Quick Look: Model Lounge NYFW Spring '13 Survival Tote



It's that time again: Time to see what's keeping models sane this Fashion week with Model Lounge NYC! These totes are given out to models in the top 10 agencies in the city during a week of running around endlessly and trying to stay fresh & pretty on the go. Kind of a drugstore on the go, only fashiony-er.

Click below to see what's inside...

The Hair Stuff
Redken's Extreme repair S+C, Powder Refresh 01 & Quick Tease Hair spray

Redken always represents for the girls at Model Lounge. After a week of overworking and overstyling hair, it needs some serious repair. I've used their repair serum leave-in treatment before, but this combo really helps restore your hair day by day.

The Skin/Facial Stuff
Clockwise: Bioré makeup removing pads, Rosebud salve, Evian Facial spray, Wisps, Purell, Vaseline body lotion, OPI nail poish remover, Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm

Pretty much the essentials for keeping skin healthy by not over-working it with products. Again, the girls experience a ton of overworking with makeup being applied and re-applied constantly everyday with every new show. One makeup artist told me this week that makeup has gotten heavier than previous seasons because of all the HD photos & videos! I have to say the Evian spray really kicks butt, it helps moisturizers and vitamins absorb into your skin better and keeps your face from drying out. It might just be mineral water in a can, but the spray is superextrasoopersooper fine for evenness. Love it.

The Survival Stuff
Totes mini umbrella, Hollywood Fashion Tape

There was also an NYC Subway map in there, but I put it up on my wall as a poster. A teeny tiny umbrella is great to have, but fashion tape is ALWAYS a save. It closes gaps on blouses, keeps hemlines in check and keeps your boobs from falling out of low necklines. Awesome.

The Energy Stuff
5-Hour Energy, Boost Immune+Health shot, Ice Breakers Duo/Ice Cubes and Nimble bars (not pictured 'cause I ate them, sorry)

Haven't tried the 5-Hour energy, but the Boost is definitely great. I've used their powder packets and found them to taste mineral-y and unpleasant. The shot is GREAT for when you can't wake up for class or when you're feeling kinda icky.

The Upkeep Stuff
Q-tips precisions, Kleenex & Schick Quatro Twinstyle

I feel so much more prepared for things when I have Kleenexes on-hand, especially now that fall is around the corner. The Q-tips are also absolutely perfect for fixing makeup, especially eyeliner. Just sweep to round-off your cateye!

Aaaand The Clearasil Perfectawash 

Dudes, I love this thing. As you can tell, I use it on the regular and it's wonderful. Ok, so basically what I'm saying here is that I'm lazy and love that I can just wave my hand under and get a perfect dose of face wash, but the formula is really nice and this thing really makes my morning routine easier when I'm still groggy and half-awake. The perfect dose washes away a day's worth of makeup & stress until you're ready to start it all over again.

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  1. Such a great goodie bag! I like the perfectawash, we have them for hand sanitisers here, it would be so amazing having them for facewash too, perfect amount every time!


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. LOL! They gave 5 hour energy! Love that! that's a real friggin goodie bag!




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