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Stylemint tee, Juicy Couture cardigan, vintage jeans & belt, ASOS hat

Some bits and bobs from my room feature with Teen Vogue!
They recently stopped by for a visit and they raided my closet. Come all ye readers and take a gander on my total dorkatude at this here slideshow!

My room is somewhat of a mish-mash of stuff, but it was beyond fun to be able to give a little tour and dissect the things that are special to me. I always have things spilling out all over the place, so to be able to zoom in on the couple of things that hold cool memories for me was really fun! I totally learned a little bit about myself going through every aspect of my room, and I'm so stoked to share with you guys!

photos from l to r:
SunglassesAnthropologiethriftedDaid YurmanvintagePersolthrifted
ShoesVintage men's aligator (!) boots, Minimarket round wedge sandals, Alexander Wang sandals, Wanted glitter oxfords, Steven loafers, Forever 21 satin shoes
Jewelryvintage flower and evil eye bracelets, cord friendship bracelet from the folks at FashonIndieSorrelli pyramid bracelet, LAS Ibex skull skull ring, Charming Charlie skull rings, vintage evil eye pedant, Jewelmint spike bangle
On my MannequinPavonine shirt & dress, UO cargo jacket, MTV headphones

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I'll Tell You a Secret...





Here's a glimpse of an exciting collaboration I have coming up with Vanessa Mooney set to launch mid-June! I have been such a huge fan of Vanessa Mooney's ethereally earthy pieces for some time now, and I was beyond floored and honored when the dynamite designer emailed me herself a few months back with the suggestion that we team up to design a piece that would have a part of its proceeds go to charity! The fruits of our back-and-fourth emails arrived in the mail this week and I cannot tell you how excited I am to share this with you guys!

Stay tuned for the unveiling soon! It's gonna rock socks.

PS- The winner of my Pavonine giveaway is Najeema! Congrats, girl, and thank you so much to everyone who entered to spread the love for Pavonine! You guys are awesome!

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Beached// Pavonine Giveaway!











Pavonine Colbert top, H&M skirt, vintage jacket & boots, Cheap Monday dimension ring, Datter Industries eye ring, Vintage eye pendant, Asos hat

Part II of my city excursion took place in Sandwich, Massachusetts , where my aunt, uncle and two little cousins Cashel & Ronan live. They live less than five minutes from the beach, so we took a trip down there for a spell. It was my first time at the beach all year! It was wonderful digging for crabs and collecting stones while listening to the tide creep higher and higher on the beach.

It was so insanely beautiful out, and although it wasn't exactly normal beach attire, I wore some new pieces that I had packed for the breeze. Along with this INSANE glittering H&M skirt, I decided to wear my new Pavonine Colbert open-back top, which I was a sucker for the moment I saw it online. I've always had a penchant for open-back pieces, but this top has that classic & subtle sexiness that Pavonine always gets just right. Something simple and totally basic is raised toa  whole new level with cascading ruffles and a peek of your figure.

And guess what? You can win one of your own!
(Must be a Bloglovin' follower to enter yo yiggity yo!)
To enter, spread the love for Pavonine by liking them on Facebook 

As a bonus, if you follow them on Twitter and/or follow them on Tumblr, I'll give you an extra entry for each! Just leave a comment with your entries & usernames and I'll tally them up.
Contest ends on Sunday 5/27!

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Boston Blues & Yellows








Thrifted Gap vest, Forever 21 blouse, Gryphon New York skirt, Aldo boots, Rebecca Minkoff Swing bag

I've been on a little holiday here in Massachusetts with my family, one half in Sudbury, the other in Sandwich. I really needed a break from city life, but I couldn't resist the chance to visit Boston for a little bit. After stopping by the Boston MFA, which has a wonderful exhibit of their collection of Fashion Illustrations on exhibit right now, my aunt took us  for a walk around Southend. It's wonderfully charming out here! I was so bummed out when my camera died while we were walking around, but thankfully I was able to capture some memorable parts of our walk on my iPhone!

I decided to pack and finally wear out this delicate and super luxe Gryphone skirt that I must have picked up a year ago at a sample sale. Just like the Cooperative piece I spoke about in my last post, this skirt is just three layers of chiffon with heavy chain woven into it. I can't help but love how the contrasting elements work so beautifully together! I also packed my cheery yellow RM swing bag to have a pop of color on hand, always important.

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Haze for Days














Cooperative fringe top, thrifted Gap denim vest, thrifted BDG shorts, vintage boots, sunglasses & hat, Vanessa Mooney Clara necklace worn as a bracelet, vintage bowtie on my ankle

 A chill post. Bar III recently hosted an ethereal rooftop bbq in an absolutely beautiful Chelsea penthouse to preview their fall 2012 home & rtw lines, and you could not have asked for a better afternoon! Nadia (who I thank for photos), Natalie, Bonnie and I had a blast sunning ourselves, munching on burgers and making flower crowns while looking beyond the skyline.

