A Weekend at Nanette Lepore's Summer Home



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Guys, I don't even know where to begin with this one.
This past weekend was quite, quite, quite lovely, and pretty much mindblowingly awesome. Nanette Lepore and her family graciously invited Bonnie and I for a weekend at their summer home in Bridgehampton, Long Island, and every second was intensely beautiful.

Nanette's home is delicious. Every wall of the house is full of art and lovely little curiosities that are placed just so. Nanette's husband and his father were painters, so prints and collected paintings fill the walls along with shelves full of art and history texts, arranged by color preference of course. To create a wonderful retro-beach-getaway-vibe that paired quite well with a mixed drink, there were some great pieces of vintage furniture from the 50's, 60's and 70's all over the house ( I was especially obsessed with the bright orange egg chair that Bonnie was sitting in one of the above photos, it was perfect for reading). Most of our meals were taken outside on the back porch that overlooked the Sound, or out front in the garden full of sage plants and crocuses. 

Hidden outback was the (super dooper) narrow wooden staircase that led to the family's private beach, and this was when things really started to blow my mind, because it felt so secluded and perfect, and who has a private beach? I didn't get one of those growing up.
 On our first night, after a few post-dinner drinks and a fit of dancing, Bonnie, Nanette's nephew Jimmy, a small crop of Jimmy's buddies and I went down to the cool, breezy beach and sang songs around a bonfire (this ain't camp, it's Lawn-Guyland). The water and skyline blended together into a  pitch-black soup under a canopy full of the stars I had forgotten even existed after years of living in the city.

There are more tales to come from what went down this weekend, but I will always remember the house that will hold those stories; waking up to the sea reflecting glorious beams of morning light around the house, the warm wood on the back porch, and the cool summer evenings that the entire family welcomed us into as we sat around the long table and sang songs into the night.

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  1. I'm blown away. This is such an incredible experience. I'd be lying if I said I didn't envy you. x


  2. What a beautiful home she has! I can bet on it you had an incredible time and relaxing weekend!


  3. Wow, what an amazing home they home they have! The art in the home is out of this world beautiful and adds such a unique feel. I cannot think of a more beautiful vacation home to stay in. It must have been incredible to stay there and be able to appreciate all of the beautiful things in the home.

  4. It was a sugar shell, filled with some kind of magical whipped cream with an additional sphere of white chocolate inside and berry sauce. As a garnish, a sprinkling of 24 karat gold! it was fantastic :)



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