Nine West earrings, Warby Parker Becketts

Sorry for the lack of outfits you guys. I've been stuck in all day finishing up on the last stretch of work for my classes. Next week is my last for the semester! AYY!!

I'm usually weird when it comes to earrings since my hair just covers them up, but these dangly numbers area really great since they look really sharp against black. Well played, Nine West!

As for the new glasses, gotta love me some Warby Parker! These are off of their brand new collection and they just continue to be awesome. They've really pulled together a great collection of bold, vintage frames that are almost impossible to find outside the brand within the price range that they are in ($95 with lenses? come on, dude)

SO I have a treat for you guys!! If anyone's in the market for some new (and kickass) frames, you can use the code FABOOLOVESYOU to get your order for $90 until May 6th. Yay!



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