Flow and Grit


Photos by Guang Xu

Thrifted clutch, Giles & Brother bolt bangle, Alchemy of England Adderbite ring, Endo Vanera cardigan (one of my faves), Thrifted Eddie Bauer pullover, Charlotte Russechiffon dress, Vintage boots

Ah, spring transitional weather, it's warm and lovely in direct sunlight and despairingly cold in the shade.

For the longest time I had been looking out for a pair of military-inspired boots that were less combat and more casual. These are great because they're fitted at the ankle for shape. Most of the time the pairs I would find like these would be wayyyyy out of my price range. Call it serendipity when I snatched these up at one of my local favorite establishments: No Relation Vintage, which I STRONGLY encourage fellow New Yorkers to hit up if they can. The place can sometimes be hit-or-miss, but I always find duds from the 70's that are in great shape and it's a must if you're on the lookout for a chunky knit or three.

I just took the grunge of the boots and played around with wearing them out with more flowy, not-so-structured pieces that move quite nicely with the elements, and by the elements I mean the wind and me bobbing around like a happy toddler in the sun. The adderbite ring is a piece I should break out more often, I don't really wear it on days I have classes because I can't write or type with it on, but come events, it's on my hand.


  1. beautiful photos! you look so great :)

  2. awesome outfit! Love your ring :)

  3. The saturated colors and stark lighting make for a great little photo shoot! The last photo especially stands out; your eyes look amazing!

    Toast with TOAST

  4. You are so gorgeous! LOVE the snake ring and boots!

    xoxo from Jamaica!

  5. beautiful photo, you've captured the early spring light so well. Hooray for that damn cold being gone! Love your ring too.. I can almost see it move

  6. Those boots are amazing. I love that ring too. Your eyes are just mesmerizing! Kiah

  7. Hello! Beautiful blog, lovely style.
    The color of your hair is amazing; I'm a redhead too and I really appreciate a good color.
    Would you like to follow each other?

    Thank you and I wish a beautiful weekend.

  8. these photos are GORGEOUS. I love the high socks + boots combo xo

  9. Claire + a fire escape = Bliss.
    I especially love the clutch and the shadow 2222's picture. Gorgeous as always. xox!

  10. OH MAH JESUS CHRIST Your pictures are gorgeous. And I might steal those boots.

  11. such a great find! the boots are one of kind treasures. cool ring and fantastic bag!

  12. oh how I love those boots!
    you've matched them with the stockings very well

  13. BEAUTIFUL boots, hair and necklace girl!

  14. love the boots!!! cute!!
    following :)
    http://imjustmefashionblog.blogspot.com :)

  15. great outfit- love the ring and lovely photos



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