Echo What's In Your Bag: Finals Week Edition










So here's everything helping me survive finals. Echo so graciously bestowed this carry-all unto me and it has been saving my life at school this week!! It holds my laptop along with everything shown here. Here's everything that I need to survive holding myself up in study halls while I work on papers:

-My admittedly very creepy Cupie doll that I use as a worry doll (we all need one, I carry this one everywhere!)
-My wallet/Iphone case in one
-The monogrammed ring necklace that my mom designed for me (I wear it almost every day!)
-Vintage lizard glasses pouch, which has two compartments! I hold both my Warby Parker Huxleys that I wear to school everyday and favorite Cheap Monday sunglasses at once so I'm covered
-My Poketo clover panner/notebook & reading material
-Essential skin stuff: LaVanila passionfruit/vanilla perfume (MY FAVORITEEEE!!), Kerstin Florian Neroli Water which I use to rehydrate my tired skin, YSL volupte balm in Sweet Fig, Smart Girls Who Surf SPF 30 sunblock 'cause a pale girl's gotta do what a pale girl's gotta do
-And one of my favorites right now, my Arrojo ReFINISH dry shampoo. Nothing is better at giving my hair some extra volume when I spray it under my hair in sections.

So that's what's been keeping me sane! I would also include a whole mess of protein bars, but you can only guess where those are (hint: in my stomach)

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  1. Really nice bag and the note pad is cute too :)

  2. great post! thanks for sharing and good luck on your finals!

  3. Love the print on the bag! The cute little doll was so unexpected!



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