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Vintage coat, boots, belt & scarf, Big Star jeans, Asos hat, Plukka bullet ring, Cheap Monday geometric ring set, Datter Industries eye ring

I've been trying to wrap my head around what this week was like for the past 3 days and it has't been that simple. I was in Amsterdam for just 2 days, but it felt like forever as Christina, KimSonia, Kaila and I were frisked away from morning 'till night, seeing as much of the city as we possibly could. To say the least, it was probably the most exciting & wonderful trip I've ever been on.

Ever since blogging became a part-time thing for me, I've wanted nothing more than to travel and see as much of the world as possible through the gaze of fashion & art.  After reading endlessly on art history and constantly wondering about how much culture has made Fashion such a wonderfully varied industry, I've been itching to escape NYC- even the States in general for that matter- in search of what it means to be in an environment and how that shapes your perspective on the world around you. With Johannes Vermeer being my favorite Renaissance painter, I've always wanted to see Holland in person, and I really couldn't believe how accurate the paintings I've seen all my life are.

Amsterdam is a city situated around canals, as you might have guessed, and the interplay of water, air and sun is absolutely magical throughout the whole city. From our first day touring around the city, I couldn't believe how insanely beautiful the light looked everywhere we went. It peeked through the early Fall trees and bounced off of the water like nothing I've ever seen. Christina and I managed to get ourselves VERY lost when we broke off to explore and do some vintage shopping, but that is always my favorite thing to do in a new place, so I ca't complain. I can honestly say I've never been so drawn to a city before.

Which brings me the very reason we found ourselves there in the first place: Hanazuki. After a few hours of strolling around the city and a nice lunch, we made it over to This is a Robot Studios, where we were introduced to this very, very new brand that follows the adventures of Hanazuki, a little moon flower girl who tackles the dream world with the help of all sorts of little cute creatures. More on that in the next post, though, Hanazuki's tha bomb!

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  1. Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities as well, so I completely understand your fascination!
    Although you have to go back and spend more than 2 days there! The city is definitely worth it.
    Nice pics :)

  2. Amsterdam is beautiful! I am absolutely in love with your jacket!


  3. I love how your hair color is so vibrant and with the colors of your scarf + blazer!

    xx, alexia > In The Meantime

  4. Your print mixing is insane!!! LOVE the colors! And I agree with Alexia--your hair is poppin'!

  5. You are a walking Vermeer painting my love!

  6. love the floral and wide rimmed hat!

  7. Your photos are so nice! I'm so glad to have met you guys, you are all so friendly even though I'm a bit shy. Hopefully we can bump into each other again Hanazuki-related! Or if you wanna visit Tokyo, just email me, hehe~

    P.S. I love your hair <3

  8. Beautiful scarf and boots! You look great!

  9. Love the mix of prints with the blazer and scarf! :)

  10. Hi there! I just read your interview on SGC NYC and started reading your blog! Your style is so amazing and you have a great eye for photography! Consider me a new follower.

    xx lauren

  11. Love the pics,great country, hope You enjoy it

  12. i love this post.
    love your blog, just started following!
    follow back?!
    please & thank you :)
    kristin noel

  13. I love that coat! and I am so jealous you got to go to Amsterdam. I want to go there so badly!

    <3 Melissa

  14. I love your style! It's just so different. The floral combos here are amazing! xo Kelsey

  15. I can't believe you and Kaila met! She was one of my high school friends. Talk about small world! Wish I could meet you soon too! :)



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