The Layers







Jonathan Simkhai tee, Cheap Monday dress-turned vest (x), Dessu pleated shorts via Figure and Form (x), Ecote shoes, De Lune x By Boe odyssey choker (x), randomly acquired chain ring, Verameat necklace (x)

A little experiment in draping and layerin'.
My favorite part of the choker I co-designed with By Boe is that it can be worn backwards, so I'm always trying to find pieces to wear it with. I noticed the hang tab on the back of this dress and thought it'd be a lovely place to hold the pendant in place, and so on went the gold jewelry.

The minuscule straps against white almost makes the dress-turned-vest disappear, leaving the rest of the fabric to just drop and splay out like petals around the bandage arms of this tee. When the dress is all buttoned up and worn "correctly", it's a little loose, kind of like the whole thing is the top portion of a pair of trucker overalls: a l'il baggy, but doable. Nothing quite like simply allowing your clothes to fall this or that way without the internal prang of worry of judgement ("Does this fit me right? Are they staring at this unironed fold on my side??"). Yeah, this was a sort of experiment for me, but I like having a new freedom of sorts.

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  1. Crazy for your dress turned vest idea! It works fantastically with the chambray because the inside looks much like the outside! Racking my brain to think if any of my dresses will work...

    Thanks for sharing. :)



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