Bellevue Backyard


(my boyfriend's) BLK Denim leather jacket
Tagless unknown blouse from Beacon's Closet
vintage slip dress
Ash boots
Catbird cashmere knickers (Thanks, Mel!)
Uniqlo heattech tights

Didn't bring my SLR with me to Idaho, but I got my phone and a timer goshdangit!
These were taken in my boyfriend's aunt's BACKYARD in Bellevue. It's not fair how beautiful it is here.

I keep seeing how cold it is in NYC (11ºF!!??!) But it's super sunny and warm(ish) out here. My bf's mom Mel gave me an amazing pair of cashmere boyshorts for Christmas, and I decided to put them to good use under this sheer slip. Was totally free to frolic in the backyard, and stayed warm to boot!

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  1. This look with the leather jacket is really cool!
    Enjoy the rest of 2017!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena



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