Most Wanted


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From l to r: The perfect breakfast, Clare Vivier fold over clutches, Karen Walker sunglasses, This look on Net-รก-Porter, Prada SS 10 creepers, Pura Lopez wedges, Cast of Vices leather shopping bags, Winkle Pickers, Wool and the Gang tanks, Giles & Brother nail link bracelet, Velvetine paris bag, Tasty-taste-ness, Charles Philip Shanghai slippers, Jeffery Campbell flats

Kill me now.


  1. I dream of the day when I can own one of these precious items. the prada shoes are a dream!

  2. Love the ballerines.
    Love from armarioenduddas :)

  3. I just discovered your blog and I am blown are so uber inspiring and those outfit posts are incredible. You found yourself a new follower

  4. i'm glad that you love fashion as much as food! haha me too.



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