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Instagrams: Jenny from Jenny Bird's amazing boots, Vanessa Mooney's Clara collection, One of Jenny Bird's hand carved wooden rings (doubles as a weapon), Bangles from SorrelliRebecca Minkoff neon goodness, Sam Edelman Banana sandals

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Forever 21 shirt, A/L cardigan, Vintage hat, Vintage coach bag, Sam Edelman boots, DL1961 jeans, Jenny Bird Dionysus ring, Accessorize Silver multi-ring, all else vintage

Instagrams: Jenny from Jenny Bird's amazing boots, Vanessa Mooney's Clara collection, One of Jenny Bird's hand carved wooden rings (doubles as a weapon), Bangles from Sorrelli, Rebecca Minkoff neon goodness, Sam Edelman Banana sandals

This past week I joined Justin for a trip down to the ENK Accessories Circuit show, which was a mind-boggling experience. We spent a couple hours perusing our favorite brands' stalls & getting a first-hand look at the Spring '12 collections. I was super excited to meet some of the designers who I've collaborated with in person, including Jenny from Jenny Bird, David Khan from his namesake jean line (suuuuper nice!) and the team from Vanessa Mooney (Hi, guys!). Jenny had some ridiculously amazing boots on, I can't remember the brand, but I'll be sure to get that from her soon :]

I wore something super comfy that day. I was excited to run into the team at DL1961 because it was just so happening that I was wearing their jeans out! Their pieces are amazing, all of their jeans are made with Lycra, which NEVER stretches. Ever. It always keeps its shape, and what's really awesome is that all of the DL jeans are so insanely vibrant, they've really mastered the dying process with the materials they work with. Seeing all of the new product first-hand was pretty awesome


  1. Girl, your hair, I can't get enough of it! It's so bright red and awesome! Yet another comfortable, simple but fashionable outfit again. Hehehe

  2. those gold tipped boots are AMAZING! and your hair itself makes any outfit AWESOME !<3

  3. the outfit is awesome. I especially love the loose, flowy sweater. so chic! and the ring with the horse is killer!

    xo Victoria

  4. Those gold tip shoes!

    Love Grace.

  5. Cool! Great shots. Love those gold plated shoes. Haha, so awesome. Nice post!

  6. Love your style and hair. I am redhead too. :)
    love from madrid!

  7. i love those gold tip boots and array of color of jeans!

  8. Love everything... from your outfit till the shoes, the rings, the jeans,...

  9. Oh my gosh I love your hair! PS- the 3rd from the last shot is my favorite of you! So gorgeous and you are rockin' the white sweater!


  10. Love your cardigan! And drooling over those Rebecca Minkoff bags! :)



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