Laughing Casually


Vintage jumpsuit, sweater, vintage Calvin Klein jacket via DRV (℅), House of Holland Sunglasses (℅), Vans sneakers

'Soops 'cashe in the pajama-esque jumpsuit and roly-poly knit sweater. I realized the other day just how much I tend to use denim as a way to "play down" what I put together; like jeans and denim jackets have this magic ability to immediately dress something down just out of principal.

Add the deconstructed lace-job on the Vans and you gotcher'self an elevated ensemble.

Well, anyway, here's what I throw on to grab Chinese takeout before hitting up the photo developers.

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  1. tying your shoelaces around your ankles... honestly it looks like a whole different shoe
    creativity at its finest!!

  2. Inspiring!

    How to combine a midi skirt for Spring on
    lb-lc fashion blog| Instagram

  3. Love the jumpsuit! I love how you layered a sweater on top and added the jean jacket. So stylish and so comfortable.

    The Office Stylist



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