NYC Blizzard = Snow Day


It snowed over a foot here in NYC, so on Thursday and Friday, my boyfriend and I worked from home. 

Finding things to keep yourself entertained in a small apartment while the playground of a city you live in gets pummeled by snow is something I've learned to embrace. It involved:

• I mean, of course, taking photos like an idiot around the apartment.

Multiple outfit changes into varying degrees of dress, just to keep the day broken up. Pants or no pants, robes, extravagant evening-wear with hoodies, you name it.
 I have been collecting Marieyat underwear for this very reason- I love the brand's playful, supremely comfortable and surprisingly sexy designs. The rib jersey pieces feel familiar. Since the G-tang underwear with stirrups in pink was on sale over at ssense over the holidays, I bought two pairs 

Masks on Masks! Sheet masks, hair masks and clay masks - 'cause radiators zap the moisture out of the air and being stuck inside means more time for spa'ing.

Lots of cooking foods you love. Nothing makes an apartment more alive than the smell of food being cooked. Some of my favorites:

Jiffy corn muffins! // So cheap and easy (79¢ a box!), plus you can make the mix into amazing pancakes
Mushrooms cooked in sherry on toast // I have cooking sherry at home at all times. I usually replace the creme fraiche with greek yogurt.
Cast iron chicken thighs // chicken thighs are also pretty cheap, and this cooking method makes the skin super crispy and delicious. Only seasoning needed is salt, pepper, and some lemon.
Hot sake // not a 'recipe', but there's something about listening to gently falling snow outside your window, and smelling a steaming cup of sake that feels super special when you're home with friends and loved ones. We buy little glass jars of this lovely sake and warm them in a hot water bath. 

• ......Okay, and some eBay perusing.
Like, lots of eBay perusing.
.... and TheRealReal.
.........and Amazon.

• And of course, reorganizing the whole damn apartment.
We figured: new year, new living organization. So far it's involved purging some stuff, but also moving containers for things and finally putting up shelves for my record player. I've come to prefer organizing my records by album color, only because our collection is pretty small, and flipping through a jumbled library lets us re-discover certain albums that have fallen out of rotation.

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