Vintage vest & sunglasses, Spring & Clifton sweater, W118 Walter Baker skirt, Keds (c/o)

Kimi (who I shot this project with a few weeks back) and I took an afternoon to walk around Williamsburg, pretend we're miscreants and explore the eighth wonder of the world that is Pies 'n Thighs. Kimi knows wassup.

I've been melting into post-nyfw schoolwork and I can feel the weather getting much, much cooler. In 2 weeks my morning walk to classes will be punctuated by how many times I'll be asking myself why I didn't wear more layers. Definitely makes dressing more fun, but I'm a New Yorker, I have to complain about something or nothing'll get done, or at least that's what I tell myself.

I guess what I'm wearing is a riff on school uniforms and how the concept has been turned on its head. As I read more and more about how anthropology and fashion constantly intertwine (via Bourdieu or Barthes), I find myself making more and more pop culture references in what I wear. The garters on the sweet sweater, the pleated leather skirt, I guess they both went towards some twisted version of a Cloe Sevingy-esque boarding school uniform that I had in my head. But nothing reminds me of being a middle school kid more than Keds, which I why I have about 5 different pairs (guilty). Have you seen their collab with Opening Ceremony before? Dude. Check this motha out because it is SO EFFING CUTE. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I've procrastinated my paper for my Aesthetics class long enough.

All dees photos by Kimi

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  1. Such a great skirt! xo
    Best, M.

  2. Cute look, I really like the skirt, it add some edge to the look.

  3. New yorkers don't just 'complain'
    "I don’t think being a New Yorker is a something as simple as having lived her for X amount of years, figuring out which trains to take without looking at a map, or knowing when to avoid Times Square (which is all the time, unless you have theater tickets and a Klonopin prescription for the purpose of bracing yourself prior). I really do think it’s a disposition you gain with experience. You’re more guarded and cynical, but you’re also intelligent and curious. You’ve seen and heard everything so you really are genuinely ravenous for something new and fascinating—something truly great that breaks through all of the jabber, and they have absolutely no time for bullshit"
    -Julie Klausner



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