Threw things on like a vagabond that morning.
That's all I can kind of say about the thought put into this outfit. I love mixing sentimental pieces like my dad's hat and my VM Clara necklace with new digs, like this kickass top. I promised myself I would finally wear out this Cooperative tank as soon as the weather became warm, so here it is. I remember stalking the hell out of it when I first saw it, waiting for it to go on sale for months before managing to snag it. The heavy armor of drippy chain woven into just two or three layers of chiffon is something from a dream. It's so beautiful yet I keep pairing it with the most disheveled, ripped up and ratty pieces I have at my disposal.

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Growze dress, Asos hat, rolled up Echo tote bag, vintage sunglasses, Timo Weiland for Tsubo "Tarata" heels

Finding new ways to wear things is one of my absolute favorite pastimes. You guys might recall this coolio Echo tote from my finals week survival post, and here it is again! Only this time, I've rolled it up into a clutch. Nifty, eh? I'm going to try & convert my endless array of tote bags in this way from now on!

To contrast the high octane color and intricate patterns of the bag, I decided to wear something vampy and moody. Anytime I wear this Growze maxi dress, I get asked about where it's from. I can't help but love its simplicity and straight-forward design. Growze is really great for pieces that are ├╝ber cool and edgy, right up my alley.

Oh, and these shoes.
These miraculously wonderfully lovely Tsubo heels that are sporty and stream-lined and utilitarian and edgy and awesome all at once. Oh, and comfortable, can't forget that. You know a heel is perfectly crafted when you can survive a whole day in them after a month of not wearing heels at all! I love the spike closure detailing on these, a very nice touch indeed.

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Cheap Monday Sonya top & shorts, Asos hat

Finally free! Finals are done and I am good to go-o-o-o for summer! One of my favorite things about the weather warming up is that now I can break out my collection of backless tops, like this outstandingly minimal and lovely Cheap Monday number. Gotta love some sartorial air conditioning! They never cease to amaze me with their collections.

As far as summer plans go, I'm trying to at least compile a list of things to try and enjoy before my junior year starts up in September:

-Picnic outside at least once a week (weather pending)
-Only walk for an entire day to see how far I'll get
-Hit up Coney Island for the Mermaid Parade
-Hit up some outdoor film festivals
-Intern (TBA! Essited to share!)
-Cook more meals for myself
-Get more ear piercings
-Draw more

What're y'alls plans this summer?

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On The Lately: The Glamourai x Flirt!





It's a tad behind, but I've been dying to share these shots with you guys!
I was so thrilled when Kelly (a.k.a The Glamourai), invited me to be interviewed for a segment with FLIRT! Cosmetics on how to look your best in your event photos (helloooo prom season!).

I was even more stoked when she asked me to come back in for a photoshoot to model some prom-ready makeup looks! Being able to work with Kelly is such a dream, she's incredibly inspirational and anything she touches turns to gold, I swear. She can really do no wrong. I putzed around with modeling in high school, it's actually the reason why my hair is red! It was dyed for a job and I've stuck with it since then :]

I gotta get sappy and thank Flirt, Porsche Cooper, Bethany Brill, Jeremy James and of course, Kelly, for being awesome as always and having me for this wonderful opportunity, love you guyses!!

A promotion with Flirt! Cosmetics
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Echo What's In Your Bag: Finals Week Edition










So here's everything helping me survive finals. Echo so graciously bestowed this carry-all unto me and it has been saving my life at school this week!! It holds my laptop along with everything shown here. Here's everything that I need to survive holding myself up in study halls while I work on papers:

-My admittedly very creepy Cupie doll that I use as a worry doll (we all need one, I carry this one everywhere!)
-My wallet/Iphone case in one
-The monogrammed ring necklace that my mom designed for me (I wear it almost every day!)
-Vintage lizard glasses pouch, which has two compartments! I hold both my Warby Parker Huxleys that I wear to school everyday and favorite Cheap Monday sunglasses at once so I'm covered
-My Poketo clover panner/notebook & reading material
-Essential skin stuff: LaVanila passionfruit/vanilla perfume (MY FAVORITEEEE!!), Kerstin Florian Neroli Water which I use to rehydrate my tired skin, YSL volupte balm in Sweet Fig, Smart Girls Who Surf SPF 30 sunblock 'cause a pale girl's gotta do what a pale girl's gotta do
-And one of my favorites right now, my Arrojo ReFINISH dry shampoo. Nothing is better at giving my hair some extra volume when I spray it under my hair in sections.

So that's what's been keeping me sane! I would also include a whole mess of protein bars, but you can only guess where those are (hint: in my stomach)

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