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A'n'd organza shoppers via Lyst

Gotta love creative product presentation!!

Problem: transparent bag against a white background is lookin' too flat

Solution: put some fruit in 'ere!

I'm liking this idea for summer, something tells me I need one of these so I can express to the world what I'm having for lunch.

 photo tumblr_n5dimsKaFT1svwlszo1_1280_zpsyvngoqes.gif


3-Letter Skiddoo // Custom'd Keds


Aye ● Fun ● Joy ● New ● Now ● Try ● Win ● Won ● Yay ● Zip

Custom'd the feet with my favorite 3-letter word.
As far as color ways for sneakers go, I for some reason gravitate towards the somewhat clinical, classic white tennis shoe. Reminds me of the first day of school any time I wear 'em.
Positivity with every step, you understand.

Some others to consider:

Aye ● Fun ● Joy ● New ● Now ● Try ● Win ● Won ● Yay ● Zip




ooh, does this look 3D to you too or is that just me?

Thrifted (!) sweatshirt, Jcrew turtleneck, Reformation jeans, Calvin Klein jacket, JC x Free People flats, Loeffler Randall bag

Honestly I wish I could share how much my face lit up when I found this sweatshirt while thrifting. It's hard to find cool, kitschy stuff like this sometimes, but ooh, is it satisfying when ya do. 

Sooo I threw it on with a shit ton of denim and my city-friendly wrap flats.

Wearin' my golden find at peak golden hour. Y'know how it goes.


Wireless For.ev.er


Studio Vasa Blå earbuds by Sudio Sweden (℅)

These wireless earbuds by Sudio Sweden a) are incredibly elegant for a tech accessory, like a piece of jewelry b) have really impressive bass for their size c) Only have to be recharged once I get home after a whole day of listening d) don't have to be taken off before you change your shirt or walk into an adjacent room e) come in a little leather pouch with a matching rose gold clip for your shirt f) allow you to leave your phone/laptop/whatever in the other room while you dance in another

Want a pair of your very own?  Good thing Sudio ships worldwide, right?! Use discount code DeLune15 here for 15% off your order, and get ready to be liberated from wires 4ever!!!!!!!!






Vintage silk blouse, Asos fallen shoulder slip, Lyz Olko (formerly Obesity+Speed) jacket (℅), Citizens of Humanity jeans (℅), Acne boots, Leifsdottir satchel, Classic Specs glasses (℅)

When was the last time you brought something into your life, and that thing made you see everything else you owned just a liiiiittle bit differently?

The first time I saw these glasses, I knew they were just off-putting enough to be exactly the thing I needed. They make the stuff I wear just that much more layered. 

You know who they remind me of? Daniel Dreiberg aka Nite Owl from Watchmen. When Dan's out of costume, he's a tiny bit of a sad, dorky dude, but kind. They changed his glasses for the movie (in the comic, they don't have the double bridge), but I guess it was in order to more illustrate the time period.

I digress,
The ornamental pear trees have blossomed! The white flowers can be seen nearly everywhere here in NYC, but I'm sure most of us can agree: pretty as they are, they kinda smell like butt.




 photo _IGP9339_zpsic9nsvcl.jpg



 photo _IGP9199_zps7svpm6h6.jpg

 photo _IGP9323_zpswnlbcjiv.jpg
agnés b norya dress and pants (℅), JC x Free People flats, Loeffler Randall bag, vintage Calvin Klein jacket


The first time I ever heard of agnés b was through my mom.

As a design enthusiast in almost every conceivable area, my mother often mentioned the agnés b tunics and the catalogue photos of her youth when I was a tween and teenager. The agnés girl, she told me, was the way she'd wanted to see me dress. Mom was definitely a Francophile when it came to the clothes she preferred for her gangly and awkward 11-year old daughter- which, at the time, I couldn't be bothered to consider. All I cared about was the total number of garments I'd have to wear. Dresses required only donning one thing, so those tended to be the outfit of choice.

In other words, my mom wanted me to be the agnés b version of an ingenue of French New Wave films: simple, charming, and unpretentious- and I just wanted to play in the dirt.

I guess that covers unpretentious...

