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Asos SEESAW shoes, Urban Outfitters cropped sweater, vintage Chateau dress via Nifty Thrifty, Katherine Kwei bag, Vera Meat rings, Bonlook sunglasses

November greetings y'all
We still find ourselves in the midst of sweater weather, although we still get punctuations of super freezing afternoons that remind us that winter is right around the corner, so I'm goin' barelegged while I still can.

I've been working at Nifty Thrifty for about a month now as a buying intern, which means I've also been stocking up on some crazy finds, one being this dress that I intend to wear into the ground, so help me. I paired the dress with this super cropped sweater that was something of an an impulse buy, but I purposefully bought it two sizes too big to up its comfort-factor (although I now realize it's pretty boob-tastic, oh well). Speaking of comfortable, one of the best finds as of recent are these insanely good midi heels that I found on Asos; they're witchy, walkable and winklepicker-y, all the things that spell y-e-s in my book. Threw on my paint splatter satchel and went out for a turtle caramel apple, 'cause that's how we do in the East coast.

So while the leaves are still lovely, I intend to make this a weekend of walking. Hope everyone is enjoying theirs.

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