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My undying love for MAKE continues on and becomes even stronger with this newest collection of theirs; in fact, this might be my favorite one yet.

For those of y'all just tuning in, MAKE is a beautiful design concept makeup brand that strives to explore the possibilities of beauty when it comes out of the creative processes of unconventional artists. This newest collection of theirs comes outta the heads of photographer/filmmaker Erik Madigan and makeup artist Sam Addington. Together with MAKE, they have created this incredible makeup collection based around Heck's interest in the death of painting during the late 19th century, and the inevitable erosion of manual processes as technological advancements continue to shape the way we live and document the world around us. 

With Heck's love of New York's Hudson Valley in mind, the artists experimented with Polaroid 59 film  by heating and cooling the film's chemicals to render the colors used in this collection. What you get here are a set of incredibly rich and beautifully saturated eyeshadows, eyeliners and lipsticks, which look and wear perfectly when worn simply. I'm especially obsessed with the lipsticks and the deep, deep plum lipgloss; I sometimes have a hard time finding the perfect dark lipstick shades, and these are really lovely, not too stark and super rich.

I'm always blown away by the forethought put into MAKE's collaborations, but this one hits home for me. The colors read less like your usual "fall jeweltones yay!" mantra that we hear about every year around this time, and the quality of the pieces are always spot-on. I went to MoMa yesterday wearing one of these lipsticks, and after 2.5 hours of constant chatting and walking around, everything was still in place and just as saturated. Well done, guys, well done.

I suggest y'all grab these pieces at WeSeeBeauty // Barneys immediately

Here are my top-5 faves from current and past collections:

Glossing powder- This stuff is a goddamn revelation, I swear. It probably doesn't sound like something you've used before, but oh, is it great. It's pretty much an all-over illuminizer, but it's totally not sparkly, more glowy and healthy. I wear this every day.
Matte Finish Eyeshadow in Darkness- I like to dip an eyeliner brush in water before swiping it in this eyeshadow for a matte cat eye, and it stays
Matte/Dew cheek duo- You could skip all your makeup and just put these on to look more awake. These two cream illuminzer-blush options make your skin look healthy. The gloss makes your skin look dewy and moisturized, while the matte illuminizer gives an awesome glow.
Cream lipstick in Hudson Red- This is the lipstick I wore all day yesterday. It's a deep, deep red that looks less goth and more rich.
Lip Gloss in Purple Noise- I've been tired of seeing all these soft grunge kids wearing dark lipstick with their noisy ensembles. This is a true, glossy purple, but it looks really awesome with neutrals and a bare face.

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  1. such cute packaging on those!


  2. I love the lipsticks!!




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