De Lune x By Boe II Launch 'n GIVEAWAY!!!








Babies!! It's here!!

Beyond excited to introduce you guys to my second collaboration collection with By Boe! Annika Inez and I came together earlier this year to brainstorm and exchange inspiration for this collection, and we decided to move forward with this notion of direction (no pun intended). Life can be seen as a journey, and I felt it was important to create something that reminds us of our constantly-unfolding  journeys through life.

Here's what we've come up with, each piece is made with 14k filled gold/sterling silver wire and chain:
The Odyssey pendant, earrings and ring: The helix shape that Annika created is inspired by the 
 shape of a compass, while the crossing points refer to the notion of crossed paths.
The Odyssey Choker: My personal favorite, this piece can be worn backwards or forwards. The free-swinging needle pendant is inspired by the Foucault pendulum, which is used to demonstrate the rotation of the earth.
Direction Ring: Inspired by the free movement of one's hands, these rings "point" and move with your gestures.
Arrow ring: Like the pendant from our first collection, this ring is made from one continuous piece of wire, which has been shaped into an arrow.
Arrow and Eye Cuffs: An expansion on our first collection of pendants, now you can wear 'em on your wrist!

So now, it's giveaway time!!
In celebration of our launch, I'd LOVE to give 3 of you lucky folks some goodies from our collection. I have the pleasure of bestowing winners with a set of Direction rings and an Eye Cuff.

First, come on down & join By Boe's mailing list. From there, you'll be able to add more entries and chances to win by liking pages, tweetin' and more.
By the way, if you'd like to use the twitter entry, feel free to change the text to whatever you want, just keep the link sos I can track you.

Feel free to tweet/instagram with #DeLunexByBoe2 for extra entries as well! The giveaway ends on 9/24, so you'll have a week to add to your entries as much as you'd like!
Good luck m'loves!

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