In Denial






StudioMF tank, Calypso cardigan via Bib+Tuck (℅),vintage skirt via Dusty Rose (℅),  American Apparel knee socks vintage Coach bag, UO shoes, Drawn & Quartered name plate (℅), Nettie Kent choker (℅)

Ask me which piece of clothing gets me the most stares when I get on the train and you'll get a whole lotta description of this tank. I still like to put a pin over the exposed boob for a little cheeky detail. Y'know what they say: a cheeky detail a day keeps the bitter at bay (hahahahaIknowI'mnotfunnyhahahaha). Still have no idea where the design comes from; the shirt itself is made by some random manufacturer out of Thailand, they don't put tags on the shirts and the edges are just simply run through a sewing machine: yes!

We keep getting tiny tastes of Autumn once the sun goes down and so I'm getting impatient. Should I be wearing a floor-length cashmere cardigan when the sun's out? Probably not, but screw it. Also thought it was wise to wear a wool mini skirt (picked up from work), in case you needed more proof that I'm in denial.

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    ^ your shirt definitely reminded me of Paul's



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