppy Kain. And what's more, Xiowen's playfulness helps give the photos and looks something sweet rather than grimy. She's not out-of-place, she's weirdly at home in these settings.

Like I said, I shoot in a number of locations out of necessity, but I'm hoping I can change things up to make my images more cohesive.

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Met the lovely Anais Bouchard of NaïS lingerie a few weeks ago for this lovely initiative that she launched this month. Known for her colorful blocked pieces, this collection is something of a departure for Anais since she has embraced a sort of dark whimsy (you can check back on her site later in the project, the other pieces feature glittery black lace and more keyhole details). I was really taken with the sexy V-shaped detachable garters that appear again and again in Naïs designs, so I sprung at the chance to wear this piece for her.

For me, the most important aspect of this project is sharing Anais' core values for her line, which are shared by many, but I enjoy supporting. We all know that lingerie is and should be an empowering outlet for women everywhere (should they choose), and Anais has developed her line out of her feminist beliefs regarding the sexualization of women in media and the complexity of female identity. She made a quick point on her own blog: "People are threatened by the word 'lingerie' in a way that they aren't by the word 'underwear.'" it's something that she even quickly mentioned to me during our initial meetings and it's an important thing to remember. I've shared photos of myself in pieces from my lingerie collection before in the confidence that I can and with the knowledge that I am not ashamed to be a sexual being. A woman's sexuality should never be her achilles heel (read: slut-shaming). In any case, I think it's important to share designs and brands that are more than just designs and brands, Nais being an example.

All of her pieces are hand made here in Brooklyn and Long Island City (I had the chance to visit her Greenpoint studio, it's rad) and Anais is a fantastic illustrator. Pop by her shop, if you'd like to see more.

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Working on it


vintage ribbed top, Asos cardigan, Ben Sherman pants, Madison heels, Foley & Corinna backpack

Been feeling a little bit uninspired lately, I've been taking photos a bit haphazardly/without levity lately since it's getting cold out. Such is the conundrum of someone who uses a self timer. Gonna work on that. 'Till then, here's something color blocked.

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AG jeans (℅), Cheap Monday blouse (℅), American Apparel cardigan (men's XL), Vintage boots, Calypso duster via Bib+Tuck (℅), Adora bag (℅)

Hello and welcome to another edition of **casual afternoon attire** (insert explosions and stuff falling on cars as I walk away with my duster floating behind me here)

Yes indeed, in spite of my mild facial expressions and easy-going body language, this seemingly neutral ensemble is epic for many reasons: 1) I can wrap the laces on these boots not one, not two, but three whole times 2) My blouse has a side tail 3) My duster cardigan is made of butter--oops, no wait, that's cashmere and 4) the tote I'm wearing was made by Adora, one of the many new design initiatives out there bringing folks a beautifully made piece direct from the craftsman, thus avoiding markups that make nobody happy. This is kind of the one bag everyone could use: it's a leather tote that can go from a square shape to a teardrop, thanks to a hidden closure inside (I like to wear it flat for the shape of it, but the tucked-in tear drop is also nice when you don't have a ton of stuff to carry around). 

OH and there's a detachable wallet. "Is my bag attached to my wallet or is my wallet attached to my bag?!" I dunno, guys, but it's a damn good basic thing to have made by hand in Tuscany for you at the same level of quality as a Prada. It's good to know these things exist, lemme tell ya.

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Foot Party



Possible party shoes by Asos for next spring. I visited their showroom yesterday and my eyes lit up from the sight of a damn koosh ball as a decoration. Good job, guys.

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