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I first came to know about Lisa "Lulu" Salzer's designs for her brand, Lulu Frost, about 3 years back or so after reading a piece in Teen Vogue about her now-iconic Plaza & Code collections. Her aesthetic goes much further and is one that is unforgettable and completely unique; effortlessly blending together Victorian, Art Deco and Nouveau designs with more modern takes on timeless classics. It's everything I love: high-low, totally committed to highlighting craftsmanship and defined through personal experience.

I've been quietly ADORING AND OBSESSING over Lisa's work for some time now, so you could only imagine the palpitations and crazy excitement I experienced when I was invited to work with Lisa as an ambassador and visit her studio. Like, dudes, I walked in, and it was like I had died and gone to a space where multiple decades were being lived through design, which is AMAZING. First thing about the studio is Lisa herself, who is incredibly kind and inspired so much by the world around her (Fun fact: both of us happen to wear the same shade of pink lipstick: Sephora's Love Test). It's really great energy to be around. She grew up with her Mother and Maternal Grandmother (née Rock Frost, from which the brand is named after) working in the estate jewelry business, so she was constantly surrounded by these beautiful antique pieces. In 2004 she launched Lulu Frost and since then she has been featured in every magazine you could think of and has had her pieces carried everywhere from Net-A-Porter to Bergdorfs. Oh, and did I mention she currently has a capsule collection with Jcrew? Because it's basically a match made in heaven.

Being given a studio tour by the actual designer behind a collection is really an amazing experience. You are able to hear about the exact vision and personal experience that a collection embodies. Lisa walked me through Spring '12, which was inspired by the beach visits of her childhood in Montauk. Rough-cut stones that resemble sea glass, pearls and feather brooches intermingled with silk orchids brought together unexpected elements perfectly, especially in her 100 year collection as well, which brings together elements that range from 1860-1960; vintage shoe clips, pins, hair combs.. a never-ending assortment of uniquely crafted pieces that are brought together in one collaged statement piece. Each one is completely individual.

Whenever you order something from Lulu Frost, it takes about 10 days or so to be made because each piece is completely handmade. For example, as you can see above, each mesh bib used in her Modern Vintage collection is hand-cut with each section mathematically counted and adorned with vintage pins once finished. Her Plaza collection uses letters and numbers taken from the iconic Plaza Hotel, using history in a way that is personal and a unique experience for a wearer. Seeing everything being made was a blast and super inspiring, but my absolute favorite part of the visit was being able to sift through Lisa's absolutely amazing old sewer's button cabinet full of odds 'n ends. Each drawer is organized by cool detailing and color. It was amazing to be able to see so many completely unique things I had never seen before all in one place. Lisa's desk was also insanely cool and collaged to the ceiling with things that inspire her; photos, hat pins, jewelry, magazine cut outs, illustrations... all things absolutely amazing.

I left Lisa's studio starry-eyed and completely inspired. I learned that so much more is possible when you embrace contrasts and that the things you love deep-down are made all the much more special when they become a part of your everyday.

Stop by the Lulu Frost Tumblr to get even more personal tips and bits from Lisa & her team. There's always something there to inspire.


  1. Absolutely stunning pieces!!! Thank you for telling about her because I haven't heard of her before.

  2. Fun! What girl wouldn't wanna spend a day exploring an accessories shop? Love the first shot by the way <3

  3. it all looks so gorgeous! looks like you had a great day! :) xo

  4. what incredible eye candy! I really want that spider, so cool :)

  5. Oh my gosh, we are so totally in love with all those jewels!!! How fab! And you look wonderful in the fur! From a pair of New Yorkers to another...FAB!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


  6. These photos are incredible! As well as the things in them of course.

  7. Wow this looks amazing, I love that spider bracelet! I've never heard of her before but I'll definitely take a look at her website, such gorgeous jewellery! Love your jacket too!

  8. WOW they are all amazing..I cant even choose my favorite one!!

    Evi xoxo

  9. i love the statement necklaces and how they look pepping out from underneath the collar. I tried doing a similar look this week until i realized i don't have any statement necklaces. sorry wallet

  10. Gorgeous jewelry! I love it all!
    check out my blog at

  11. Just wanting all those necklaces.

  12. Can I have every piece please?

    They are all so stunning! I can't believe the dedication and love put into every piece.
    I'm sure to get something soon!

    unremittingly kel

  13. Hey lady, it's Apneet from Buffalo Exchange East Village. I took a photo of your outfit a while back, and here is the link on the Buffalo blog:

    You may have seen this already, sorry about such late notice!

  14. Those pieces are absolutely amazing!

    The Owl Girl

  15. Wow, the studio is amazing. Some of the most unique and beautiful jewelry I've ever seen!

  16. I love those chunky necklaces!

    Lindsey Turner



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