Packing for Heat


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(first photo) Top: Vintage shootie, Steven leopard loafers, boots c/o Seychelles, Vintage red satchel & doctor bag, Jcrew clutch
Middle: Amber Sakai bodysuits, Forever 21 favorite blouse
Bottom: Sustenance for the ride, Vintage Perry Ellis knit crop tank, Vintage studded bellbottoms, Lucca Couture ribbon suspender pants,vintage dress

Do you ever find it harder to pack for a short trip than a long one? I sure do!!!
 I'm heading back down to NYC this weekend for a roadtrip with my boyfriend and our friend Moishe. It's gonna be guacamole Doritos, bunches of magazines and a playlist consisting of Frank Zappa, The Beach Boys, The Beatles and more for hours. I'll be working on some blog-related projects along the way and showing the boys around the city.

I'm bringing with me some new and old favorites: the new being my Amber Sakai bodysuits and Seychelles desert boots. The AMAZING team over at Amber Sakai literally blew my mind by sending me six outstandingly gorgeous bodysuits after they saw my post about my bodysuit collection. I'm bringing with me two variations of a lace-back bodysuit. Made from 100% organic materials, both are delicate, light and almost necessary in the muggy, heavy heat of the city. Elaine over at Seychelles also showed me some insane generosity and sent over the desert boots, perfect for walking for hours and hours on-end 'til it's midnight and we find ourselves in a random cafĂ© at practically midnight.

I'll be documenting a lot of the trip on film, so expect photos once I get the rolls developed!


  1. very good choice and i love your bag black.

  2. Ooooh love the last outfit with the red bag, boots and dress. Great choices and photos :)

    Laura x



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