If 60's was 90's







Asos turtleneck, Vintage jumpsuit and bag, Renvy shoes via Gilt (x), Jenny Bird midi rings (x)

At this point, everyone and their uncle has done some version of a "80's/90's-throwback-woohoo-remember-when-Desitiny's-Child-did-this" denim overalls thing, but I wanted to play around with my own denim jumpsuit by posing the question "What  if this were a Back to the Future situation and Marty McFly wanted to blend into the past but with that contemporary flavor of his?" Yes, different decades, but you get the idea

I love this one jumpsuit (which is a UO Urban Renewal number), and what drew me to it was its minimal elegance. The little details are what always get me; in this case it ranges from the front buttons, to the dark wash, to the thin straps which cross at the back. All I needed to TLC/Fresh Prince of Bel-Air this thing up with was a free falling unbuttoned half at my side and a little layering, et voila!

The 60's accessories kept everything a l'il elegant, I think. Speaking of, how nifty is Jenny Bird's newest set of midi rings? I love her new collection of jewelry with serpentine motifs, each piece plays with proportion by wrapping around your hands and wrists ever so coyly.

Now I need an ice cream and some wine before Graduation ceremonies this week....

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  1. Absolutely LOVE the renvy shoes wow. You definitely rock the denim overalls better than anyone else I've seen because they look out of place on most people...but you make them look so natural and they fit with your edgy style! :)

  2. Those rings are so awesome. You're killing it with your style game, as always, my dear! xx

  3. love those shoes & rings!


  4. You succeeded with flying colors in your exercise! It's nice to see overalls styled from a different perspective these days. Been thinking about what to do with my 90's Calvin Klein overalls purchase from eBay for a while now. Maybe I'll try referencing another decade, too!




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