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My hair has a history. I mean, aside from my own as a person, my curls have been This, That, and a third: long, short, blunt, tangled, a hot mess, a dream, a party & sometimes friendly. They've definitely grown with me, which is why I'm so excited to be a part of Paul Mitchell's Curl Confession campaign! It was such a fun project to work on and I'm proud to say that it has helped me really feel right with my hair.

What I mean when I say my curls have a history of "failed rebellion" is that when I was younger, I tried to lok the other way when it came to my hair by telling myself that it would take care of itself, like I could just let it be blehhh and all of my hair "issues" would go away. I tried coaxing it into what I thought was manageable by just washing & drying it, because that's what all my other friends did and they were fine (but oh wait, none of them even had curly hair). I just did what they did. I was surrounded by a beach of friends with pretty, shiny waves that carelessly and easily cascaded from atop their heads. Meanwhile, I had difficult, always dry, frizzy, goofy and mismanaged curls for the LONGEST time until I was properly educated in the ways of the curl. I was careless with the way I treated my hair, but not no more! I know now that curls are unique and will give back just as much as you put in 'em, which means you gotta keep it simple, give it the attention it needs when you wash it & (lightly!) style it and just leave it at that.
So, when I say Don't try too hard I mean it!

So, fellow Curly-Q's, I encourage you to head on over to the magical land of or just on ova' to their Facebook page to share your own stories or get some management love for them spirals you've got! My favorite thing on the site has to be the frizz-predictor that measures the humidity in your area, but there are all sorts of curl-friendly goodies, so share them confessions on twitter (with le hashtag #curlconfession of course) or, just let your curls speak for themselves :]

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  1. amazing claire, congratulations! you look stunning xx

  2. What an AMAZING pic! You are your curls look stunning! ;) <3 !

    Stephanie :)

  3. Such a lovely post, love the hair selection. :-)

    Follow each other?

  4. I love your hair so much. How do you get so much volume? I also have short, curly hair, and it is kind of limp and flat. I'd love it if it looked more like yours. :)



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