Vintage denim dress, Free People blouse (℅), Max Mara sweater, Timo Weiland x Tsubo shoes, Joy Gryson bag (℅),  George Frost Victory cuff (℅)

Playing with accessories and wearing the hell out of these backless shoes while I still can. We have a huge bin of bandanas at work, so I've been trying to sneak them into outfits more and more as a sort of exclamation point- they look excellent around the neck and over the collar of an unbuttoned blouse, but for now, it's going with the unisex George Frost cuff.

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Cheap Monday Blouse (℅), Vintage jacket via Dusty Rose Vintage (℅), AYR Jeans (℅), Vintage boots, collar bar, sweater and bag, Ray Ban 3447s, Suguru scarf (℅)

Playing with shapes and such. This Cheap Monday blouse asymmetrical line makes it fun to layer with (see sans layering here), you get this little cape sloping down your side and flying backwards when a train rolls past you. The cropped ankle on these ciggy jeans makes for some nifty tomboy vibes with the classic, collegiate layering.

Fun scarf though, no? I hate those McQ skull scarves because they're just everywhere and cheesy, but I love this as an alternative when you need something punchy in black and white to go with everything. I mean c'mon, BUBBLES! I wore it down here, but I usually like it wrapped a bunch around my collar.

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Glossier Be Like







I'm completely smitten with Glossier, which just launched like, last week. Emily Weiss knows what she's doing, and between the straight-forward products and the fun marketing, I can't help myself but jump up and down on my bed and be all like, "Yaaaasss melikes this!!"

I've also been without a proper skin regimen because my skin only really starts to act up once the temperature drops, so the emphasis on glowy, moisturized skin is totally what I need right now.

It's like if a twenty-something in Bushwick went from the bodega around the corner to a French pharmacy and then to a Morning glory on her day off from working at the boutique where all she does is answer emails and look cute while ringing up purchases.

I'm like, bye, I'm off to go massage my face.

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Shirt dress and duster via Bib+Tuck (℅), vintage belt,  Coclico boots (℅) , vintage ascot via Dusty Rose, Vintage bag, Preston & Olivia telescope hat (℅),

Took some Marc Bolan vibes out for a stroll the other afternoon. I found this paisley ascot at work and I've been trying it out with things here & there. Now all I need is a stickpin and it'll be REALLY kickass.

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Tread Lightly, There are no Backs








(a li'l tower!)
Vintage sweater, vintage jacket via Dusty Rose Vintage, American Apparel skirt, Rebecca Minkoff backpack (℅) , Timo Weiland x Tsubo shoes

Back when I was at Parsons, I took a class on 18th century French art, and damned be I if that wasn't the most luxurious experience I could have for an hour and a half in the morning after a baked good and a strong cup of tea. And God bless the French, they've given us all the sinful things in life (ask Benjamin Franklin, because that is totally possible), including almost all the shit that can make us feel both guilt and exquisite self-induced euphoria (y'know, jacquard, cannel├ęs, champagne, oxygen, etc). I only bring this up because these shoes remind me of Ottoman-inspired slippers that ladies used to wear back in Versailles and such; The French aristocracy really "dug" the whole Ottoman thing. I forget exactly how that moved on to the whole "farm life" schpiel aside from Marie Antoinette just being a teenager and Austrian, but I'll probably end up doing a rant about that on Twitter at some point. 

Anyway, they're good shoes, good job, Weiland & Tsubo folk.

Losta colors too! My hair is brighter than ever and I keep wearing a bunch of colors, which I told myself I wouldn't do, but oh well, I cannot be tamed, I suppose.

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