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Wrote about my room and my tendency towards collecting strange things for eBay, feel free to take a looksee 

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all the stuff is vintage except the Preston & Olivia hat and the Pol sweater

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Winter Hair // Bumble & Bumble


I’m ridiculously picky about my hair products- not because I’m finicky but because I have to be picky. 
Curlier hair has really specific needs because it is naturally dehydrated, and this gets exaggerated during the winter when the cold makes hair really brittle and dry. So, when I’m looking for hair stuff when the temperature drops, everything has to be 1. Free of drying sulfates, 2. Hydrating, 3. Safe for color 4. UV protecting (because winter sun requires sunscreen too) and 5. Lightweight so that my curls can stick around for a while without getting weighed down

I was getting a bit bored of my current products and had to make the seasonal transition anyway, so getting the chance to try out Bumble & Bumble’s Invisible Hair Dresser’s Oil flight made perfect sense considering how each product fulfills each of my strict criteria. The Hairdresser’s Oil has been something of a cult product for a while now, so it’s cool that B&B was able to expand its lightweight, lovely formula of 6 different hydrating (and great-smelling) oils into other necessary products.

The Invisible Oil itself is probably my favorite of the flight, which I expected since it’s garnered such a following, but the Shampoo is also great because it’s sulfate-free and will never strip my hair of the stuff it needs. So yeah! If you’re on the lookout for Winter hair products, I’d definitely throw these into the suggestion box, especially when you’re looking to get rid of frizzy hat hair!

If you try these out, beside to share your winter hair transformations with #BbTransformations #HairdressersInvisibleOil

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ÖST NY's dainty 14k Lady Pearl ring, 3D printed, inspired by Edwardian delicacies







American Apparel sweater, vintage scarf, jacket, and jeans (via Dusty Rose Vintage), Rollie Sneakers

If I was a Ramone, here's what I'd look like.
Well, kind of. As I've clarified here, the Ramones didn't really wear high-tops, they wore Keds. But still!

Also here's what I look like when I realize that my leather jacket is warmer than my wool coat, and that a scarf can easily make for a cheeky floooourish.

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