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F21 Tunic, Thrifted maxi shirt, Dad's belt that I stole, Steven Madee loafers, Intermix Bag, Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Scarf, Giles & Brother bolt bangle, Thrifted Sunglasses, Evil Eye bracelet bought on 8th street

After raining all day yesterday, my good friend Dan and I (who I owe for the photos here) took a break from work and shopped around SoHo before grabbing a bite to eat. A chill day required a chill ensemble including one of my favorite pieces: the vintage YSL scarf my Mom gave me for my 16th birthday. She had handed it to me saying "I wanted to give you something with endless possibilities". Oh, Mom!

I am head over heels (no pun intended) over my new Steven loafers you guys! I was able to get them for my birthday and I haven't really stopped wearing them since! They're so great to just throw on and walk comfortably around the city in. I can deff see myself wearing them to ride my bike this summer!








Nine West earrings, Warby Parker Becketts

Sorry for the lack of outfits you guys. I've been stuck in all day finishing up on the last stretch of work for my classes. Next week is my last for the semester! AYY!!

I'm usually weird when it comes to earrings since my hair just covers them up, but these dangly numbers area really great since they look really sharp against black. Well played, Nine West!

As for the new glasses, gotta love me some Warby Parker! These are off of their brand new collection and they just continue to be awesome. They've really pulled together a great collection of bold, vintage frames that are almost impossible to find outside the brand within the price range that they are in ($95 with lenses? come on, dude)

SO I have a treat for you guys!! If anyone's in the market for some new (and kickass) frames, you can use the code FABOOLOVESYOU to get your order for $90 until May 6th. Yay!


This Showroom's a Playground





Mike Gonzalez
Anthropologie's newest bridal line, BHLDN

Before last week was over I spent some time in Blue Stripe PR's show room to grab some inspiration and see some of the newest pieces out of some of my favorite lines like Joie, Mike Gonzalez and GAR-DE. I've really been feeling a bit like a dry sponge lately when it comes to getting dressed (with final papers keeping me up 'till the wee hours...) so I really wanted to recharge the batteries a bit and see what these super creative lines have to offer.

Took a few shots of my faves, which took a looooooong time to decipher which I liked more. I'm especially dying over Joie's new line of flats for spring/summer and Mike Gonzalez's fantastic citrus colored leather bomber jackets.


Sun Spot


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Vintage dress, Jcrew Crewcuts glitter belt, thrifted clutch & sunglasses

A quick post from this very gorgeous past weekend shooting an upcoming project with Guang
I think my favorite part of this dress are the straps, they look like they've almost evaporated, leaving the thinnest filament to fall on the shoulders.

Apologies about the MIA-ness, I turned 19 this weekend :]




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Parsons Project: Ollies & Knits


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1. James Perse dress, Endo Vinera cardigan, J Crew wool blazer, LAS skull ring, Accessorize ball ring, Knitted hat made by my gramma (yep) 2. vintage Versace jacket, F21 blouse, thrifted sequin biker shorts, 80%20 creepers 3. Stolen Girlfriends Club bolero, vintage Perry Ellis tank, thrifted Gap shorts 4. F21 blouse, Tory Burch jeans

The next installment of things I helped out my Parsons friends with! These were taken by my friend Crosby and the shoot was inspired by this awesome Vogue Germany piece by Karl Lagerfeld. Unfortunately I don't own many things remotely resembling Prada's SS 10 collection, so I just referenced Blink 182 videos and other stuff from the early 2000's for styling...ahhh, memories

This shoot had that extra tasty fun factor from the fact that I got to run around like an idiot in a skate park in the Chelsea Piers, dodging these dudes impressively going a bazillion miles an hour on skateboards or BMX bikes or blades or what have you. They were really chill though & apparently my hat was approved of by many, so I guess that's good right?

Props to Crosby as well who had to avoid getting his flash cable run over and finding spots to pose where neither of us would get killed.


Most Wanted


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From l to r: The perfect breakfast, Clare Vivier fold over clutches, Karen Walker sunglasses, This look on Net-á-Porter, Prada SS 10 creepers, Pura Lopez wedges, Cast of Vices leather shopping bags, Winkle Pickers, Wool and the Gang tanks, Giles & Brother nail link bracelet, Velvetine paris bag, Tasty-taste-ness, Charles Philip Shanghai slippers, Jeffery Campbell flats

Kill me now.


