BDG overalls, Lafayette 148 turtleneck (℅), Cheap Monday vest (℅), Joy Gryson 'Nyla' bag(℅), Elizabeth & James heels, Ray Bans, Bing Bang NYC rings (℅)

Walk and walk and walk and walk- point the toe, aw yeahhh.

Heh. Oh dear.

Gotta love the chance to elevate something slouchy and frumpy into a cool little thing. I usually hate wearing heels, but these are probably my favorite wedges (as they should be, looks like the design was inspired by a vintage Mugler pair from the 80's), and when you've got favorites, you make exceptions. Anywho, here are also some workwear-inspired denim suspender jeans, with button straps  and even a hook for where you would hang your keys and tools if you were like, working on a drainpipe or something. The pockets that go down to the knees ain't bad either. Throw on some cashmere and glittery crystal rings all up and down your fingers and you've got yerself a thing to wear to dinner.

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Dinner on a Rooftop Farm with Free People








Aiight, I seriously suck for not sharing these shots sooner, but if it weren't for Free People, I wouldn't have been able to feast on a farm...on a roof.

Yes folks, behold: The Brooklyn Grange, where the produce comes right outta an industrial rooftop, providing Brooklynites with fresh produce and the chance to learn about sustainable urban farming and agriculture. They grow food, sell food, and provide education for those who want to get into urban farming and gardening themselves.

So what happened back in September was that the folks from Free People Me threw this wildly beautiful vegan dinner for some influency-type folks with vegetables and produce provided by the Grange. I was running around like an idiot trying to look at and smell everything growing up there that I barely really got to hang out, but it was pretty amazing nonetheless. Now that Fall is here, I'm just shaking my head at how much I know I'm going to miss nights like that one.

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Little Somethings




various Bing Bang NYC rings (℅), By Boe thumb ring (℅)

Ring game has been pretty minimal up until recently thanks to these sparkly little numbers by Bing Bang. I was delighted to learn that Anna Sheffield, the mastermind behind her namesake fine jewelry line, has created Bing Bang out of her own NYC studio, and that each piece is shaped by hammer and a damn anvil- pretty old school. It's great to know such delicate, little pieces are made with such an old-as-time technique.

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Lafayette 148 sweater (℅), VPL coat via Bib+Tuck, vintage dress, Modern Vice boots (℅), Joy Gryson bag (℅)

I figured these are the last few days I can get away with wearing something sheer without tights or socks or something, so behold: this awesome veiled skirt dress. Threw on this buttery soft cashmere turtleneck over it, which I've only had for about a week, but I swear, I must have worn it about 6 times already. Here's to hoping I don't wear it to wits' end this winter, but I ain't making no promises.

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Stylemint tee (℅) (destroyed by yours truly), UO fake chiffon shirt thing, Cheap Monday jeans (℅), Candela shoes, vintage belt, cape and bag, By Boe ring on thumb (℅)

Why, yes, I was completely sleep deprived when I took these photos, what made ya guess??

Well, aside from the glazed-over face, I always enjoy wearing something thrown together, especially when I'm partially living out of a suitcase ("living"? Who am I kidding, my parents had a box of cinnamon Life cereal waiting downstairs for me as I took these). Anywhose, I have a bunch of weird, random stuff from my varied and "experimental" (lol, I wish) high school wardrobe in my old room back in Buffalo. I was able to resurrect this cape and parade around the grocery store with it, so hey, can't complain.

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