All Shook Up






Vintage top, bottom & sandals (top 'n sandals via Dusty Rose), Leifsdottir bag, Persol sunglasses

Got some sunshine before succumbing to total. fucking. illness. 
Ugh, summer viruses are the worst.

In any case, been trying more and more to be even more selective with the crap I let into my life, and the stuff I do let in is either vintage or made really well (in other words, I'm trying to put my money where my mouth is). Been digging for more graphic stuff as of late, and although I hopped onto the Birkenstock train due to their minimal allure, these things totally destroyed my feet. Still, they went well for a stroll-able ensemble such as this, and most of this stuff is second-handed. woo!

 Check out these stats on clothing and textile waste, the more recycled vintage sold and worn, the better!

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Datura velvet tank (℅)American Apparel jacket (℅), De Lune x By Boe Odyssey choker, Drawn & Quartered nameplate (℅) 

The necklace I made with By Boe was made for pieces like this mindfully crafted velvet tank by Datura. Quite pleased.

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In Denial






StudioMF tank, Calypso cardigan via Bib+Tuck, vintage skirt via Dusty Rose, American Apparel knee socks vintage Coach bag, UO shoes, Drawn & Quartered name plate, Nettie Kent choker

Ask me which piece of clothing gets me the most stares when I get on the train and you'll get a whole lotta description of this tank. I still like to put a pin over the exposed boob for a little cheeky detail. Y'know what they say: a cheeky detail a day keeps the bitter at bay (hahahahaIknowI'mnotfunnyhahahaha). Still have no idea where the design comes from; the shirt itself is made by some random manufacturer out of Thailand, they don't put tags on the shirts and the edges are just simply run through a sewing machine: yes!

We keep getting tiny tastes of Autumn once the sun goes down and so I'm getting impatient. Should I be wearing a floor-length cashmere cardigan when the sun's out? Probably not, but screw it. Also thought it was wise to wear a wool mini skirt (picked up from work), in case you needed more proof that I'm in denial.

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AYR jeans (℅), Everlane belt (℅), American Apparel men's jacket (℅), Vintage beaded top, Brandy Melville bra, H&M sandals, Foley & Corinna backpack, Ray Ban 3447s

Alrighty I've been lazy and it's been hot out, but on my roof again we go.

Forget where I snapped this top up, probably one of the L train vintage shops. We come across many similar tops at my work, so I'm considering taking a longer one and ripping it along the bottom so that it completely disintegrates, but it needs to be made of silk chiffon like this one, so we'll see.

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Behind The Scenes with Cosmo 'n COVERGIRL


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fun fact: I'm actually screaming gently here

Behold these glorious behind-the-scenes moments from the New Americans shoot I had with Cosmo and COVERGIRL! 

This was a particularly cool project to be a part of because COVERGIRL's new collection is made of their classic products, only redefined under the notion that modes of style are constantly being reinvented and reinterpreted. I was stoked to be the face for the “punk" look 1) Because this is a chance to remind the folks at home that Punk has a legacy and a history that is woven deep into what we consider to be quintessentially American and 2) Because it gave me the chance to really dig into my own sense of style and put to words how I’ve always loved the history of downtown NYC. 

Punk, like any other mode of stylistic expression always goes much, much deeper than just an outward appearance, but that’s what this whole project is about: style as being deep and subjective. During the shoot, I was asked to bring in pieces out of my closet, and with Cosmo’s stylists, I was able to chat a little bit about my take on what different facets of punk look like. 

We also talked a lot about how without the music and without the ability to go out, there would be no punk! So of course my makeup look was created with the intention of getting a vixen look that lasted with their Professional Super Thick Mascara and self-sharpening Perfect Point eyeliner. Intense eye makeup became park part of the cannon of punk style in the 70’s (thanks to bands like The New York Dolls and Suicide) because it was an interpretation of cinema and stage makeup that emphasized facial expressions. So, a punk take on makeup can almost always be really intense, but in a way that defines the most expressive parts of your face, which I love!

Many thanks to Cosmo and COVERGIRL for this super cool opportunity! Be sure to check out COVERGIRL's Tumblr page for look inspiration and share your own take on your American Style by using #EasyBreezyStyle

This post done in collaboration with Cosmo and COVERGIRL

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