Maybe I'm Not Wearing Pants


Rachel Antonoff x Bass shoes from a few years ago, a buncha vintage pillows from a buncha different places, including Dusty Rose Vintage

Look! It's decor and fashion stuff at the same time kinda!
No pants!


Marco de Vincenzo details


well, ain't these just delightful? The texture and optical play of this collection is impossible to resist with over-dyed denim, lurex rainbows and some sheer lace paired with matte studs on wool. These sunglasses add to the retro, fun, Peter Max-ified cuts and shapes (Vogue went so far as to use the term hallucinatory, which I'm completely on board with since it implies wonder).


Today's Forecast Includes Wind // Shades of Blue








Vintage denim jumpsuit and sweater, American Apparel coat, Repetto flats, Foley & Corinna backpack 

Yes folks, it was time to break out some color and a textured sweater, however the wind proved to make my afternoon walk a little more challenging and razorblade-y.

Let's talk about the color blue for a moment while my coffee sputters away on my stovetop (99¢ store mokapots are convenient, albeit a little messy).

Ask me what color these shoes are and I'd say they're cerulean. Now, don't and start quoting The Devil Wears Prada just yet because cerulean is actually quite a broad color term. A color that falls under the description of cerulean just means that it falls between blue and cyan. It's kind of more of a descriptor of a blue rather than an actual color (unless you're Pantone, then it's quite a powdery blue)- I wasn't sure, now we both know.

Now, let's talk about color and language.
If you speak English. There's one word for blue. It's "blue". It's what you say when you're asked what color a clear sky is if you're not a graphic designer or a painter or an illustrator or a photographer or a color psychologist.  We have this concept of a "true" blue because we only have one word for it. If you're Russian, there is red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, and violet. There is goluboy and siniy. Why this distinction exists lies within trade routes and historical happenstance and important objects associated with shades of blue like paints and minerals and religious art and landscapes, etc.

 The point I'm getting at is that because that distinction exists, Russian speakers can quickly notice and distinguish incredibly subtle differences between shades of blue faster and more accurately than a non-Russian speaker (Thank you, Stanford University). It's something I learned when I was studying aesthetics, and I'm sure a lot of you art history students and writers out there might be aware of this fact already, but hey, ain't that cool?
Just think about this the next time you don't know a word for something. You should find it, memorize its subtleties, and then make your friends' eyes roll when you start correcting them all the time.

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A Light Attached to a Violin Bow, 1952


 Gjon Mili captured violinist Jascha Heifetz playing in his studio in 1952. They attached a light to the end of Heiftetz's violin bow, and look some long exposures.







Men's American Apparel sweater, Isabel Marant √Čtoile dress (thanks, Jess!), Lafayette 148 turtleneck sweater (℅)vintage boots, Joy Gryson satchel (℅)

My lovely friend Jess handed me this √Čtoile dress a few weeks ago while she was cleaning out her closet. It just wasn't her cup of tea anymore since it's a bit of a challenging shape; what I've managed to hide under my layers upon layers of sweaters is the dress' angled button-up design with a mock neck and long panels that tie at the front. Well, I'll just show you what it looks like: here. It's sexy and fun to wear, but it can make your boobs look a little weird. Left the tie panels open here to make it look more like an extra-long shirt peeking out from under this AA striped number.

We'll see how it goes once this weather improves.

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