On The Lately: The Glamourai x Flirt!





It's a tad behind, but I've been dying to share these shots with you guys!
I was so thrilled when Kelly (a.k.a The Glamourai), invited me to be interviewed for a segment with FLIRT! Cosmetics on how to look your best in your event photos (helloooo prom season!).

I was even more stoked when she asked me to come back in for a photoshoot to model some prom-ready makeup looks! Being able to work with Kelly is such a dream, she's incredibly inspirational and anything she touches turns to gold, I swear. She can really do no wrong. I putzed around with modeling in high school, it's actually the reason why my hair is red! It was dyed for a job and I've stuck with it since then :]

I gotta get sappy and thank Flirt, Porsche Cooper, Bethany Brill, Jeremy James and of course, Kelly, for being awesome as always and having me for this wonderful opportunity, love you guyses!!

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Camilla said...

wow :O you look amazing!

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

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Run With Fashion said...

OH WOW!! I didn't even recognize you when I was looking through my dashboard and saw the first pic of you.
I looove the braid in the first pic, soo cute, and LOOOOOOOOOVE THE 2ND HAIR DO ON YOU! Fits your face reallly well, also love the spider accessory :D ♥
And wow @ the 3rd pic, soo different! I loove the necklace and the yellow on you and the eye make up :D

Watched the video and it's cool to hear your voice and to just see you in action. :D


Evi said...

You look sooooo pretty!!

Evi xoxo


Eva Ana Kazić said...

Oh hell yes, I'm putting this on my Pintarest.

Mica said...

You look gorgeous! Love the first look the best :)


RHODA said...

the accessories are so beautiful!


Alicia & Victoria said...

the accessories are amazing, so colorful ! and you eyes are hypnotizing :)

Following you :)


byboe said...


Viktorija. said...

You have expressive eyes and I like how you look in the camera <3


You're gorgeous! Your skin looks so perfect!


Katie's Bliss said...

Such gorgeous photos! I thought I recognized you!



Your hair color is simply amazing!

Just A Fancy Corpse

Sound of Chic said...

That braid is just amazing on short hair.

compradora anonima said...

you look amazingly fab!!

Laura said...

OMG x__x


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