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Painterly, with wet-look brows.
Bea Sweet, London-based makeup artist

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Free People top (℅), AG jeans (℅), Plukka Bullet necklace (℅) with a vintage ring via Horizons, chain of a Giving Keys necklace (℅), By Boe rivet thumb ring (℅)

My favorite sort of thing to experiment with: jewelry!
To break the monotony of what I usually wear during the week, I decided to go back into my jewelry trove and pick out a few things I hadn't put on in a while; namely my Giving Keys necklace and my Plukka bullet necklace, which I used to wear with my monogrammed signet ring a few years back, but since decided it was far too damaging for the ring my parents both designed for me when I was 10. Instead, I added a lovely silver and bright garnet ring to the bullet charm.

Experimenting and giving my pieces new uses means trying new stuff and breaking my own expectations for things. Kind of a sartorial version of Louis C.K.'s own personal practice of starting his stand-up shows with the joke he would normally end with (you can watch him break that down here). I loved the chain on my GK necklace and I've experimented with it before, but this time, I decided to make it into a body chain. The twist in this buttery soft FP top accentuates the chain a bit and adds an extra element of play.

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Ah, Flick it All






Vintage Jones NY top & Calvin Klein jacket, Asos skirt, Schutz shoes (℅), Loeffler Randall bag, Daniel Wellington watch (℅)

Please excuse the bloody Flickr watermarks- they make me want to die inside, but pic quality plummets otherwise, so bear with me while I deal with those nasty things crowding my shit. They go away if you scroll slowly and keep your mouse off 'em... gah I gotta move platforms...

In any case, these Schutz numbers are the closest thing I'll really get to a gladiator since they have that teeny tiny wedge goin' on for a more gamine sorta 'do. I figured I'd go with some 'extra' accoutrements this time around- and here's when living in Brooklyn comes as an advantage: my local Beacon's apparently has a mysterious patron who works with Loeffler Randall, and manages to get some samples into the shop from the latest collections. I do adore this bag, pretty festive. Hoping to transition it with my sweaters.


Also in Plastik


 Miu Miu fall '14, a laundry drop-off I passed by on 17th st, Pony-tale magazine, heart-shaped bubble wrap (which you can purchase yourself here!)





Vintage tee and Levis, Miu Miu kittens

Here's when I say something bogus- like I'm ready for fall weather already, and that I'm bored of dressing for sunshine, tired of dressing for a day full of nature's version of optimism! Blast it all I want to layer!

I think I'm just waiting for that day when I'm hit with enough energy to churn out something I feel is worth sharing constantly.

I dunno, what are y'all bored with these days?


On the Half-Sleeve


Vintage top & overalls, Vivienne Westwood x Cambridge Satchel Co. bag (℅), Adidas Superstars via KicksUSA (℅)

My sneakers are far too white, I must run through the streets of Bushwick and destroy these things before I start blinding people who feel like staring at my feet for some reason. 

Also note the half-sleeve shirt. I suggest you nab one of these yourself and show off your one awesome shoulder.


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