About this Claire Person


Hey there! I'm Claire, I write this blog. I'm 22 years old, and I'm a recent graduate of The New School here in NYC.

Let us boogie.

Where are you from?
-I'm originally from NYC; Woodside, Queens. When I was 13 my family moved upstate to Buffalo, NY, which is where I spent my time for high school. I started my blog while we were living up there as a way to keep myself occupied and connected to cool, like-minded folks. I came back to the city for Uni in 2010 and I live in Brooklyn now.

Is that your natural hair color?
-Alas, it is not. I'm actually blonde. I've been a converted redhead since I was 15, when it was dyed and cut short for a hair modeling gig.

Who takes your photos?
-Unless I state otherwise, I take all of my photos.
This means I go out with a tripod and do it up. It's a process that can be unnerving, but it gives me a little freedom to attempt to do things (almost) exactly how I envision them. I don't get to shoot everything I get to wear, but whenever the time feels right, I'll shoot something. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but I love experimenting. I'm cool with being a total amateur, y'know?

Along with Fashion, what are your interests?
-I'm a huuuuuge movie buff. Sometimes there's nothing I love more than a marathon of the good stuff (Harold and Maude, A Hard Day's Night, Beetlejuice and Fantastic Planet are the kinda-but-not-actually-light-hearted go-tos, for example). I also like alt comic books (particularly R. Crumb and his disciples). I'm something of an introvert from time-to-time, so I take a lot of walks, think about stuff, maybe I'll grab a taco while trying to get a song that's been stuck in my head all day out. I also enjoy sticking my nose into whatever I haven't tried yet, which there is still a lot of. I'm down with the notion that all the shtuff in culture is reflected back through what encompasses style, so I love getting a taste of every endeavor I can. I've got a bunch of books too if you'd like to borrow any sometime. I should open a give-one-take-one personal library policy. How do I do this?
Oh wait, I guess I just did.

What is your style philosophy?
-It's hard to say, really. I tend to be a little all over the place, but if there's one thing I love it's eclecticism, and I always feel the most motivated to wear something when it just reflects whatever's on my mind. I get a kick out of when I can implement some manual work with my clothes while getting dressed.
I tend to be the most impressed by pieces that seamlessly combine function and a sense of play, so something with a decoration normally has it for a very specific, workable purpose; a button seals together two pieces of fabric, laces are used instead of zippers, drapes and darts are used in order to explicitly say something about the body- and if there's any sense of humor, I'm even more thrilled. These are only a few basic examples, but these are also da things I gravitate towards as far as design goes.

What are you doing when you're not on the internet?
-When I'm not blogging, I wear multiple hats at Dusty Rose Vintage, a vintage wholesale warehouse in Greenpoint Brooklyn.


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What type of camera do you use?

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