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Ph. by Rachel Scroggins
Amber Sakai bodysuit, vintage bellbottoms/belt, Jewelmint pomander necklace, Rachel's sunglasses

These are some of my favorite photos that I have been able to shoot with Rachel for. We hit up her roof again JUST as the golden hour was upon us. It was magic, yo.

I'm sure you've noted the pigtails. I guess I got fed up with not really being able to style my hair since it's so short, so I looked at the heart shaped sunglasses and said "That's it, I'm going Lolita!!" and there you have it. I was wearing one of my Amber Sakai boysuits, one of my favorites in fact. There's something so elusive about a backless piece. You have to take care in how you wear it because it's so sensual from just one side! I decided to pair this lovely piece with some almost shapeless bellbottoms that are SO COMFY in the blistering cold when you wear some Uniqlo heattech leggings underneath Yeah, generates heat when you wear it. Welcome to the future.

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  1. I like your top and it's opening on the back!

  2. Love the pigtails! :)

    Really like the back on the top - nice touch :)

  3. that top is gorgeous, I love the open back

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  4. Love those jeans! The backdrop top is great too, very relaxed but stylish look x

  5. The back detail of your top is lovely, and such darling sunglasses. x

  6. i adore the high waisted jeans paired with the low draping back. great mix of proportions. the pigtails are super cute

  7. I love these photographs. The sun gives them a warm glow. And, girl, you are totally rocking the pigtails. x

  8. hahaha love your hair.


  9. Love the back of that top! Super cute, great pics.

  10. I love this outfit!!! And the color of your hair is simply awsome!!! :) A really great blog :)
    Just check out:

  11. Cool, love the deep cut of the top !!!

  12. Ohmygosh you are seriously SO GORGEOUS. Everyday I tell my hair to be like yours but will it listen? No. Sad time.

    Seriously though, the combo of the low back shirt and those high-waisted pants is killer. And heart-shaped sunglasses always make everything better. I mean I could you ever be sad when wearing pink, heart-shaped sunglasses?



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