Sneakery Peekery: My Next Collaboration and Studio Visit With By Boe







It's moments like these that make me wonder how I got so gosh darn lucky.

Around this time last year, I was invited by jewelry designer Annika Inez and her team at By Boe to create a little collaboration project in which we designed a small collection of pendant necklaces based around my endless array of doodles of eyes and arrows. When I came into the studio, I shyly opened my notebook to write some thoughts down as Annika, her Social Media director Leslie and I started discussing what we should do. Annika really knew how to push me in the right direction as she caught some small glimpses into my notebook and suggested we go from there.

Now, one year later, we're ready to start part two of our collaboration and I couldn't be more excited!
 Not only have we expanded to include killer necklaces, rings, bracelets and (possibly) an earcuff/ring situation, but I guess even more importantly, it has become more of a personal expression than even before. This time around, I had presented Annika with a page of design sketches that I had devised over a few months; and from there, she interpreted some themes and shapes, and then designed some pieces, which I got the chance to see for the first time yesterday.

 In my sketches, I had moved from the arrow motif and expanded into notions of direction, compases, pendulums, and journeys. Annika also noticed some themes I hadn't even considered like combined shapes and a sense of the eternal-internal direction (now we're gettin' deep). We have translated these into compass-like helix pendants and this killer necklace which is going to have an elegant pendant that you can wear down your back.

I feel totally humbled by this incredible opportunity to get a taste of the design process, and I can't wait to share the collection with you guys when it's finished. 
Keep them eyes peeled.

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  1. so excited to see the results of your collab!


  2. So cool! I love these behind the scenes photos.


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