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Claire Editorial 22
ph by Rachel
Free People blouse, ADAM sweatshirt, UO jacket, BDG jeans, Jeffrey Campbell Rumble boots, Alexander Wang backpack

You know you have a great friend when let you borrow their AMAZING Alexander Wang backpack! Rachel promised me that it's a photographer's best friend, fitting every stitch of SLR gear you could imagine while looking totally badass and awesome. I love how weighty this bag is, with all of its hardware, there are so many different ways you can wear it, another practical plus. I mean, there's a reason Alexander Wang won his CFDA award in accessory design!You know what else is awesome? Banana splits, finding the perfect ringtone, and Brooklyn street art! Rachel has some really amazing and ever-changing murals in her neighborhood. It's really inspiring!

I'm usually pretty hesitant to wear this insanely amazing ADAM sweatshirt I got over the summer because each individual gem is hand-sewn and delicate. I also have to be careful to not hug anyone who is wearing a knit too much when I wear it because it'll snag on them, eeps! On the bright side, it jingles when I walk & it's pretty darn warm. It's one of the girlies pieces in my closet and I'm glad to have it since Adam Lippes actually grew up in Buffalo, NY, which is where my Mom's side of the family is from and where I spent my high school years. I'm also a little worried though because it appears that the line has supposedly lost its funding. I really hope it survives because Adam Lippes really does create some wonderfully charming pieces. One of my highlights from last Fashion Week was seeing his show

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Natali Karppinen said...

You look great! Love this layered, casual outfit, with a bit of glam in it :)


Mica said...

Love the detail on the sweater - and it looks great paired with the bright pants! :)


Eva said...

Amazing jacket! xoxo


♥Run With Fashion♥ said...

Looove your Adam top! I remember that top from last yr. :)
I loove how the gems are hand-sewn, soo beautiful!! I loove handworks ♥ :D
I also loove your Alexander Wang bag! very cool, looks soo organized for your camera stuff! ♥
Love your bright red jeans too. :)

:O!!! OMGOD @ ADAM'S LINE!! :O :((( Loove his work!! Oh gosh, I HOPE his line will BE SAVED!!! :( That really sucks.


Bog-Bog said...

Love the sweater!


Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb said...

Your sweatshirt is absolutely beautiful - love it with the red jeans (and yes the backpack is amazing)!

Catherine x

The Fancy Teacup said...

Wow, the intricate beading on that sweater is beautiful. Keeping my fingers crossed that the line stays successful. x


The little world of fashion said...

The sweater is beautiful!

Under the Fluorescents said...

i love the beading detail on the sweater and the complimentary sheer white blouse peaking out from all corners. I have been obsessing over those JC rumble boots. haven't decided if i want the rumbles or litas! decisions decisions


caviar taste said...

Ummmm completely dying over that Adam sweater!!! The detailing is incredible. Great styling :)

Shannon said...

Great colors! And I love that wall behind you.


Kristen Lam said...

I have a weakness for all things Alexander Wang!


Liza said...

I love this outfit! I think I have the same jeans, and it really gives me some ideas on how to style it.


WearAbouts said...

that background is AWESOME. i love the jewels on your sweatshirt. I smell a DIY coming up on that !! !<3


Fashion Inciter said...

Love that sweater! The detailing is great, and I love how the stripes get larger as they go down. Super cute!

Kelly said...

You wear bright pants so well!!!


Christy U lam said...

love the detail on the sweater, and it go well with the bright jean so well. You look fab.


T.Hazel said...

this is seriously perfect.

Candy said...

Noooooo....This can't be the end of ADAM...he had one of my favorite collections from last fashion week!

The sweater is super nice...Never would have thought to put gems on sweatshirt material! Real cool!


Rachel said...

I am in love with that sweater and i love how you paired it with that light top underneath, i though the collar was part of the sweater!


Taylor Rae said...

Ok, its safe to say I'm in love with you red locks and stunning style.


Andrea Clare said...

Your hair is freakin' awesome!

Gracinha said...

Love your look and the hair!!



Victoria said...

Love the sweatshirt! It's so cute!

Collections said...

That sweater is amazing!


Sir David said...

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