Double Zero pinafore from KOSHKA, Vintage blouse via Nifty Thrifty, Mango coat, vintage collar bar, Modern Vice shoes

These days I find myself reverting back to my inner high school sophomore; creating little projects for myself, writing poems, reading against my radiator while listening to the wind outside...

 It's hard not to become romantic about the past, even a past that wasn't yours to know first-hand. I walk around the East Village and imagine it when it was full of desperate artists. I think of Scorsese movies, all the films and writings that came from the Blank and Beat artists. I think about this semester winding down and I realize I'll never stop being a student even after I graduate. I'm terrified, to be honest, but I want to start making a life for myself.


On heavy rotation is this charming little pinafore dress from Koshka, which continues to be a site I go back to time and time again for styling inspiration. This piece is included in a series based arounf Fall uniforms, very charming. Their November Look Book is pretty on point, so you should check it out :]

Many thanks to Jenny Regan for the outdoor shots in this post

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  1. loving the cheetah socks!! its all in the details


  2. Simply beautiful!

    xo Jennifer




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