American Apparel crop top (via Bib + Tuck), vintage cardigan & pants, Asos heels

Stripes on plaid on stripes!!
I was just talking to the Bib + Tuck girls about my love for crop tops. I really enjoy styling them for any season, especially in the colder months because you get to be cheeky about showing skin while not trying to reveal too much. This particular find (which I tucked from Carson) has been on a weekly rotation in my closet because it goes so well with all my high-waisted stuff. Here I decided to play up it up with some really loose fitting pieces with a touch of femininity with the heels + socks. Pretty good for a dinner out.

--Stop on by Tucked-in to learn more about my crop philosophy!--

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Stylin' Free People: Roshambo








(1) Free People ankle boots (c/o FP), Mango sweater, vintage flannel, bag & jacket, BDG jeans (2) Jeffrey Campbell shoes (c/o FP), Vintage sweatshirt and jacket, Cheap Monday skirt

Free People always has great catalog shoots and of course, amazing campaigns. I was totally obsessed with the shoes in the Febreuary catalog, and being the boot-phile I am, I was SO EXCITED to style these puppies. How insane are their henna boots? I'm not worthy. So great.

Some background; so FP's short film for February is super cute and features that really adorable dude from Girls, Christopher Abbott. It's ll about him running into the FP-clad babe of his dreams, bouncing around NYC and having a whole mess of fun on the fly, so I channeled that spontaneity a bit when putting these together. Just look at this cuteness:

Enjoy and hope you guys have an equally adorable weekend :]

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The Cumulus Cuff




Rebecca Zemans' Cumulus Cuff via Trendseeder

I'm excited to announce that I have partnered with Trendseeder, a site that connects up and coming designers with a like-minded audience. I got to partner up with designers Rebecca Zemans and Althea Harper and style some collaborative pieces. In my first installment, I'm happy to introduce you to Rebecca Zemans' Cumulus Cuff, which was designed exclusively for Trendseeder and is based off of this here blog, hey now!! This opportunity still blows my mind and I am beyond honored to have been kept in mind while Rebecca designed this piece.

Getting the chance to not only meet Rebecca in person, but also become acquainted with her design philosophy from her own words, was an awesome experience. We met for lunch a few weeks back to discuss our design philosophies and it was beyond fun. One of the things that draws me most to Zemans' work is her dedication to using ancient techniques to forge her lovely and energetic designs, like using a literal hammer and anvil to shape metal. As an art history student, how could I not love this?

I was inspired to wear this bracelet with a wrapped gold chain around my hand as an homage to Rebecca's dedication to ancient metal smithing techniques.  Ancient armor and body decoration were the first things that came to mind. I love how the two together shimmer in the light and can be worn casually with jeans and a Tee, or with a slinky LBD.

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Kimberly Ovitz cardigan (Tucked), Mango coat, Cheap Monday jeans, Foley + Corinna backpack, Elizabeth and James wedges (Tucked), Lookmatic sunglasses

Managed to snag two of my favorite things in my closet right now on Bib+Tuck: This Kimberly Ovitz cardigan and Elizabeth + James wedges are making my millenium right now.
Asymmetry is a reoccurring theme in my closet, and as if you couldn't tell already, it's one of my favorite ways to go when styling an ensemble.

Asymmetry is inherently awkward (much like yours truly), but what makes an awkward detail here or there great is that it gives you a moment to move away from what is comfortably fluid and predictable, and pay a little bit more attention to your surroundings. Maybe it's not as deep as I'm making it seem, but I always appreciate something that moves away from the norm in favor of quirk. My favorite designs are always those that keep your brain sharp and attentive; you'll expect a line to go one way, but it eschews and goes another. This cardigan is a fairly substantial garment with its weight and volume, but the cashmere flows and the draping is really fun to play with. If you look closely, you'll see two straps at either end of the sweater. These straps can be buckled into the neck any number of ways, making it fun to play around with as far as proportion goes.

The shoes are my faaaavorite heels right now. I wasn't able to afford these puppies when they were new, but the power of recycling makes a lot of things possible, and thankfully I was able to Tuck 'em.

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Chloe Sevigny for O.C. FW '13


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Images via Style.com

Ugh Chloe, why are you so awesome?
The presentation for this collection (which Chloe stood in herself for) was held today, but I'm especially obsessed with this lookbook. Everything was inspired by "Protest Movements", so you've got a lot of 60's-inspired pieces mixed in with 80's/90's street swag. Sevigny forever.

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NYFW Essentials


Now, since I shared my school essentials last week and with NYFW so closely upon us, I figured I'd share what I need to get me through this extra stressful week of fabulousness and running around while trying to maintain fabulousness (In my case, I'm just a mess, but I'm ok with that). This season I'll be assisting the lovely Rachel in shooting some backstage, so not only will I be going to shows I've been invited to for blogging reasons, I'll have to be on my game in making sure I get certain shots while staying organized with all my stuff. Did I mention I still have to go to school? 

