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Classes start today and I've gotten my everyday bag planned the f*ck out.
I don't think I've ever really discussed my class life all that much on here before, so here we go. I'm a BAFA undergrad at the New School, currently studying Art History with a minor in Fashion Theory (a curriculum I've designed). I take a mix of art history and philosophy classes alongside courses that explore the ethics, culture and art of fashion. Because I usually have a couple of meetings and blog-related jobs and events during the week, I've scheduled my classes in the morning and early afternoon so that I can run to whatever fun thing I have afterwards. Here's what I need to keep me organized and sane during the semester:

1.) Foley + Corinna backpack 
The backpack I always wanted, holds everything in one seriously sleek design.
2.) Cynthia Vincent wallet
I was absolutely fed up with having a fat, clumsy wallet. This perfectly holds several cards and some cash with easy access to my school ID. All I need.
My "day" lip balm, gives a flush of glossy tint.
4.) MAKE matte lipstick in Scarlet
My "Night" lipstick, this shade comfortably straddles the lines of bright and wearable. If I have events after class, I'll apply this and head for the train.
5.) Benefit Ooh La La Lift
Another if have blog-related appointments after classes, this quickly helps my eyes look more awake 
6.) Visene eye drops
A must, helps calm skin redness too.
7.) Vintage Hamilton watch
My dad gave me this for my birthday my first year of college and I wear it almost every day.
8.) Mah phone in the Looker Case
How else am I supposed to sneak a peek at Instagram under the table? This case is the best thing in the world because it has a smudge-proof mirror on the back and a pocket to hold my Metrocard.
9.) Keys w/ Sienna Ray leather clip
I found these giant non-ironic paper clips at my local stationary store and immediately knew I needed one to hold my keys
Even if I'm carrying school books, I always need something to read on the train. These nine beautiful short stories literally fit in the palm of my hand.
11.) Leuchtturm1917 notebook
I always have something to doodle and write in for personal stuff. This white notebook is easy to find in the depths of my bag.
12.) Pigma Micron pen #5.0
An art school staple, archival ink that flows perfectly on anything.
13.) Warby Parker Auteur collection sunglasses
I was smitten the minute this collection hit, these sunglasses work with everything.
14.) Warby Parker crystal Fillmore glasses
For when I'm not awake enough to bother putting in my contacts, which is quite often.
Because I have a major and minor areas of my degree, my classes tend to be different and grouped in twos, yet related in some way. These notebooks help me decipher which is which immediately without having to write on their covers
16.) Moleskine Weekly planner
The ultimate in making my life easier with enough space to list school assignments alongside blog meetings and events.

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  1. Love your bag. yay for back to school! xo

  2. So jealous that you go to New School, ugh. I love a good flat lay, and this is just that! I see we have similar essentials :P. Good luck!


  3. I love this. If you could do a post on how your planner looks after all the events and school stuff you go to that would be great.

  4. Lovely backpack. Been searching for something similar for a while now

    A Blog by Oroma Roxella Rukevwe.

  5. I love that giant paper clip haha I need to find one myself :)

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