Open Sky & Lace


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A special thank you to Jenny Regan for the pics!

Amber Sakai lace cardigan & Skirt, Vintage Perry Ellis knit crop tank, thrifted boots & bag, LAS skull ring, Accessorize orb ring, Mom's vintage chain bracelet, woven band from New Mexico and Giles and Brother bolt bracelet

NYC was blessed with the nicest weather we've seen all year, a high of 76º was excuse enough to walk around central park with my good friend Jenny and then grab some shakes afterwards at Goodburger (Black Cow shakes all the way man!!)

So I mentioned a few posts back that I was really into the work of LA-based designer Amber Sakai lately and I'm not one to gush normally (lies, Claire, lies), but I really hope I've done her work justice because it is SO awesomely beautiful. This lace cardigan has been a non-stop staple ever since it arrived at my doorstep from Amber's lovely offices and I was absolutely dying the moment I saw it in person. Amber Sakai is really known for her sensual lace work, as she describes it she likes to "bring a bit of bedroom" into her aesthetic. I hope you guys can take a look at her work and feel inspired on this lovely Tuesday evening!


Wrist Watching


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Giles & Brother bolt bracelet, Woven & Silver band from New Mexico, Accessorize USA silver band rings, Vintage round black ring, Nepali Almond-shaped onyx ring, vintage figure with dress ring, Green eye ring from a London street fair, Evil Eye bracelet from a vendor, Mom's brass chain

Anyone around in NYC today will tell you how ludicrously beautiful it was outside: 76º! It seems that the coolest vendors and purveyors of fine vintage things come out on the most gorgeous days because I found myself with a whole lotta stuff by the end of the afternoon. I'm especially loving the Art Deco ring with a girl in a dress, it came from this woman who definitely lived through the changes American culture went through in the 60's/70's. In other words, this woman was the quintessential hippie.

I wish she would have let me take photos of her amazingly endless trays of rings and tiny earrings. Most of the rings were from Nepal where she apparently owns a hotel. The rest was vintage. I'm probably going to go back for an EPIC skull/snake compete with wings ring.








Zara trousers, F21 tie shorts that need steaming, vintage sweater dress, Coach bag, Vintage blazer

Did some very productive post-sickness shopping. Between the weather improving and getting some fabulous staples for my closet, it's been a very productive week (of course, school and classes are a given)

I'm especially excited about the sweater dress and the AMAZING Coach bag. Both are just throw-on-and-go pieces. The bag is splendiferous for the fact that the strap detaches to go clutch! Yes! Ahh, spring is in the air!


Retail Therapy


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Amber Sakai (current fave), Steven by Steve Madden, CC Skye bracelet, Joie Soft maxi and Ilemi Paris bags

I currently find myself at home with a 102º fever, feeling like total crap. On the plus side, this gives me ample time to work on some papers and of course peruse some of my favorite labels and collect some inspiration.

Now, who has some tips for getting better quickly?


Flow and Grit


Photos by Guang Xu

Thrifted clutch, Giles & Brother bolt bangle, Alchemy of England Adderbite ring, Endo Vanera cardigan (one of my faves), Thrifted Eddie Bauer pullover, Charlotte Russechiffon dress, Vintage boots

Ah, spring transitional weather, it's warm and lovely in direct sunlight and despairingly cold in the shade.

For the longest time I had been looking out for a pair of military-inspired boots that were less combat and more casual. These are great because they're fitted at the ankle for shape. Most of the time the pairs I would find like these would be wayyyyy out of my price range. Call it serendipity when I snatched these up at one of my local favorite establishments: No Relation Vintage, which I STRONGLY encourage fellow New Yorkers to hit up if they can. The place can sometimes be hit-or-miss, but I always find duds from the 70's that are in great shape and it's a must if you're on the lookout for a chunky knit or three.

I just took the grunge of the boots and played around with wearing them out with more flowy, not-so-structured pieces that move quite nicely with the elements, and by the elements I mean the wind and me bobbing around like a happy toddler in the sun. The adderbite ring is a piece I should break out more often, I don't really wear it on days I have classes because I can't write or type with it on, but come events, it's on my hand.



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