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Photos by my soul sistah Elanna
Amber Sakai bodysuit, Jordache thrifted jeans, vintage belt and bag, Restricted boots, street vendor'd ring,  A.J. Morgan sunglasses (something similar here)

Broke out A.S. bodysuit numero uno today on an outing with my best friend Elanna. Something suuuuper minimalThis piece is  probably my favorite thing in my closet right now! It's been the best thing to wear in the muggy, heavy NYC heat with its lace back. I've also been digging the fit with my haircut, kinda 90's, no?


Florally Reunited


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Last three images by the awesome Rachel, edited by moi

Forever 21 white blouse and dress, Tramp floral blouse, thrifted cargo jacket, Dad's former belt, Restricted boots

Yep, I got a haircut. SO needed it. I feel way more comfortable now and more like myself!

So you might've noticed that I'm not wearing anything I packed. That's because after coming back to my apartment here in Manhattan, I remembered I had a whole mess of clothes I decided to leave behind for the cooler fall weather. I was too excited to be reunited with my clothes, so despite the 70º+ weather, you best believe I layered like a champ.


Packing for Heat


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(first photo) Top: Vintage shootie, Steven leopard loafers, boots c/o Seychelles, Vintage red satchel & doctor bag, Jcrew clutch
Middle: Amber Sakai bodysuits, Forever 21 favorite blouse
Bottom: Sustenance for the ride, Vintage Perry Ellis knit crop tank, Vintage studded bellbottoms, Lucca Couture ribbon suspender pants,vintage dress

Do you ever find it harder to pack for a short trip than a long one? I sure do!!!
 I'm heading back down to NYC this weekend for a roadtrip with my boyfriend and our friend Moishe. It's gonna be guacamole Doritos, bunches of magazines and a playlist consisting of Frank Zappa, The Beach Boys, The Beatles and more for hours. I'll be working on some blog-related projects along the way and showing the boys around the city.

I'm bringing with me some new and old favorites: the new being my Amber Sakai bodysuits and Seychelles desert boots. The AMAZING team over at Amber Sakai literally blew my mind by sending me six outstandingly gorgeous bodysuits after they saw my post about my bodysuit collection. I'm bringing with me two variations of a lace-back bodysuit. Made from 100% organic materials, both are delicate, light and almost necessary in the muggy, heavy heat of the city. Elaine over at Seychelles also showed me some insane generosity and sent over the desert boots, perfect for walking for hours and hours on-end 'til it's midnight and we find ourselves in a random café at practically midnight.

I'll be documenting a lot of the trip on film, so expect photos once I get the rolls developed!


So Good, I Want to Cover my Walls in it



Opening Ceremony's (first) Resort 2012 Lookbook. Like, literally I want to live in this color palate, it's like Wes Anderson married a still life painting.


Easy Does it






F21 favorite blouse, thrifted Gap denim vest, Gryphon NY skirt, Joie boots, thrifted sunglasses vintage bag, jewelry is DIY'd, LAS, street sale'd, vintage & Giles and Brother

It's another post with a skirt! I can't help it!
Some faves were worn for the first haf of the day, went out with some pals to café it up on Hertel ave. These boots from Joie (get 'em here) are insanely comfortable with their perfect wooden platform, I'm ashamed they haven't been as prevalent on my blog as they should be considering how they have such a beloved role in what I normally wear. You can always tell a shoe is made really well when it is super comfortable!

 Another fave is this Gryphon chain skirt that I actually picked up at a sample sale some months back before NYFW in February. I love this thing. Love it. It has a really luxurious quality to it since the chains are so delicately sewn on to it.

I figured I'd go into the makeup I'm donning today since it's basically my go-to, everyday sort of look aside from the lips:

DuWop eye palate in Amber Eyes, Shiseido Perfect Mascara in Brown, NARS Orgasm illuminator, Sephora HD concealer brush, Covergirl In the Buff lipstain, Diorskin concealer

I wish I could splurge on makeup on a normal basis, but most of this came into my life either from Fashion Week gift bags (excellent, EXCELLENT marketing if I might say so, it makes me want to afford things) or birthday gift cards (also excellent).

