I've Been to Dry-as-Hell Idaho 3 Times This Year. Here's What I Use to Stay Moisturized


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My boyfriend Jevins is from Sun Valley, Idaho- a ski town about two hours from Boise and, according to Wikipedia, about 5,920 feet above sea level.
It is heartbreakingly beautiful and very, very dry. One of the things Jevins actually reminisces about is the dry, chapped feeling your lips get when you're outside long enough, or how quickly your hair dries after a shower. These are sensations that remind him of home, running around the woods in the back property of his mom's ranch.

Meanwhile, I grew up in oppressive city humidity. You ever been on the swamp ass A train platform in June? I got USED to that.
So, my skin loves a good dew point, and if I'm not careful, I get flaky and breakout prone real fast if I don't treat my skin routine like I'm on an airplane for 24 hours a day in the crispy mountain air,. If you're ever going from real humid-to-real dry climates, here's the working arsenal I have to pack on our tripz:

all my travel babies • Muji makes the best travel bottles for every conceivable skincare product so I don't have to buy extra stuff

Biossance Oil Cleanser
• This is a must anyway. I've written about it before over and over, and it remains my main cleanser 24-7. Squalane protects your skin, oil is the best moisturizing cleanser for skin, win-win.

• Both super thick and amazing moisturizers. I learned about the Benton from this enthusiastic praise-laden post over at the Strategist, and I can back up her love for this stuff. The texture of you skin becomes so even and glossy, I love it.
• The Clinique moisturizer has pretty much the same texture, only it's totally unscented and great for sensitive skin. I bought mine at the airport duty-free and I use these two interchangeably.

MAKE Beauty's Lip Repair Duo
• Jevins loves that parched feeling as a desert boy, but once my lips get flaky, I can't stop messing with them, and then chaos & enflamed skin ensues. The best part about this care duo is that FOR ONCE they're lip care products that don't taste like a saccharine dessert, but rather a subtle sea spray and, well, nothing at all. I don't know about y'all, but whenever I get a lip balm that tastes and smells like cake, I just end up eating it off my lips and never actually reap the benefits of it.
• A little of both goes a long way: I'll rub the scrub between my lips like I'm blending lipstick, and then apply the balm before bed like a sleeping pack for my lips.
• The balm is not only one of the best lip masks I've used, it's also an excellent and long-lasting gloss by itself. Bonus!

Eye Cream 
• An eye cream with SPF! My usual eye cream is actually the Gin-Zing eye cream because it has caffeine in it + a little pearlescent shimmer to offset my dark circles, but the SPF is important here where the snow reflects all the light in the world
Sheet Masks
Benton SnailBee Masks, LuLuLun Rich moisture Sheet Masks (cheaper here), The Saem Red Ginseng Sheet Masks
• I wear a sheet mask every damn night. If we sit out by the fire pit outside, I throw one on and leave it on forever, sometimes for up to 45 minutes.
• The LuLuLuns are my favorite, the blue box is the extra moisturizing formula, & the number of sheets for the price is a no-brainer. I keep the box in the fridge at home
• Benton's are crazy amazing for the flight over. I savor these and wear them after breakfast sometimes before applying SPF
• Out of the ~12 or so kinds of sheet masks they make, The Saem's Red Ginseng masks are my preferred for a bargain. There soaked in a TON of essence, and can get a little messy, but at the hot springs I could care less, and they make your skin feel nice and taught and smooth.

Sleeping Packs
Make P:rem sleeping pack // J. one Black Jelly Pack
• These were the gateway product for me to switch over to a K-beatuy routine because your skin's texture is just totally changed for the better.
Sleeping packs are an absolute must for dry skin, especially in the winter. Both of these work double duty to slowly exfoliate dead skin away and moisturize to your skin while you sleep. You wake up with glassy, glorious skin.
• The J.one jelly pack works double duty since it can be worn day and night. In Idaho, I wear it during the day too as a moisturizer, but when I'm back home in humid NYC, I just use it as a sleeping pack.
• The Make P:rem mask may be the most bang-for-your-buck. I smooth about a nickel-sized dollop al over my face and that seems to be enough to wake up the next day to totally even skintone and moistureeeee.

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