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AYR jeans (℅), vintage flannel, boots, sweater and jacket, Joy Gryson Satchel (℅), Nettie Kent choker(℅)

If I seem to appear a bit "out of it", it's because I am.
Sudden snow and cold is enough to give you whiplash, even if you secretly have been yearning for its arrival, only to have it come and remind you that uh, yeah, winter's a thing.

Still, I've been trying to stay positive. Cheeky vintage buttons and color with texture, a cropped jean, a hammered brass choker. Standing in the warm sunlight with my tripod as the sun goes down.

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Winter Beauty Stuff


It ain't winter yet, but once the temperature starts inching closer to freezing, my skin really feels it. Let's explore what's been keeping afloat:


Skin: Behold, my cache of beloved skin/body products. Why is the NUXE Huille Prodigieuse dry oil on a mini easel? Because it is literally my favorite thing since discovering that dry oil was a thing; it smells beautiful and keeps my skin from getting dry, which is going to be a recurring thing that most of these winter beauty essentials have (bleeding, cracked dry skin is the WORST.). Along with my beloved dry oil, I spring for Nars tinted moisturizer, MAKE Beauty's glossing powder; which is essentially a subtle, colorless mica powder that gives your skin a little glow action, Ojon's rare blend oil for keeping hair healthy, Supergoop's Everyday moisturizer sunscreen, because bright winter light still bounces all over the place, aaaand finally, my super special scent combo of Commodity Goods' Pinot perfume and Book Cologne.


Eyes: I tend to keep makeup crazy simple because I'm just not amazing at applying it and, let's be honest, you really don't need to wear that much. I prefer a little winged eyeliner, so when I go for it, I spring for a few options: Nars' liquid eyeliner pens in either brown or navy blue, Stila's retractable eyeliner in Brown, or Ardency Inn's Modster eyeliner in blue for when I feel like wearing a little subtle color. Mascara, which I usually wear on its own, is either Diorshow or Origins GinZhing mascara, which has pretty much the same volume effect as Diorshow, just less expensive and all-natural. Nars Concealer has also been my go-to when I don't really want to wear much makeup at all.
Ah, and those are my new Warby Parker Goodney glasses from their Corner Collection- like a cat eye shape, only they have a subtle, almost hidden straight line along the top the the corner.


The only lipstick I wear these days: Stila's liquid lipstick in Beso. Holy crap, it just stays all day and it's just a liiiiittle darker (i.e. has more blue) than a true red- perfect for a winter palette. Not pictured because I literally forgot to get it out of my purse is Glossier's Balm dotcom skin salve, which I use with the lipstick so that my lips don't dry out. It's also just like, an amazing skin salve



And now, we come to the revelation: Vain Pursuits personalized skin care. I was introduced to this Montreal-based skin care company and it's been an excellent experience because they FIXED MY SKIN HOLY CRAP. So you go on, fill out a little survey and list all the things you're looking for in your skin routine (In my case, for example, I've needed something for blemishes, winter dry skin protection and evened-out skin tone).  All their formulas are cruelty-free, made from plant-based materials, use essential oils for fragrance and are sulfate-free. You are then sent samples of personalized products, you try 'em, tweak 'em, and then get the stuff super quick once you order.

They're actually currently doing this thing where you can win free skin care for a year if you try out some product. Tag an instragram with #LetsBeVain and Boom, you're entered. Give it a whirl here.



There ya have it, my stuff for getting through this damn cold.

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Florida Was










Shit, it's December already.

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Ýr Jóhannsdóttir, A Textile Artist From Iceland


Just discovered Yrurari thanks to the internet. 
Ýr Jóhannsdóttir is a 22-year-old Icelandic textile artist who creates delightfully colorful knit garments with cheeky designs.

Working in vintage has made me prefer natural fibers, so I can't help but look at these in adoration since they're all hand made with wool yarn. I feel like an idiot citing AHH! REAL MONSTERS because it's kind of an obvious reference, but damn if it doesn't hit a chord. Jóhannsdóttir's work also explores themes of bodies both real and imaginary: from pubes to monsters to stop-motion animation and hamburgers, I love.

Check out her SHOP BLOG and INSTAGRAM 

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Too Bright




vintage Levis via Dusty Rose Vintage, VPL coat via Bib+Tuck (℅), Noul blouse (℅), Cheap Monday sweater (℅), Joy Gryson satchel (℅), Keds

Thanksgiving colors!
Took these before heading to Florida for the holiday, which is where I am now, and where I am currently eating an English muffin.

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