Nostalgia aside, agnés b's collections constantly build on the irresistible pieces she's been designing since the 60's. Now, this dress^, which you can ball up into a suitcase, and the crinkling and creasing would only add to its charm. My days of childhood preference are far from over (sometimes), so unlike my 8-11 year old self, I've decided to don this dress as a long tunic with pants underneath. Y'know, just to show her how far we've come....until summertime when I simply won't wanna wear pants
 ...or anything for that matter 


Don't Need No Blogger Boyfriend


 photo DSC02133_zps0tkst6no.jpg
Pentax K-5 with 30mm Sigma lensAfaith tripod (I used to have a Manfrotto, which I loved, but it broke and the warranty ran out), Wireless shutter remoteiPhone 6, Gorillapod for iPhone, flexible phone mount with clip. Not pictured: Clapmera and Snap Clap iPhone apps, Sony Cyber Shot

I get questions from time-to-time about what I use to shoot my posts. Researching cameras can be a whole project in itself, and I've found that building a kit that fits your needs is worth the time when you know how often you'll be using yours and what you feel is worth investing in.

My kit has been used almost every week for about 3 years, so it's well used. There are certainly pros and cons for shooting blog posts entirely by yourself, but that's for another blog post :] As for my kit, yeah, there are some pros and cons there too:

My Kit of Sorts:

Tripods: -plural because I take most of my Instagram shots too. You want something that will hold up well with the weight of your camera. You don't want it to be barely sturdy enough for a heavier SLR. Manfrotto makes great ones that are pretty standard for prefesh photogs. This Afaith is solid and light, which helps when I have to lug it around the neighborhood to shoot, but still sometimes a bit too light, so I have to be careful when it's windy. It's also easy to fold super small and carry, but I managed to jam one of the legs on mine, and now it doesn't retract all the way. My bad.

Lens: I'm gonna go ahead and put my lens before my camera for a couple of reasons: 1) Your lens is what makes the quality of your pictures determinable and 2) You can have a crap camera fitted with a beautiful lens, and the photos that you get from that combo will always be better than a beautiful camera fitted with a shit lens. Think of it this way: if a lens is comparable to the human eye, and the SLR is the brain which processes the information gained by your eyes, then the quality of what your eyes can grab will effect how easily you can discern the thing you are seeing (in this case, an image). thus, my lens is the most expensive thing in my kit because it's the one thing I needed to truly invest in, and yup, this lens improved the possibilities of what I could take tenfold.

Also, I suggest you watch this video on how Sigma lenses are made 'cause damn. 

Camera: Cameras are always a great source for discussion. In my experience, Pentax models can be just as good as Nikons and Canons, plus they're lighter on the budget. The camera I use is from 2010, not by any means brand spankin' new, but still shoots the way I like. The only thing I feel I'd get from an upgrade is probably faster settings and a lighter camera body, but I don't feel a rush to get the latest-and-greatest just yet. To get a nice shallow depth of field (i.e. how to get the background out of focus), you need to get the camera's f-stop down low enough. I achieve this with a 30mm lens attachment, which is an excellent investment lens to have in your kit. I think it's worth looking into buying gently used equipment, and you can always talk to your local camera expert, or visit/call B&H or Adorama to see what fits your budget and level of use.

Bonus: the strap on my camera is from a vintage 70's Coach bag.

Shutter: Since this photo was taken, I've bought myself a better shutter: this one. Wireless remotes are easy to nab on Amazon in accordance with whatever camera you use. I hates the look of a hand holding the clicker, but luckily, many SLRS have a remote shutter option that shoots in 3-second bursts so you can shove the clicker in a pocket to free up your hand. This means I can fire the shutter, move, listen for the camera shot, and reposition. This saves a MASSIVE amount of time. For a loooong time I was taking shots by walking back-and-fourth forever like a dumbass.

Photoshop and apps: I get my photoshop from work and my subscription from school. Now Adobe offers Photoshop CC, which allows you to pay for a monthly subscription to photoshop a.k.a. edit your images without buying the latest version as it automatically updates. Do your research though, in my opinion, it's better to invest-or-cough-"get" your own program because Photoshop has access to your work through CC and you want to be able to own ya stuff, y'know?

For my Instagram shots, I use timer apps like Clapmera and Snap Clap. With both apps, you set off your phone's camera timer by loudly clapping your hands or making some other obnoxiously loud noise. Clapmera has a burst mode that will shoot every 3 seconds like my SLR does, but it needs a good amount of light and the quality isn't amazing in low light. Snap Clap doesn't always hear your claps and doesn't burst, but the picture quality is much better.

What cameras and equipment do you guys work with?
I'm all ears!


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