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Onyxmatter face mask 
Vintage SABA California dress found at 10-Foot Single
Rag & Bone jacket
Rings from Catbird and Annika Inez 

Life is undeniably topsy-turvy right now, and perhaps it's a cliché to talk about finding escape during quarantine, but yep, here I am with my maximalist fantasy moment through color, pattern and texture.

I feel weird talking about how beautiful a face mask is right now, but I appreciate how Catherine over at Onyx Matter is making hers, and it's heartening to see so many makers, designers and craftspeople making their own masks to sell and donate. Not only does Catherine make her own shibori fabric, she also teaches online workshops for dye patterns, shibori and other indigo-related stuff. If you're like me and have many questions while trying to follow YouTube tutorials, I suggest you check these out!

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The Collection


I have been collecting these porcelain ashtrays in the shape of be-gloved, cupped hands for years. They were a popular novelty item produced in Japan after WWII. And to be honest, I have even more of these than what you see here, they're just strewn about the apartment, either holding soap, holding incense, or holding the smoldering ashes that I couldn't possibly hold in my own hands, thank you very much.

One finds these featuring an array of details that I love to see in each individual piece: sometimes the nails are painted gold to match the divet intended for a cigarette at the base of each hand, sometimes the fingers are long and elegant, or loosely arranged to intend a kind of casual "come hither" cup. I think the best thing about these is that they offer a chance to feel as if the thing in them are special, hence my preference to keep jewelry in 'em.

Since there's a bit too much in here to list individually, feel free to leave a comment if you're curious about what anything is or where it came from.

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She's 28


Carven top, vintage Valentino scarf, Catbird dewdrop earrings

Yay! I'm 28 today, and this is my birthday hairdo complete with vintage silk scarf.
These are challenging times, but I'm grateful to have health and the opportunity to celebrate.
Probably going to order a nice dinner and and a movie on our projector.

If you have a moment, please consider donating to the folks at RAINN. For survivors of sexual abuse, living under quarantine is terrifying. Now more than ever, folks need resources to combat abuse that happens inside the home.

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A House in a Hand


I have veins popping out on my forehead as I type this and avoid using the word charming to describe this thing with every fiber of my being.

But look at it! It's so SMOL.

I have a habitual eBay habit, and I'd say a good 20-30 minutes a week is dedicated to pursuing postings for vintage charms like this one. I couldn't believe my luck when I nabbed this piece at a price I could afford, and shared this bitty on Instagram a few months back soon after it arrived in my mailbox. Further research led to discovering that the same charm in 14k gold exists which is insanity.

I'm not gonna lie, I did at one point drop the six of hearts card when I breathed too hard while I was holding it, but my vacuum found it intact.

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Moodboard • Spring Wool


I have been reading over and over again how people are itching to get elegant and dressed UP once this is all (dare I even suggest) over. I hear this and I think of skirt suits in the 50's and early 60's and laugh.

 One of my favorite things about dressing in the spring is embracing the opportunity to wear practically nothing, or at least very light layers underneath a big ole heavy winter coat. The juxtaposition (again, here I go with the contrasts) of big clunky coats with elegant or flowy dresses and a bunch of baubles is my favorite kinds of thing to wear. Add a T-shirt and we're really in business.

Awkward, a little funny, loose, and always undeniably human and alluring- or at least I think so.

On a sidenote, I honestly dig the snapshot, but all I can think of when I see that fifth photo of the person clutching a copy of that (awful) newspaper is this incredible moment from IDLES' Glastonbury performance.

And how about that new Fiona Apple album, amirite?

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Quarantine Dressing Part I: Forgetting How Chairs Work and Revisiting a Piece I Love


Chloë Sevigny x Opening Ceremony dress, Thrifted American Apparel shirt,Vintage Doc Martens

The red stool lookin' thing is actually an antique camel saddle, and the other stool was once meant to accompany a piano.

Anyone else having a hard time committing to one set of clothes per day? I feel like I change clothes like, 3 times in an afternoon just to liven things up. It's like the sartorial equivalent of a lunch break or a walk.


This weekend I opted for a silk dress and some punk-inspired (yeesh with my poser ass) accoutrement for....nothing in particular, just lounging in-between bouts of cleaning. 
The dress is something I nabbed in college. Chloë Sevigny's collaboration with OC leveraged a bunch of hard/soft contrasts: fetishwear-inspired leather separates with laser cut lace borders,  babydoll dresses styled with big fuck-off platforms. I remember scrolling through the look books for the collection in my dorm room. 

A year after the first drop, when I was working with Bib+Tuck (RIP), I was thrilled to find my favorite piece second-hand (this one). Now I find myself longing to put on something special, so I wear it around the house over a ratty cotton long sleeve, sweet and sour about it.

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