About this Claire Person

Hey there! I'm Claire Geist, I write and take all the photos for this blog. This blog is called De Lune, like 'Clair de lune'.

I'm 26 years old, and I live in Brooklyn with my boyfriend Jevins, and our two cats, Tippi and GrĂ½la.

Let's boogie.

Sooo What's with the Blog?
I started this blog when I was in high school, and I have been shooting my own photos ever since. I try my hardest to keep this blog the same way I did back in 2009.

Where are you from?
I'm originally from Woodside, Queens here in NYC. When I was 13, my family moved upstate to Buffalo, New York, and I spent 5 years there. I started my blog after we moved- mostly because I had an attic I could shoot in, but also because I wanted a way to connect with like-minded folks I could kvetch about style to. I came back to the city for Uni in 2010 and I live in Brooklyn now.

Is that your natural hair color?
Alas, it is not. I'm actually blonde. I've been a converted redhead since I was 16, when it was dyed and cut short for a hair modeling gig.

Who takes your photos?
Unless I state otherwise, I take all of my photos.
This means I go out with a tripod and do it up. It's a process that can be unnerving, but it gives me a certain level of control and authorship that I wouldn't have otherwise. I don't get to shoot everything I get to wear, but whenever the time feels right, I'll shoot something.

Sometimes it works  and sometimes it doesn't (I'll be the first to tell you that I'm not very good at photo editing), but I love trying.

What is your fashion/style philosophy?
Fashion as a system is super problematic and huge, but I'm flirting with it. Style, on the other hand, is endlessly interesting to read and think about. My mom, a graphic designer and tinkerer, has influenced me the most- she taught me what sleek, thoughtful, super-chic, gender-neutral, individualized wardrobes could look like- aaaand then I decided to horrify her with my love for the messier New Wave/No Wave/Kitschy influences that crept into my wardrobe.
I like humor, I like contrast, I like texture. 

I worked in the vintage industry for 3 years, and a good amount of my stuff is older than me. 

What are you doing when you're not on the internet?
Blogging isn't my main gig and I intend to keep it that way to make sure what I'm communicating is accurate and useful and not always influenced by a paycheck. When I'm not blogging, I work as a Data Strategist for Clarifai's machine learning API. Basically, I teach robots what things are in images. You can read more about us here 


Maia Ngozi said...

What type of camera do you use?

Jullia Grace said...

Your write-ups are far more than wow!http://www.luxtime.su/

Nichole A Cavallaro said...

Yay I love you :) You're super sweet and cool and smart :) I'm from Upstate, show some love! LOL


(I'm kind of a no one but a someone who loves writing, art, film, style and being weird) LOL

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