A [Coach] Penny for Your Thoughts






Ciel sweater, Textile Elizabeth & James cords, American Apparel jacket, vintage sunglasses, Coach Penny bag (c/o), Goldenponies flats

Ah, boys & girls, Fashion Week has begun, but we'll get to that later.
Justin & I took a stroll around the Meatpacking district just as the sun was starting to set. I ended up chillin' on a bulldozer. Whadup.

You guys know I wear a ton of vintage Coach. My mom bestowed her Coach collection from high school & college unto me when I was about 15. The backpack I've been wearing in my last 3 posts should tell you that I can't help but love those simple shapes and the lovingly worn brass hardware. So, as you would expect, I'm absolutely gaga for Coach's Legacy collection, which is a shout-out to those classic designs that Coach is known for, but with a slight update through color and print. I ADORE this Penny shoulder bag, the design harks back to the 70's with its cute compact shape and simple flap design, but the slight patent leather trim gives it an updated look. I'm definitely planning on passing this piece down to my daughter someday, just to (no pun intended) carry on the tradition.

ph. by Justin
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  1. I could not be more thankful for my mother's Coach collection too. The shapes are timeless and beautiful. Love this Penny shoulder bag. So adorable.

    Ava Tallulah

  2. Really nice, love how you put everything together as always.

  3. Really nice, love how you put everything together as always.

  4. Love that jumper! It works so well with that dark forest green and little pop of dark red.

  5. Love the mix of diffirent materials in this outfit: cord, jeans, leather,... great! :)

  6. love this outfit..al the pieces are so pretty!

  7. love your denim!

    stop by sometime?




  8. Nothing beats a classic, and what a classic beauty that Coach bag is! What a sweet family tradition you guys have of passing down your Coach pieces! Why didn't my mom and I think of that? ;)

    xoxo, Stephanie :)

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