An Ode to George Harrison // The Beatles, Because Spring 2015


Between Hilfiger, Gucci, See by Chlo√©, Max Mara, Just CavalliJil Stuart, Wendy Nichols and Mailson Kitsun√© and a bunch more, it's already safe to say that the late-60's & 70's will be the stylistic go-to for Spring 2015, and I could not be more pleased, lemme tell ya.

In that vein, since it's on the brain, I just wanted to round up some photos of my favorite Beatle, and who I personally think was the most stylish of the lot: George Harrison. Sure, Ringo does the kinda theatrical thing, Paul did his dapper  vegetarian (he became vegan later), and John always wore a good hat, but George simply "went for it" and he never shied away when it came to color and the occasional neck accessory, so hey, gotta love.

I'm not gonna get into what The Beatles mean to me at length, because that will simply go on for ever. Instead, I'll just say that I can pretty much trace all of my interests back to them in one way or another. Indeed, The Beatles been around for my childhood, adolescence and my young adulthood, but George's work and presence has particularly impacted me, probably because he 1) Almost always saves the day in Beatles films 2) Was partly (a lot partly) responsible for the onslaught of rock culture icons opening up to Eastern culture and spiritual practices 3) Wrote some of the most interesting/heartfelt/ tracks on any Beatles record 4) Had a solo career with consistently fantastic production and 5) Went through serious, crazy heartbreak (and a fucking attempted assassination in 1999!), and still found the strength to move on, forgive and turn as many eyes as he could to the ultimate goal of self-awareness and relative peace.

As explained by many of his closest friends in Living in the Material World, the 2011 documentary on Harrison's life, George lived life sensually. His wife Olivia Harrison mentions that he carried on and created by his own convictions, with the strongest, most intense emotional and sensual clarity he could muster. His music explored deep heartache, deep love, and deep questioning when it came to examining his own humanity, and I think that might be what I've always adored about him.

He gardened too, so I dunno, if that's not cool, I don't know what is.

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