 I never wear eyeshadow really, but this DuWop palate is the best and only thing I use to make my eyes flashy. I really hate wearing makeup that is anything but a natural, nude color (except when it comes to lipstick), so brown eyeliner, brown mascara all the way! The Orgasm Illuminator is a cult favorite for a reason! I got this tube from the HONOR F/W gift bag and it is a lifesaver! Nothing looks more alluring and healthy on my skin than this does! It looks great on lips too!

And now, off to the supermarket sans platform booties!!


Theyskens' Theory Resort 2012


It never ends, does it? I was wondering how Olivier Theyskens was going to use color for resort & spring since his first (fall) collection was so brilliantly brooding. This only makes my need for an excellent do-all bag and a pair of Chelsea boots all the more necessary.




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1. Asos bodysuit/ thrifted shorts & leather belt 2. Asos bodysuit/ vintage silk shorts/ Amber Sakai lace jacket/ Forever 21 heels/ vintage belt 3.Thrifted Dolce & Gabbana bodysuit/ Jcrew shorts/ American Eagle jacket, thrifted vintage Coach bag/ Forever 21 heels 4. The Lake and The Stars bodysuit/ Amber Sakai skirt

Just, y'know, hanging out by the window.

It all started with stumbling upon the miraculous array of bodysuits on Asos.com, and before I knew it, I had a collection. I have about 3 or 4 more bodysuits, but they're back in my apartment in NYC. I can't help it! Thy're just so easy to throw on and forget. I love how I don't have to constantly tuck them in and there's that slight hint of boudoir that is just so great.

The last one is my favorite though. I remember attending The Lake and The Stars presentation during Fashion Wek this past February and I was totally captivated by how charming, intricate, eerie and interesting every piece was. The sexiness of every piece was given a (slightly!) demure quality from the intricate paneling and color blocking. This bodysuit is from their Double in Brass collection, which is a term used by showfolk and circus performers who take on more than one act. SO awesome, I can't even begin. Forget love, this is gonna be the summer of bodysuits.


Dynamic Duo


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Sophie Theallet for Nine West heels, Astars cape top, GLO cargos, Jcrew Barracuda bag, Warby Parker Huxleys, thrifted belt, bangles from Evolution and Giles & Brother

A Terribly eventful weekend!! Between camping and birthdays I was all over the place!!

These shoes have a special place in my closet since they're unlike anything I usually wear, but they are so awesomely charming! Sophie Theallet's nearly sold out collection with Nine West is SO ADORABLE you guys. I was able to meet her at a blogger event back in NYC for the launch of the collection and she is so awesome and old school wonderful, I wanted her to be my French auntie whose closet I could rummage through on weekends.

I just paired them down with some rugged cargos and my favorite top from Astars, this thing is so awesome to layer under bustiers and sleeveless pieces with the cape portion fluttering over it. I also broke out my beloved Barracuda bag. I ended up clipping the chain handle off and just using it as a clutch, such is the beauty of versatile things.

OH AND HEY! Did you know today is national BFF day? You should head on over to the BFF Foundation and get yourself a BFF bracelet! 25% of all proceeds go on over to the American Freedom Foundation to support the troops! Each bracelet has a number that corresponds to a troop overseas, which is pretty nifty.


Green Summer


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phở break!!



ADAM sweatshirt, Forever 21 blouse, thrifted cutoffs & bag, Aldo heels, vintage sunglasses

Spent yesterday with my good friend Dan to get some well-deserved Vietnamese food and crawl around downtown Buffalo. These were taken on Johnson street, which has some of the coolest and most beautiful old homes in the city.

Broke out the Adam sweatshirt to compliment the sunny yet cool weather. I went the schoolboy-route and paired it with a satchel bag with an added the blouse collar. Adam's spring 2011 collection hit home for me since it had spikes of cherry red throughout neutrals and grays, one of my favorite styling techniques!

The weather continues to be gorgeous, so I'm heading out. Until next time! 



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ADAM Sweatshirt & Skirt

Last week I was invited to a blogger event for ADAM by Adam Lippes and I absolutely could not miss it! I hopped a bus back down to NYC, just a week after I had moved out of my dorms for the summer and found myself meeting one of my current favorite designers, partially because he's a fellow Buffalonian, but mostly because I'm a sucker for his divine, easy-to-style pieces! 
See more from his spring collection here!
More photos from the event Here!
Outfit/outing post to follow!



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