Chillin' at the Modern Vice Factory









Maybe it was fitting that I chose to shoot these on black and white film because if there is anything I can say about the Modern Vice factory, it's pretty darn old school, the way it should be.
I don't know how much y'alls know about shoemaking, but it's a tedious and beautiful process. Jordan  and Natalie took me around the factory floor so I could see how the Suarez sisters' coveted Jetts are crafted. 

One unavoidable thing that you notice as you walk through the factory is that there are foot molds everywhere. It's kind of spooky but it really speaks to the ((hand)) craftsmanship that goes into each shoe. These molds are used to stretch and shape the upper leathers over to make the shoes. The skins (all of which are imported from Italy Btdubs) are nailed and pressed and worked until they fit. The soles of the boots are also made of leather with a wooden heel, and each heel/sole is carved by hand. After they have been molded, the separate layers of buckles, straps and sections are sewn together- which is also, you guessed it, done by hand. The craftsmen making these shoes at the factory are total badasses, they make perfect shoes every day and still have time to party (see photo 6). Awesome. Anyway, I was handed my first pair of Jetts and the amount of work that goes into each pair is felt the minute you slip the boots on because they have cushioning on the inside and the leather has been worked to a point where it is soft and pillowy like you wouldn't believe.

Such a cool experience. I was absolutely geeking out the whole time.

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  1. How cool!

    xo Jennifer

  2. great photos!

  3. I saw her blog posts about it!!! They look very awesome. I want a pair of Jett Ghillie in yellow snake, Jodphur Camo, Jett Black, and The Officer in black suede. <3 <3



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