Ranch Dressing




AG jeans, vintage shirt, La Canadienne flats, Rebecca Minkoff backpack

Found this H Bar C "ranchwear" shirt in a thrift store back in Buffalo, and was magically able to figure out that it's from the 60's thanks to this handy dandy vintage label resource. The minute I saw it, I knew I wanted to play up the fact that it has this "breastplate", which I'm assuming came out of the tradition of military uniforms and then became a regular part of what one would wear on the ranch whilst horseback riding/wrangling. I was curious to see if I could totally take it out of the context of rockabilly/ranchwear and just wear it for what it is on me: an oversized black button-down with a high-low thing going on. I'll probably make it even more minimal with less color later on, but for now, it's something comfy to throw on and experiment with.

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  1. I love the backpack, but the shirt is quite interesting too. The only thing I have from the late 60's is my dad's Minolta!


  2. Incredibly cool. It definitely reads more like and oversized button-down than rockabilly. Love it!




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