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We're back!
Most of the Frizz Free Friday questions I've been getting from you guys have to do with keeping curly hair. One of my secret weapons for maintaining my hair is my diffuser & hair dryer, a combo that every girl who wants/has curly hair should own.

For those who haven't been introduced to the magic that is a diffuser, it's a bowl-shaped attachment that you put on your hair dryer to, well, diffuse the air. Pegs are also put into diffusers, which act as "fingers" to further shape curls and prevent frizziness. By making the air flow more broad, you can get more defined curls. 

On my last trip to Arrojo, my go-to stylist Jon showed used three different styling products to use when he diffused my hair: Mousse to keep it airy and curl cream mixed with tacky styling paste to give some hold and definition to my curls. After applying each in equal parts to my hair, he dried my hair with a diffuser attachment by pointing it upwards since my hair is cut in a square shape to define my face.


Pretty much worked.

At home, I use a HANAair Pro Hair dryer, which is a pretty miraculous hair dryer, lemme tell you. Before I was using this piece of garbage hair dryer by BedHead and although the hair dryer itself sucked, the diffuser it came with was amazing, so I kept it for that until I got fed up noticing it frizzed the crap out of my hair. Missikko asked me to review their most popular hair dryer and I GLADLY accepted the challenge because I just wanted to see if it would really make that much of a difference.




And yes, it does.

This thing dries my hair crazy fast. If I'm in a rush, my hair will be dry in 3 minutes. Seriously. This is definitely worth the plunge if you're looking for a hair dryer. It's fast and its temperature range is completely safe and reasonable.

The dryer didn't come with a diffuser, so I had to get a universal one myself. This one I've been test running is a Solano Solano Crystal diffuser. It looks pretty cool, but it's not amazing, only because my hair is short. I need to play with it more, but after a few uses, I've noticed that since my hair is a bit shorter, it's not long enough to hit the bottom of the diffuser and I tend to get a softer look with it. Which is fine and pretty, but I might be better off with a diffuser with longer pegs if I want something bouncier.

Proper etiquette for diffusing your hair is just flipping your hair over and drying your hair from the bottom, letting your hair sort of fall into the bowl of the diffuser. Once your hair dries, it will be light and bouncy. Before styling, be sure to prep with a conditioning product since you are indeed working with heat, which can destroy your hair and dry out the follicle in no time. I HIGHLY recommend Moroccan Oil, which I've been using for a couple months now and I love it. Zero fizz and my hair has been significantly shinier and healthier. It also makes your hair dry faster, which is just bananas. Definitely the best treatment for when you're using heat. And the scent? Beyond amazing.

Here is a list of diffusers that get the De Lune stamp of approval:
T3 II (for Featherweight dryers),  Conair pro (Universal), CHI (for CHI Infra Tech dryers),  Elchim (Universal), Cricket (For Cricket Dryers)
Look for a Target promotional code for some of these brands.

The best diffuser in existence  is the Devachan Finger Diffuser (universal), but man is it expensive...
definitely worth the plunge though!!

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  1. you have the coolest hair! love the color, length, and texture

  2. I really like your hair color,is so nice! I want it too! :hug:

    - Clara.

  3. That looks amazing! I adore your hair, it's so beautiful!

  4. I have a diffuser and it ROCKS. your hair is so pretty :)

  5. Thank you for this. I could possibly be my life-saver. I've been struggling with curly hair for about a year now when my hair texture changed all of a sudden. I can't wait to try out these techniques!


  6. Whaaaaa, I wish I had curly hair! Your hair is beautiful and that seems like sucha complicated contraption for your hair..hehe it's red and gorgeous.

  7. Your hair is beautiful!

    thank you for letting us know the secrets you use to keep it frizz-free! I'll have to look into that moroccan oil!

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  9. thanks for the info and the tips, Imma try that with my Karmin Salon Pro Professional Hair Dryer which is the best one I've tried, plus keeps my hair smooth, shiny and with volume. :D



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