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Forever 21 sweater, Cheap Monday skirt, Paul & Joe backpack, vintage boots, Asos hat

Our second day in Amsterdam was an adventure indeed. As I mentioned in the last post, we found ourselves in Amsterdam in the first place because of Hanazuki, quite possibly the cutest brand ever (see for yourself, the site is newly launched!). The day before, we were invited over to This is a Robot studios, where we were introduced to the Hanazuki characters and given our own prints assigned to us based on our personalities. My print is called Tutti Frutti, which I can't help but love for how quirky & graphic it is. At the studio, we took our fabric and made a pair of leggings that we were able to style the next day for a very Hanazuki inspired photoshoot.

So now I guess I have to talk about my hair.
When I walked into hair & makeup, the hairstylist told me that he wanted to put color in my hair to compliment my crazy colorful pattern theme and of course I said "YEAH! Sure!" thinking it was going to be a few sections, maybe a highlight or two...
But oh my dearies before I knew it, they descended upon my hair with almost 10 different cans of colored hair powder, spraying it entirely white before filling in rainbow gradients. I'm not going to lie, it was alarming at first, but of course I ended up LOVING it as the shoot went on. I looked at myself in disbelief, but it only made the fleeting trip even more memorable and amazing. That night we headed out to explore the rest of the city in all its nightlife glory and I never felt cooler.

Flight to Amsterdam paid for by Hasbro
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  1. Your hair looks amazing. :O I love love love it!



  2. Your hair looked incredible! Really like that first photo of it :)

  3. I was going through the photos thinking, what happened there but hey I love it - I have the same type of hair and recently felt like changing - now I have 1 section dyed in grey. And I thaught I'm bold :))

    xx from Tel Aviv

  4. your hair looks awesome! its like tie dye happiness (:



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