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Some snaps from my spring break trip to Toronto. My dear (and incredibly stylish) friend Hayley, who hails from this neck of the woods, happened to be in town visiting home, which was too wonderful because who better to take you around than a native? We headed over to Leslieville to peruse some of the sickest vintage shops I have ever visited. After we parted, I met up with my parents for dinner at Terroni, easily what I can now consider the best Italian restaurant I have ever been to. Ever.  All of the pasta there is handmade, all of the dishes are seasonal, the decor is chicly disheveled. Absolute heaven. I had the duck confit ravioli with mushrooms and my parents had zucchini pizza and pasta with sausage and black truffle ragu.

Friggin' love this city, man. Always love coming back, always love learning something new.

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Take on Tuco









ph. by Nadia
Vintage Perry Ellis cropped tank, second-handed vest/scarf, vintage leather belt/hat/watch from my Dad, Style Biz skirt, Sorrelli bangles, Vintage Coach bag, Sam Edelman boots

If you haven't really noticed already, my sense of style isn't very...um, consistent. I just kind of wear what I'm really feeling inspired by for whatever period of time. I guess the only consistent thing is the influence of menswear. After weeks of watching (and lo-o-oving) HBO's Deadwood and perusing Tumblr for images of dusty western movie stills, I've been really digging the whole Spaghetti Western look. It's got a freedom to it that's really empowering. Well, that, and I think secretly I wish I was as cool as Clint Eastwood...

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Behind the Scenes: Lulu Frost Fall 2012















During Fashion Week, I had the most extraordinary opportunity to sit in on the shoot for the Lulu Frost Fall 2012 collection. I was really excited to see how the collection was going to be photographed because for Fall, the inspiration is a little bit darker than usual for the line, but also very empowering, which is important because each piece is meant to connote one unifying theme: unity through power.

Designer Lisa Salzer is seriously one of the most inspirational people I have ever met, you may remember her from my last post in which I was able to pop by her studio and learn about what makes Lulu Frost tick. This Fall, Lisa told me, is all about empowering women and the idea of unifying energy. By combining touches of folk art, natural elements, dark crystal, vintage-inspired geometrics and heavier, larger pieces, each design looks as if it came out of nature, while using touches of sparkle and crystal to keep keep things feminine and fresh. The main inspirations came from a number of muses, the most important being Grace Jones, whose unparalleled fierceness and sense of style continues to inspire and empower women everywhere. Lisa also felt inspired by other historical figures like Nefertiti and Greek goddesses like Demeter Hera (as a history nut, I can't help but swoooon!). It's that sense of unity and power for women that Lisa sought to capture in her collection.

Each piece, as per usual, is magnificent and totally eye-catching. From crystal orbs, vibrant stones set with undulating metals and chains, to animal themes through hand carved & painted acetate and endlessly dazzling textures, everything becomes even more powerful as you keep layering. Wolves, lions, hawks and snakes almost serve as spiritual protection, while vibrant colors of the earth practically tell a story. That "story", so to speak, was captured by photographer Jennifer Robbins, who was absolutely amazing to watch at work, directing the models and totally setting a wonderfully mysterious atmosphere with nothing buut color gels and hot lights. But one of the most interesting parts of the shoot for me (as a former photography major at Parsons) was the video, which was shot through a pair of nylon pantyhose that was tied on over the lens, creating a soft 70's/80's look that was totally reminiscent of a Grace Jones glamour aesthetic. I couldn't believe how dazzling the pieces looked through the footage!

The whole team was an absolute joy to watch at work. For Lisa, it was very important that everyone involved in the shoot appreciated female strength. The male videographer, for example, was totally spot on through the whole shoot, having grown up with his incredible mom and sisters. The makeup artists Cassondra Garcia and Laramie Glen of Bobbi Brown created a modern tribal look that was super fun and totally empowering, I loved how the models looked as if they came from another world, another dimension of the earth!

