Studio Visit With By Boe and INEZ










Visited the always, always, always inspiring Annika Inez in her downtown Brooklyn studio before Fashion Week kicked off. Before diving into her new collections for By Boe and INEZ, we discussed our favorite shapes, photographs, and of course, our favorite ways to style our jewelry while touring about her showroom/studio. 

It's a joy looking back and realizing that Annika and I have had our capsule collection for 2 years now, and getting the experience of seeing a crafted object emerge out of pages of drawings and photos has been one of the most valuable experiences I've gotten through working with her. When we started working together, INEZ was a work in progress, a side of Annika's design sensibilities that were a bit tougher, a bit more mysterious than By Boe, which is more daytime and tomboyishly sweet. Now that its first look book has been shot and the collection continues to grow, I can even see bits of INEZ's mysterious appeal blending over into By Boe, which is really cool! I'm very happy for her, and I'm of course looking forward to what the future has in store

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