1.) Rebecca Minkoff purse 
Under normal circumstances, I would have a backpack so that I wouldn't have to deal with a million straps and junk when I'm trying to avoid people backstage, but this guy is big and sleek enough to hold all of this plus..
2.) Rebecca Minkoff camera bag
THIS. The fine folks at RM bestowed some of us bloggals with these monogrammed camera bags last season at Fashion Week and this thing has been a total lifesaver ever since. This will hold my camera, an external battery and some memory cards
3.) Ecco tech gloves
Winter in NYC can be absolutely brutal, especially in areas where it's windy like The Meatpacking District and the Piers, where Milk studios is located. I can use my phone with these on, so SCORE!
4.) Frends Layla headphones
Aren't these things damn sexy? They're designed to look like they could be a piece of jewelry, which is just so darn chic. I have a decent amount of headphones, but in design and sound, these take the cake. They fold up crazy small and look awesome. Double score.
5.) Dr.Jart BB cream SPF 45
I only started using this stuff last week and I'm OBSESSED. I didn't think I'd be into this stuff as much as I am, but it feels amazing the minute you put it on and it just makes your face look infinitely more even. The SPF is also essential because my skin is too dang fair.
6. Benefit's Ooh La La Lift
It was an essential for school and it's still an essential for NYFW. My week is going to be 8am-10 pm or so for the next 7 days, this will help me appear less gross.
7.) YSL Sheer Candy Balme #7
My every day pick-me-up-slash-lip balm
8.) 5 Hour Energy
Because school.
9.) Warby Parker Auteur Sunglasses
10.) Tieks flats
Gotta have the fold-up flat shoe when you're running around everywhere. Tieks are prolly the quintessential comfy fold-up flat with leather soles. These are zany and covered in flowers, which I love.
11.) My Pentax K-5 SLR with a Sigma 30mm lens
I get asked a lot about what camera I use. This one is a hand-me-down from my dad (who is a photographer). This model is a few years old and heavy as hell, but cameras are expensive ok??! Plus, sometimes it's the lens that makes the camera, and my Sigma is quite lovely.
12.) Moleskine planner
To write down notes at the shows and keep track of where my ass is supposed to be.
13.) Christopher Breward's Oxford History of Art: Fashion
This book is so fun to flip through. I like to have a reference book handy to read on the train or to brush up on some design history. Collections become more "whole" to me after I have a better understanding of where they are coming from.
14.) Instax Mini + film
This is one of my favorite toys. Last season I shot all of the shows I went to on film, and although I enjoyed the process, I was clumsily rifling through my bag to change film after every show. This is just like, click, boom, done.

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Chillin' at the Modern Vice Factory









Maybe it was fitting that I chose to shoot these on black and white film because if there is anything I can say about the Modern Vice factory, it's pretty darn old school, the way it should be.
I don't know how much y'alls know about shoemaking, but it's a tedious and beautiful process. Jordan  and Natalie took me around the factory floor so I could see how the Suarez sisters' coveted Jetts are crafted. 

One unavoidable thing that you notice as you walk through the factory is that there are foot molds everywhere. It's kind of spooky but it really speaks to the ((hand)) craftsmanship that goes into each shoe. These molds are used to stretch and shape the upper leathers over to make the shoes. The skins (all of which are imported from Italy Btdubs) are nailed and pressed and worked until they fit. The soles of the boots are also made of leather with a wooden heel, and each heel/sole is carved by hand. After they have been molded, the separate layers of buckles, straps and sections are sewn together- which is also, you guessed it, done by hand. The craftsmen making these shoes at the factory are total badasses, they make perfect shoes every day and still have time to party (see photo 6). Awesome. Anyway, I was handed my first pair of Jetts and the amount of work that goes into each pair is felt the minute you slip the boots on because they have cushioning on the inside and the leather has been worked to a point where it is soft and pillowy like you wouldn't believe.

Such a cool experience. I was absolutely geeking out the whole time.

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Otis & Maclain Geisha top c/o KoshkaBrandy Melville braVintage jacket, bag and boots, Big Star waxed jeans (c/o), Asos hat, Cheap Monday dual bracelet, Rebecca Zemans bangle c/o Trendseeder Byboe single drop earring (c/o)

Man, it sucks outside right now. Shooting inside has been an unavoidable option.
Despite the below freezing weather, I've been trying to stay optimistic as far as clothes go, which means lotsa florals and brights here and there. Spring ensembles like this one get my giant coat thrown over them as I walk out the door.

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