Boston Blues & Yellows








Thrifted Gap vest, Forever 21 blouse, Gryphon New York skirt, Aldo boots, Rebecca Minkoff Swing bag

I've been on a little holiday here in Massachusetts with my family, one half in Sudbury, the other in Sandwich. I really needed a break from city life, but I couldn't resist the chance to visit Boston for a little bit. After stopping by the Boston MFA, which has a wonderful exhibit of their collection of Fashion Illustrations on exhibit right now, my aunt took us  for a walk around Southend. It's wonderfully charming out here! I was so bummed out when my camera died while we were walking around, but thankfully I was able to capture some memorable parts of our walk on my iPhone!

I decided to pack and finally wear out this delicate and super luxe Gryphone skirt that I must have picked up a year ago at a sample sale. Just like the Cooperative piece I spoke about in my last post, this skirt is just three layers of chiffon with heavy chain woven into it. I can't help but love how the contrasting elements work so beautifully together! I also packed my cheery yellow RM swing bag to have a pop of color on hand, always important.

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  1. That skirt is beautiful :)

    I really like your bag too, such a fun pop of colour! :)

  2. i love boston. such a beautiful city :)
    ~niki <3

  3. I love how your style is always so subtly sexy but kind of funky urban at the same time. I guess that is a random thing to say but this mix of rock'n'roll boots and socks with a sweet and sexy skirt added in with a pop of yellow and some denim for good measure, that is just coolness itself. You always inspire me :) Love thsi look! (and Boston… such a darn cool city)

  4. I agree with Niviarsiaq ^
    And I love everything about this look. especially the over the knee socks- they're perfect for those cooler spring days.

    Hudson East

  5. Love the laid-back slouch of the outfit! The yellow bag is perf. xx

  6. Totally beautiful look. YOu have an amazing sense of style. Love your yellow handbag.

  7. Love this outfit! That bag is gorgeous!

  8. Nice to hear that you were in the area! I'm from the southcoast area of MA and I adore Boston. Lovely shots.

  9. You look fantastic!! I like your skirt and bag a lot!

  10. Super cute outfit. Your denim vest is super cute on you too.


  11. That skirt is really fantastic, and one can never go wrong in a denim vest. Perfect springtime outfit :)

  12. So awesome seeing your Boston photos-- I'm living in Boston right now (well, Cambridge technically) and I love it! You should definitely do some vintage shopping around here if you have time-- there are so many (cheaper!) places for great vintage, especially in Cambridge and around Newbury Street in Boston. Hope you have fun on your trip!



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