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Tory Burch jeans, Forever 21 blouse, Vintage blazer, Jeffrey Campbell boots, what was previously my Dad's Vintage belt

This past week I spent a lot of time shooting & hanging out with Rachel, who I met last year after she took my photo for a street style feature on a cold Fall afternoon. After running into each other at multiple Fashion Week seasons, we've become great friends & I love hanging out with her! These were shot on her roof in Brooklyn, the sun slowly lingering on the horizon and fireworks leftover by her neighbors strewn all over the roof. Recipe for greatness!

Rachel let me play around with her antique cameras. This one is a Kodak Brownie, which my Dad also has in his collection. This camera was invented in 1900, and it was the first camera that really made photography accessible for emerging artists and camera enthusiasts alike because it was relatively inexpensive. This camera was responsible for a lot of amazing documentary photography during the depression and beyond.

As for le outfit, I've been experimenting with colored bottoms lately. I usually have nooo idea how to wear these jeans because they're absolutely nuts, but I've learned to just tone it down whenever I wear them. That gets the job done. Tory Burch's amazing eye for textiles has always inspired me, and these jeans are no exception. The fragmented colors come from photos of peeling paint and posters, the chipped colors make for a mélange of crazy legs. No complaints.

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Natali Karppinen said...

Love your pants, they're screaming of gorgeousness :D
Rooftops seem to be a great place for outfit photos!


Mica said...

Photos on the rooftop are beautiful - love the action ones!

Completely in awe of your pants, they look great! I would have no idea how to wear them either but I want them, haha! Look perfect with a shirt and blazer :)


The Fancy Teacup said...

Oh my goodness, those paint splattered pants are hot, hot, hot!


Gray Skies said...

Oh. Those. Pants. They're possibly the coolest jeans I've ever seen. I think I'd want to wear them for a week straight if I bought them!

Natalie Suarez said...

HOLY BALLS. I ADORE THESE. makes me miss you. photography is amazeballs here :)



callmeBlumau said...

Gorgeous pics, girl.
And Crazy CooCoo Crazy pants.

I love it.


A Stylized Hysteria said...

These pants are crazy awesome. I think I need to try making a pair for myself.

Christy U lam said...

Love love your pant, photography is so cool !!


I Art Fashion said...

Cool pictures and camera!
Love your colorful pants


couturing said...

Love the way you paired the outfit with such a wild jean. Definitely compliments it.

Also, the striped maxi from Again Apparel arrived in the mail today! <3


Clara Turbay said...

I love what i see here!


Kristen Lam said...

I DIED. Jeffrey Campbell Rumble boots yummmm. Those pants are craycray.

Kelly said...

I love that you say those pants are 'absolutely nuts'. They are a little cray but I love it! You rock them aannnddd I am in love with those shoes!


Liza said...

This is one of my favorite outfits that you've done! I love the paints and think they toned them down nicely with the subtle blazer. The scenery is just lovely as well!

Zoey H said...

Dig the pants. Dig the shoes more.

Evi said...

Your outfit rocks!! Love it ...!!! ;)

Evi xoxo


Cylia said...

those jeans are inrecdible! gosh. I love love love love it. you look so good in it!

Eddy said...

I really admire your sense of style. It is so unique, and it works. You wear clothes like art in its purest form. I think this outfit is really fun and hope to emulate the creativity of this ensemble.

Check out my blog!

Rachel said...

Those jeans are so much fun! I just found your blog and love it and am now following!


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