Texture // Endorphin Release


Took these at the Asos High Summer preview this year, deff feelin' it all.
Kinda reminds me of Endorphin Release video therapy, which can relieve headaches when you watch it. The colors, undulating transitioning lines and sounds at a low hrz level encourage happy hormones.



Laughing Casually


Vintage jumpsuit, sweater, vintage Calvin Klein jacket via DRV (℅), House of Holland Sunglasses (℅), Vans sneakers

'Soops 'cashe in the pajama-esque jumpsuit and roly-poly knit sweater. I realized the other day just how much I tend to use denim as a way to "play down" what I put together; like jeans and denim jackets have this magic ability to immediately dress something down just out of principal.

Add the deconstructed lace-job on the Vans and you gotcher'self an elevated ensemble.

Well, anyway, here's what I throw on to grab Chinese takeout before hitting up the photo developers.

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'The Beach' Shot by Ben Simpson for Oyster Fashion Mixed With 'Rocky Road' Shot By Gavriel Maynard


I don't know if I should feel uncomfortable mixing these two editorials together. I mean, same publication, similar backdrops, two angsty subjects: one softer in predicament than the other with pop inspiration stemming but 3 years apart from each other. Many larger questions, but I'll have you contemplate them yourself, if you'd like.

Implied inspiration from All Saints' 1998 teen dream hit Pure Shores (Out of Reach) -  
Heavy, mysterious, vacant; like coats and heavy separates were thrown on quickly in an escape towards solidarity.

Stylist Sarah Starkey styled every look with her own platform brogues, utilized what looks like all natural materials (wool, leather, etc), and let ankles hang out under bunched up socks on sandy beaches. Appreciating the mooooooods.

Implied inspiration from Britney Spears' 2001 pop croon I'm A Girl, Not Yet a Woman
High School Sport Acid Uniform'd runaway with all the right kinds of awkward.


Dig It


...except the Ray Bans, them's new

You know the best part of working at a vintage wholesale clothing warehouse is? 50% of this outfit, which was found in bins that I dug through.
The other best parts are pretty much everything else.




Detritus Charm Bracelets by Jessica Cushman

for $18 a pop this is fucking great. The closure is a tiny key and a soda can tab!


Tippin' the Hat






Vintage blouse, jacket and Florsheim boots, Liam of York trousers, Preston & Olivia hat (℅)

Just, y'know, casually taking dainty steps like I'm not practically getting blown over by the wind on my roof.

Idk, it looks like I'm about to do the foxtrot. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't, gonna leave that up to your imagination.

Fun fact about Florsheim: they were one of the first wide-scale boot and shoe manufacturers in the United States, right outta Chicago.

I bought these boots on eBay. Apparently they're from the 30s (the leather feels like it) and have since been refurbished and resoled. I have large feet (size 10 / 41, y'all!), so finding antique shoes in my size is really hard sometimes. These are stupid comfortable too, so I'm happy to have 'em.

Also styled up these here Liam of York gauchos- I love the classic menswear stripe chosen for the pattern. Rebecca (whose studio I visited two weeks ago) really wanted me to give them a whirl, and good thing too because these are com-fort-a-ble. She thoughtfully hand-makes every pair herself in her Brooklyn studio/apartment, so they're definitely worth the investment.


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