The Cumulus Cuff




Rebecca Zemans' Cumulus Cuff via Trendseeder

I'm excited to announce that I have partnered with Trendseeder, a site that connects up and coming designers with a like-minded audience. I got to partner up with designers Rebecca Zemans and Althea Harper and style some collaborative pieces. In my first installment, I'm happy to introduce you to Rebecca Zemans' Cumulus Cuff, which was designed exclusively for Trendseeder and is based off of this here blog, hey now!! This opportunity still blows my mind and I am beyond honored to have been kept in mind while Rebecca designed this piece.

Getting the chance to not only meet Rebecca in person, but also become acquainted with her design philosophy from her own words, was an awesome experience. We met for lunch a few weeks back to discuss our design philosophies and it was beyond fun. One of the things that draws me most to Zemans' work is her dedication to using ancient techniques to forge her lovely and energetic designs, like using a literal hammer and anvil to shape metal. As an art history student, how could I not love this?

I was inspired to wear this bracelet with a wrapped gold chain around my hand as an homage to Rebecca's dedication to ancient metal smithing techniques.  Ancient armor and body decoration were the first things that came to mind. I love how the two together shimmer in the light and can be worn casually with jeans and a Tee, or with a slinky LBD.

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  1. AGH that cuff is beautiful. I love the sound of Trendseeder. It just makes me so excited that people are coming up with these awesome collaborations and that there are really cool up and coming creatives out there. Super inspiring post =]

  2. beautiful pieces!!

  3. love it! i think you may love our jewelry too...check out our site if you please!!! xoxo

  4. It's gorgeous - very simple and classic

    Are We On Time?

  5. What a great opportunity! I love the pieces mixed in the last photo.



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