Reversible Dress But Make it Vest


Vintage dress, worn open
Reformation bralette top
Thrifted pants
Vintage Coach bag
Vintage belt
Dries Van Noten sandals

I recently nabbed this tan/plaid dress over at OPC in Ridgewood, and it was one of those thing I knew just at a glance I would wear often. Not only is the cotton fabric pristine, the whole thing is beatifully handmade and totally reversible, featuring a double breasted closure. Kinda hard to see from these shots alone, but the tan side has these cute little pockets with frilly edges and buttons. This now makes for two dresses I own that I prefer to wear open like a vest.



After Years of Collecting: A Charm Bracelet's Worth of a Choker Necklace


After a lifetime of collecting charms and I finally filled a bracelet! The sound this thing makes is divine, like what I'd imagine a jewel sparkling would sound like if such a thing were possible. I decided to turn this thing into a choker on a whim one day by attaching it to another chain I had laying around, and I was SUPER into it with my hair shaved! I'll continue to wear it like this with ratty T-shirts :)

Here's a tour of what we got

Adirondack chair for my childhood spent in Northbrook Lodge
A revolver with a spinning "chamber" just about the weirdest charm that came on a bracelet my mom found years ago, it was alongside the cup that says "baby" and a book that says "I Love You" on the same bracelet
Gum ball machine with retracting coin slot
A crown
A toilet with a seat that opens and closes because of course
A cup that says "BABY" no clue
A crate of oranges for my grandparents in Florida
A book that says "I LOVE YOU"
A cat that goes in and out of a trash can a Valentine's day present from Jevins in 2020
An egg that opens to reveal a yellow chick
A birdcage with a bird inside
An hourglass with white sand, 3 seconds
A soccer ball 
A moving (!!!) Punch and Judy puppet show, the back features a crank that allows them to beat each other up 
A pretzel for my lifelong New Yorker status
A cocktail shaker with a tiny devil inside
Milagro depicting a pair of eyes
A medallion that says "I'll never STOP loving you" on a stop sign

Got a whole lifetime left to fill up the other chain.
Also, not sure if you noticed, but yes, I do put blush on my neck- a Studio 54 kinda trick!






Rachel Comey dress (second-hand)
American Apparel turtleneck bodysuit
Dries Van Noten sandals (second-hand)
Loeffler Randall Purse (sample)
Clyde sun hat
Vintage sunglasses via Maude's

A transitional winter to spring moment, inspired by dancers' bodysuits and how they cover the backs of their shoes with their leggings. The turtleneck bodysuit, though sometimes a pain in the ass to wear, is terribly useful in the winter when layering saves you from freezing from the commuting elements every day. Now, I haven't had to walk to work in a whole god damn year, but I still lounge around in one with a giant T-shirt every once in a while in quarantine. With this silk dress- which feels like it weighs nothing- it's not *too* warm. There's something a little 80s goth about it, which I'm totally into.



Bits of Gold: A Minimal manicure and a Previously Permanent Bracelet


gold c/o Catbird 
Mignon rings (both are a size 3)

I have gotten this manicure 3 times in a row now, just a couple of coats of a gel Nailglow dupe (my nail artist uses DND #441) and the tiniest gold accent I can get my hands on in the center of my nail bed. I have enjoyed how relatively simple it is, and when it grows out, it's not super duper obvious. To my delight, I noticed that Harriet Westmoreland (an amazing name) has shared a similar manicure. Her take is bit more delicate and earthy.

Also RIP to my welded Catbird bracelet :( After two and a half blissful years together, she ultimately met her fate after getting snagged on a basket



An Outfit Post, But it's More About How I Shaved My Head


Thrifted FLAX linen top
Thrifted linen pants
Thrifted denim duster
Vintage belt via 10ft Single
Margiela denim Tabi boots
Antique men's gold ring as a pendant via Circa Antiques 

Here we are folks! It's 2021 and I have shaved my head! 
Extremely not circa-2009-blogger of me to eschew announcement via exploration of the process but this much I'll give as an overview: 

My hair is naturally blonde, as you can kinda see now, and as I have shared in the past. I did some local modeling when I was in high school, and for a year or two, I was a hair model for hair styling expos that came to town. My hair was dyed copper and significantly cropped after one of those gigs when I was 16, and some version of that style stuck with me for over a whole! ass! decade! 

That's right, twelve years of dyeing my hair once every three months. I had a signature! I loved it, and while I was building out my blog, one of the things that folks universally brought up was my red hair. Still, I had this feeling that one day, at some point, I would no longer choose to maintain it. I wondered what would cause such a big change in my appearance. Answer: a global fucking pandemic.

Jevins encouraged me to listen to my prodding thoughts to shave my head. We aren't strangers to leaps of personal appearance, place or time. We spent most of 2020 social distancing with his family in Idaho, relishing final visits with his aunt and helping his mom move out of his childhood home. You live life once, try it. So I did with his help- holding all of my hair in a ponytail between the shears of a pair of scissors. In the wee hours of the morning, in our apartment bathroom, shortly after the new year, we lobbed all my red hair off. I looked in the mirror afterwards and saw my mom. She shaved her head when I was in high school.

There's my year for ya! I started seeing a therapist and kind of fell back into myself not handling isolation very well. I suspect I'll uncover details for the rest of my life. In the meantime, I have been wearing cotton and linen and gold.



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