Vintage tee from Dusty Rose Vintage (℅)
Theyskens' Theory pants
Opening Ceremony heels  Shopbop
Joy Gryson satchel (℅)

Count me in for the cult of Olivier Theyksens (yeah, I know that doesn't really exist)- I loved everything he did when he was at Theory, to be perfectly honest. His collections were super laid-back-city-girl cool even if they were a teense bit repetitive. He's always, always great when it comes to high-low styling and I refer back to him more often than I realize sometimes. I mean, fuck it, I'll wear these pants to a fancy dinner party and then hungover the next day with a tee on a coffee run (to be clear, I'm not hungover here, I just never know what to do with my hair when I'm in-between haircuts).

By the way, is this text format doing anything for anyone? I'm switching it up over here but I feel indifferent every couple of days. Eh, have a good weekend everyone! I turn 25 tomorrow..




My Sort of Amulets


• a name plate by my best friend
• a silver matchstick by my boyfriend
• black tourmaline pendant by MADEINEARTH (℅)

I feel naked without my necklaces. It's not even a wear choice, but rather an intensely important method for me to stay connected to my loved ones. Jake smelted, shaped, and stamped my name into my nameplate, and my boyfriend Jevins carved a mold for a one-of-a-kind silver matchstick, symbolizing the beautiful things that remain after an ignited flame.

Bunni, the endlessly fascinating dude behind Made In Earth got me to start wearing stones again, and not just wear them, but really consider them. Shiny things tap our lizard brains since they can sparkle and capture light like water does-something our ancestors needed to feel drawn to in order to survive- but we lose sight of how fuggin' ancient the stones we pluck out of the ground themselves actually are.

It's believed by some that black tourmaline, like the chunk I'm wearing here, can act as a sort of shield against negative energy when worn-  or, as Bunni elegantly put it while I was navigating a selection of stones:
"it keeps the emotional vampires away"
 Immediately I was like "I NEED THIS."

Even if it's a placebo sort of thing, wearing this beautiful stone in its natural state, just elegantly double banded and held with silver, it keeps me a little more grounded. Wearing them with the pieces that remind me of my loved ones? Even better.




Bushwick Pear


Vintage overalls and boots
Steven Alan blouse
Uniqlo turtleneck
UNIF jacket
Coach Rogue satchel (℅)

I looooove wearing these deep blue overalls with white and cream- the contrast is fun to play with for sure, and blue has become an irresistible no-brainer of a color for me to wear in the spring. My neighboring streets are dotted with ornamental pear trees, which blossom and bloom with tiny white flowers and bright green leaves- so I guess I'm trying to look like a walking, talking version of looking up at the sky through pear blossoms.




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