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City adventures and such, shot with the phone 
// chromatic commuters // flirtin' with discarded furniture // ripped pastes // MAKE lipstick (this one) // Coach bags 'n nude fishnets // M train commute in AG jeans & Matisse heels

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Baby Rings


Amber Sakai bodysuit (℅)
Asos jeans
Matisse x Kate Bosworth pumps
Vintage bag
Vintage earrings 
Victorian baby rings on a gold chain

I feel like we've already hit peak basket-as-handbag, but I enjoy this vintage number for shopping and running errands. Paired up with a pair of frilly jeans, a super sexy bodysuit with raw segments, and a retro, pointy lucite heel รก la Robert McGinnis femmes. 

*update: a bouquet of flowers has punctured a hole in the delicate grass lining of this bag, which I have patched with gold thread.

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After a Month- I Moved!


Rachel Comey striped top (second-handed)
Lanvin silk panel tee (second-handed)
Asos Farleigh Jeans
vintage second-handed boots
Brixton cap (℅)

Where to I even bloody begin?
Please excuse my leave of absence, it's been a hell of a month.
I moved in with my boyfriend, I broke my elbow after falling from a bike, I have been slowly developing my contribution to my new home, and between meeting new friends and colleagues, I have nearly exhausted my will to photograph this next major step in my life. So thank you if you have been wondering where I've been and curious.

I'm coming up on a 6-month review at my job (my first time experiencing this kind of thing) aaaaand I can afford to take time to myself. Really fuckin' weird to be...dare I say it...comfortable (relatively speaking though- I mean, I can't say the current administration is doing anyone any favors at all).

In the meanby, I've stored my winter wardrobe in a storage unit, and I have stuffed my limited summer wardrobe next to my boyfriend's silk shirts, wool kilts and tees he's had since high school.

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