Wrist Watching


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Giles & Brother bolt bracelet, Woven & Silver band from New Mexico, Accessorize USA silver band rings, Vintage round black ring, Nepali Almond-shaped onyx ring, vintage figure with dress ring, Green eye ring from a London street fair, Evil Eye bracelet from a vendor, Mom's brass chain

Anyone around in NYC today will tell you how ludicrously beautiful it was outside: 76ยบ! It seems that the coolest vendors and purveyors of fine vintage things come out on the most gorgeous days because I found myself with a whole lotta stuff by the end of the afternoon. I'm especially loving the Art Deco ring with a girl in a dress, it came from this woman who definitely lived through the changes American culture went through in the 60's/70's. In other words, this woman was the quintessential hippie.

I wish she would have let me take photos of her amazingly endless trays of rings and tiny earrings. Most of the rings were from Nepal where she apparently owns a hotel. The rest was vintage. I'm probably going to go back for an EPIC skull/snake compete with wings ring.


  1. those eyeball pieces remind me of the film, my stepmother's an alien starring kim bassinger! she has an alien in her purse which is just one big eyeball!

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  2. Love those pieces, especially the evil eye bracelet! reminds me of my time in Greece last summer, the evil eye is everywhere there.

  3. The brass chain is gorgeous. Perfectly chunky

  4. wow love them all


  5. Oh my gosh, these are so cool! I love the eye bracelet.



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