About this Redheaded Weirdo


Hey there! I'm Claire, I write this blog. I'm 20 years old, and I'm studying art history and fashion theory at the New School here in NYC. Here's a bunch of stuff I get asked:

Where are you from?
-I'm originally from NYC; Woodside, Queens, actually. When I was 13 my family moved upstate to Buffalo, New York where I spent my high school years. I started my blog while we were living up there as a way to keep my sense of curiosity sharp, and then I came back to the city for school.

Is that your natural hair color?
-Alas, it is not. I'm actually blonde, I've been a converted redhead since I was 15, when it was dyed and cut short for a modeling job.

Who takes your photos?
-Unless I state otherwise, I take all my photos. This means I go out with a tripod and do it up. It's a process that can be unnerving, but it gives me a little freedom to attempt to do things exactly how I envision them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but I love experimenting.

Along with Fashion, what are your interests?
-I'm a huuuuuge movie buff. Sometimes there's nothing I love more than a marathon of some of my faves (Harold and Maude, A Hard Day's Night, Beetlejuice and anything written by Woody Allen would be some examples). I also love breaking into dance in public, perusing a gallery or five, adding to my record collection and adding to my slam book. I really, truly believe that everything in culture can be reflected back through fashion, so I love getting a taste of every artistic endeavor whether it's food, architecture or music, I've got a bunch of books if you'd like to borrow any sometime.

What is your style philosophy?
-It's hard to say, really. I tend to be a little all over the place, but if there's one thing I love it's eclecticism, and I always feel the most motivated to wear something when it moves with my mood. There is also a certain sense of joy when you can implement some manual work with your clothes while getting dressed. I tend to be the most impressed by pieces that seamlessly combine form and function, so something with a decoration normally has it for a very specific, workable purpose; a button seals together two pieces of fabric, laces are used instead of zippers, drapes are implemented in order to change the appearance of the body, these are a couple examples of things I gravitate towards as far as design goes.

What are your plans after you graduate?
-I'm really grateful that blogging has helped me get a sense of what the Fashion Industry is like, I'm still working on it! I first studied photography at Parsons School of Design, but then moved on to Eugene Lang to study art history so that I could get a sense of why people are compelled to design and make beautiful things. I'd like to be a Jack-of-all-trades at some point, but for now I'm working on my writing and hopefully one day I'll be able to observe and/or write for a living. I'll let you know how it goes.

What are you doing when you're not on the internet?
-When I'm not blogging, I think you're most likely to find me out and about with little or no plan for the day. I'm usually tinkering away at some project whether it's a collaboration, a photo diary, an afternoon of re-arranging my room or diving into a movie collection. I love long, aimless walks around the city and schmoozing with friends over good food and maybe an impromptu dance party.


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