All Shook Up






Vintage top, bottom & sandals (top 'n sandals via Dusty Rose), Leifsdottir bag, Persol sunglasses

Got some sunshine before succumbing to total. fucking. illness. 
Ugh, summer viruses are the worst.

In any case, been trying more and more to be even more selective with the crap I let into my life, and the stuff I do let in is either vintage or made really well (in other words, I'm trying to put my money where my mouth is). Been digging for more graphic stuff as of late, and although I hopped onto the Birkenstock train due to their minimal allure, these things totally destroyed my feet. Still, they went well for a stroll-able ensemble such as this, and most of this stuff is second-handed. woo!

 Check out these stats on clothing and textile waste, the more recycled vintage sold and worn, the better!

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  1. That accomplished feeling when you wear vintage/thrifted/consignment clothing. There's this movement I heard of, called "say no to new", and it's so refreshing that the clothing-recycling thing is getting so popular. Not to mention, its more affordable, so I get to shop and re-donate ALL the time. wooo!

  2. i really love your vintage tee, perfect with that skirt!

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