Vintage coat, Vintage Calvin Klein denim jacket via Dusty Rose (℅), vintage boots (added laces), Asos Farleigh jeans, WE ARE COW dress (℅), Uniqlo Heattech turtleneck, Vivienne Westwood x Cambridge Satchel Co. bag (℅)

Taking photos yourself is exhausting, y'all.
Trekking a tripod around, potentially obstructing walkways, getting confused looks and comments from passer-bys, cat-calls, tripping over my own dumbass feet, malfunctioning timer triggers, meh.
And yet, I still prefer to do things this way for some stupid reason.
I guess this look was an experiment in
 "....how many patterns can I get away with today?"
I dunno if I got away with anything really, but I still wore 'em. Also, this plaid jumper dress-turned tunic used to be a men's XL flannel shirt. Nifty, eh?


Just Needed to Show You These Cows

that's all.




Liam of York boyfriend shirt (℅), Uniqlo heattech turtleneck, Patrik Ervell jeans, Elizabeth and James shoes, Theyskens' Theory bag, thrifted blazer, Miu Miu sunglasses

I have this weird relationship with the color yellow- specifically canary yellow, and it keeps popping up in my life for various reasons.

My mom lived separately from me from when I was in about sixth grade up through high school, and sometime around 2005 she started keeping canaries. Canaries, like many birds, can get depressed if kept solo, and so it's usually better to keep more than one to prolong their lives and keep them from getting lonely. This also of course encourages them to sing, so my mom would keep up to four at a time.

She would let them fly around her apartment freely, and every so often your eyes would rest on a surface, and you'd find a delicate, bright yellow feather. I kept a few in my books as placemarks throughout school.

I also have a bright yellow vinyl cover for my work computer, with a matching solid canary yellow background to encourage creative brain chemistry- which is probably a placebo thing, but whatever, I like it.

So this weekend rolls around and I'm taking my boyfriends' family around Brooklyn with him. We took them into a brilliant local vintage shop called GG's, where I found this wool blazer. Now, I like yellow, but I never really considered wearing it, because with the hair it can be a bit much, y'know? But nah! Here I am with this new favorite thing, and it just so happens to be bright ass yellow.

Anyway, I dig it. That's all.


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