Organic by John Patrick A/W 2014


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It's hard to argue in favor of a movement when you're something of a hypocrite (yes, I find myself awash in the crappy fabrics that live in my closet), but I've always been a fan of John Patrick because he's doing what everyone should be doing- making timeless, beautiful basics with nothing but care and an understanding that good practices make bigger impacts than just the end-product of a collection.

After readng this little interview with the designer, I poked around his past collections so I could see his work anew, even though I see his stuff every time Fashion Week rolls around. I knew he was NYC-based, but it didn't occur to me that he was from the crop of late-70's, early-80's Village folk that helped reinvent downtown as the place to be for the starving artists (they kind of had no choice, as rent was cheap, but the collective creative flourished). I was stoked to newly notice little expressive styling details that have stuck with him and his designs. I mean, look at the slouchiness of this collection; these girls look like they're running outside from the Mudd club to take a quick cigarette break. They're a little bit vulnerable, but once those outer layers are shed inside, they're polished and approachable for some intelligent conversation.

Of course, the whole point of the line is to offer his consumer with some seriously beautifully made pieces at a really decent price point for what they are, but more importantly, his underlying message of being good to the earth and understanding where your clothes come from is what stands out for the designer. Inspired, inspired.

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  1. love the clothes for fall. I'm actually loving the color scheme. Perfect for fall.

  2. Any idea where one might acquire these pieces?



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