NYFW Spring '14 Explained, Tim Blanks Backstage


So, it's been a few weeks since NYFW swept by, and I think it's appropriate to not just post looks from the shows, but actually get a sense of what the designer wanted us to see (and feel) from their collections. I could ramble and give a bunch of ill-informed opinions as someone who is just an observer, but I LOVE Style.com's quick little segments that they do every season, and I've been watching Tim Balnks' backstage coverage since I was a freshman in high school. 

I think a lot of us as consumers tend to forget about collections as statements, we'll look at the shows and marvel at the styling or the makeup or the models who go down, but we'll forget about the CLOTHES. We'll forget about the pleating on a dress or skirt was inspired by early- 40's Japanese technique, or that a designer's personal interest in Man Ray can open up a conversation about what it means to take inspiration from another artistic medium and apply it to something (somewhat) utilitarian. You get the idea.

But anyway, here are a couple shows that rendered me in total confusion until I heard the collections explained straight from the designers. I really encourage those who are interested in Fashion to really open up and think about the thought process behind making a collection is, because anything worth doing should be incredibly precise and thoughtful. If I have learned anything, it's that I am most fascinated by those moments when a designer creates something that seems benign and unseeming, but then it turns out that the smallest gesture signifies something more grand and important. I know, it's just clothes, but is it really?

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  1. so hard to keep up with all the fashion weeks! nice post.. i love watching the videos





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