As per usual, I can't help but find these designs absolutely stunning. Looking back in order to go forward is such an important sensibility to have as a designer, and Lisa Salzer always balances the old and the new so harmoniously, creating pieces that have a history and a personality. Each piece is made with love, and it shows. According to Lisa, the notion of "Strength" has definitely raised the bar for the rest of the seasons for Lulu Frost, I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. For now, stop on by the amazingly wonderful Lulu Frost blog, it's totally addicting!

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Direct Light




Big Star coated jeans, Aldo boots, vintage/thrifted everything else

Just back from a trip to Toronto, but more on that later once I can get my head on straight after scrambling to schedule my classes for next semester and make it through projects! Here's a better look at the outfit from the details I showed in my last post.

Sunny, but not entirely warm, I also went back to my parents' place in Buffalo for a spell. Spring is always gloomy but beautiful up there, but that weekend was clear and lovely. I ended up hitting my favorite local thrift store from when I was in high school and found this salt and pepper knit buried within the menswear section. I played up the old fisherman vibe by adding this kickass vintage scarf I acquired in TO and my favorite cargo jacket that I managed to take back from my boyfriend. As you can see in my last post, I also added some edgy jewelry to play up the hand gestures. Comfortable, but edgy.

Unfortunately, I have to announce that my camera is currently out of commission, I jammed my lens like an idiot after throwing it around in my bag everyday and my DSLR has kicked the bucket. So until I can fix my lens and replace the camera, posts might be quite varied and less frequent. Rest assured, the problem will be fixed within the next few weeks.

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One, Two Ways





Cheap Monday open bracelet
Big Star waxed jeans, thrifted everything else

I love Cheap Monday, they always know how to execute a simple, yet totally cool design. Whether it's a shirt dress, a favorite boot of mine or a jean (of course), they always know wassup. So, of course, it came as no surprise to me when I found and fell in love with this awesomely simple bracelet. I feel like I don't wear copper enough, it looks really nice against white and it warms up your skin tone.

Now, you're supposed to wear this piece as a double bracelet, but sometimes I like to hook the chain under my middle finger for something a bit more edgy. I'm thinking of getting another one so I can wear them on both hands at once!

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Ph: Guang Xu

Ciel sweater (thanks, Nat), Forever 21 blouse, 7 For All Mankind jeans, Alexander Wang heels, Remi & Emmy bag, Lulu Frost Double Sawtooth bracelet mixed with various random goodies, Plukka Bullet ring, Jenny Bird coin ring, Accessorize tri-ring

A late afternoon in Brooklyn with some peeps. Guang finally took me to Nha Toi, this outstanding Vietnamese joint in Williamsbrg. We ordered up some pork belly banh mi, pho (duh) and sumer rolls. I would show you some photos, but we kind of inhaled everything before I had the chance to take some really good ones. My appetite waits for no one, except maybe a little artistic integrity. Moving on...

So Nat gave me this sweater, it's goofy as hell but I love it. It's warm and has polka dots. Done. I also donned these amazing 7FAM floral jeans from their spring '12 collection, I'm usually kind of picky when it comes to prints on jeans, but these are really great for layering since the print is so small yet varied. AND of course, I wore out my new (kinda) Alex Wang heels. I'm set for spring now. If you look closely you can see the iridescent detailing along the base of the shoe, gotta love it.

And of course, special thanks to everyone who entered last week's By Boe giveaway! 
Our winners are Jane B. and Gia K. (I've sent y'alls emails, congrats!)

But the giveaways don't stop here! Notice the finger candy I'm donning? That's Plukka's bullet ring for their "Razor Mittens" collection, an awesome mix of edginess and sleek design. It also doubles as a weapon, which is pretty nifty. Plukka is a really amazing shopping platform for getting your hands on some insanely beautiful fine jewelry for way less than usual (like, 70-90% less than usual). They're actually running a Facebook giveaway right now where you can get your hands on your own bullet ring. Just like 'em and enter here :]

Good Luck!

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